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Tips of psychologists how to become bolder

Everyone wants to be a bold, self-confident person, a person and a professional. The advantages of a brave man are enormous. That's why many people ask themselves how to become brave, and this not surprising. First of all, such a person does not hesitate before making decisions, which means that he does not lose precious time. In this article we will consider the main recommendations of psychologists how to become bolder.

The first secret, which is not a secret at all, is a psychological attitude. No matter how trite, this is the main answer to the question of how to become bolder. It is proved that more than 80% of success depends on the attitude to the problem, on the features of thinking, on the readiness to accept success. Simply put, from self-confidence. The remaining 10-15% is talent, skills and abilities. There is a very precise expression - your day will be the same as the corners of your lips formed in the morning. Therefore, in the morning, smile with a confident smile, thus setting the desired tone for the next 24 hours. For example, consider this situation. Two people, let's call them Sasha and Pasha, want to get an increase. In this case, Sasha - self-confident, determined and, as others think, a brave person. Before a decisive conversation, he prepares himself for success, tuning to the fact that he will succeed, but how else, because he had a third child, and he really needs money now. Pasha, having looked at the resolute and motivated Sasha, too Thinks that he would not be hampered by an increase in his salary. But unlike his comrade, he doubts and is not very confident in himself. In his mind he scrolls situations in which the boss either fires him for an insolent request, or makes fun of him. How will the situation develop further? Most likely, Pasha will never go to his boss, and Sasha will receive such a necessary increase in his salary. In such cases, just say that the courage of the city takes.

The second component of the answer to the question of how to become bold is belief in oneself. One mood is not enough. Even after hundred failures it is necessary to continue to believe in the forces. However hard it may be. A brave person does not doubt, but acts, he knows how to act. Faith is just the absence of doubts about the correctness of its path and its actions. Belief in yourself is reinforced by the lack of evaluation. When a person stops evaluating himself and listening to every evaluation of his actions by others, he begins to do what his soul requires.

The third recommendation for those who are wondering how to become bolder is to overcome their fears, not to turn a blind eye to them. Fear can be overcome if you meet with him several times.

Do not be afraid of defeats, especially since brave fate helps. Before something important, analyze that the worst can happen as a result of the defeat. As a rule, catastrophic consequences are greatly exaggerated. If you really do not face anything, then there's nothing to be afraid of. For example, the worst thing that can happen, if you come to meet a man on the street - he will look at you strangely and say that he is in a hurry. Therefore, thinking about how to become bolder, learn to predict the consequences of your actions and clearly understand that nothing terrible will happen if you take a little more initiative.

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