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To revive the body will help step aerobics

It is common knowledge that city residents are increasingly suffering from hypodynamia, causing various health problems and adversely affecting appearance and mood. An excellent way to revive the body and make it move is sports and active recreation. Among the many activities offered by fitness centers, step-aerobics is becoming more popular.

This is one of many types of aerobics, which is a set of exercises performed on a special platform. Step aerobics helps to remove excess fat deposits on the buttocks and hips, since it is these parts of the body that are the main load during the exercises. In this case, of course, the muscles of the legs are strengthened and the whole figure changes for the better.

Thanks to a good cardio load, step aerobics has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Also this kind of fitness develops coordination of movements, normalizes pressure and, like any sport, helps to forget about stress. This increases the performance and improves the physical state, which significantly affects the mood.

Step aerobics is popular among people of all ages and weight classes. Due to the absence of shock load on the joints and muscles, this activity is available to the elderly and to those who are overweight. Starting with the minimum load, you can gradually complicate the exercises, achieving in time all the best results.

In order to engage in this sport, you will need comfortable shoes (sneakers with foot support) and sportswear (short pants, shirt and bra, well supporting the chest). In addition, we need a special platform for step-aerobics, on which all exercises will be performed. To train at home, this tool will have to be purchased. You can do it in one of the specialized sports shops. And for classes in the gym or fitness center you will only need shoes and clothes.

Like any other workout, the lesson should begin with a normal workout. In the end, you can do slow stretches and breathing exercises. Beginners do not need to be too zealous to not give unnecessarily excessive load on the joints of the legs. To begin with, 30 minutes of training is enough.

Exercise step aerobics are very simple and consist of various options for steps, jumps and attacks on the step-platform, combined with some dance movements and sometimes power load (dumbbells). The height of the platform can be adjusted from a minimum and gradually raising it to increase the load.

There are so-called basic steps of step-aerobics - a set of exercises, from which everything begins and on the basis of which all kinds of dance compositions are composed. These are simple movements, remembering which is not difficult.

You need to start with steps in place. Then, on the score, the right leg on the platform, at the expense of two - the left one. This is the basic step, which you need to do 4-8 times, then repeat the same with the left.

Now stand on the step with your right foot and raise the left one to it. We lower on the floor first the left leg, behind it the right one. Repeat with the left foot.

We put the bent right on the platform, and put the left one, slightly raised above the floor, back to the floor. Then we put the right one to it. Repeat with the left is the same exercise.

We step on the step with the right foot, and bend the knee to the left pull up and immediately lower it to the floor. Then we put the right one to it. Repeat with the left foot.

On the basis of these simple movements, more complex exercises are compiled, allowing the body, which has been weaned from physical exertion, to be put in order without much effort. There are about two hundred variants of ascent to the step and descent from it. This involves a variety of muscles, and the entire body comes to life.

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