The world of words: majestic is ...

Alexandre Dumas has a wonderful phrase that is more beautiful, and even more majestic to climb up from the abyss after a terrible fall than to walk next to the abyss without seeing it, blinded by a dense bandage of happiness. Truly so, and there is nothing to add, except for one thing - what does "majestic" mean?

Majestic is ...

The first thing to begin with is to turn to the explanatory dictionaries of the modern Russian language, edited by such well-known linguists as Efremova TF, Ushakov DN, Ozhegov SI Among the above authors there is no discord on the lexical Unit. All of them agree that the majestic is "full of solemn beauty, greatness", producing a significant impression, having an impressive look, a proud, regal bearing (about a man). For example, majestic slenderness, majestic panorama, majestic accomplishments and so on.


This lexeme has many synonyms. But we will not run ahead of time. Before announcing the entire list, it is necessary to remember and indicate what a synonym is. In linguistics - the science of language, the term "synonym" means such lexical units, which are basically the same part of speech, have similar meanings, but differ in writing and sounding.

What is synonymous with the word "majestic" in the sense of "full of beauty, greatness"? He is not alone, which speaks of the greatness of the Russian language. We offer a complete list: majestic, important, regal, adventurous, powerful, grandiose, monumental, solemn, epic, impressive, worthy, proud, holy. To find out this information helped another reference edition - "Dictionary of Russian synonyms" by Abramov N., which contains more than 300 thousand words and expressions.

Paronimic couple

In the continuation of the theme "Majestic is ..." it is impossible to ignore the issue of paronymy. As you know, between words in speech, as between people in any society, there are certain relationships. Their nature depends, first, on the meanings expressed by these lexemes, as well as on phonetic design. Next, we will not go into the essence of the problem, but we will dwell only on one kind of relationship - paronyms. These words are similar in sound, but have different lexical meanings. What does this have to do with the token being analyzed?

The fact is that this word forms a paronymic couple "great - majestic". They have an external similarity - they have a common root and are united by one semantic connection, but the meaning and use of them should be distinguished. Great - it's huge, very large, exceeding the usual size; Important (great thinker, great country, great people). The majestic is solemn, majestic (majestic bearing, majestic building, majestic gait).

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