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The wax museum in St. Petersburg is admired by all visitors

For the first time an exhibition with wax figures took place in the 18th century in Europe. Everyone could fall on it.

The tradition of making wax figures came from Italy. There rich and famous people loved to order their statues, to leave a memory for their descendants. Then it became fashionable in England, Germany and France. Various exhibitions and museums were opened. The masters sculpted both the living and the departed celebrities.

The idea of creating paraffin figures came to Europe from the ancient east. There, since the 16th century, sorcerers have created small figures and used them in their rituals. In ancient Greece, images of the gods were made of wax, and in Ancient Rome, a cast was taken from the face of the deceased to carry his image next to the funeral procession.

In Russia, the first twins from paraffin appeared due to Peter the Great. While traveling in Europe he really liked the idea with wax figures, and he brought back a copy of his own head from there. It can be considered the first exhibit. The museum of wax figures in St. Petersburg is due to the idea of the great ruler.

Creating a museum

Peter I, admiring the wax figures he saw, invited foreign masters to create them. At that time, only well-off people could afford copies of their own copies. There were no museums for public viewing of wax figures by everyone.

In 1988 in St. Petersburg was created the first collection, and developed their own techniques for their manufacture. The opening of the exhibition was in July 1990. The main exhibits were figures of royal and famous people of the 18th century. The exhibition was held in Peterhof.

Now the museum of wax figures, whose address is known to every resident of our second capital, is located in the Stroganov Palace on Nevsky Prospekt. It is one of the richest (the collection exceeds a thousand exhibits) and large exhibition organizations in Europe.

Subjects of the museum

At the entrance to the museum of wax figures in St. Petersburg, visitors are met by figures of a security guard in camouflage, a worker and two onlookers. Some people accept exhibits for real people. Workers of the museum even gave the nickname San Sanych.

The largest section in the museum is represented by historical figures, beginning with statues and busts of rulers of ancient times and ending with the figures of today's celebrities. The section with world history includes world-famous philosophers, poets, kings, artists. The subject of biblical history describes whole subjects. The exposition Myths Old and New demonstrates fairy-tale and mythical characters, as well as modern works in the style of fantasy. The Kunstkammer presents copies of people with various physical anomalies in development. There is also a hall dedicated to the history of torture and executions.

How to create shapes

The Wax Museum in St. Petersburg has its own workshop for the creation of exhibits. They create real professionals. The creation of wax figures is a long and time-consuming process. It takes at least six months to produce one figure. Sculptors, make-up artists, historians, post-engineers and other specialists are working on creating twins from wax.

Work always begins with the collection of information about the character. What are his gestures, face, head turn? After careful analysis, the figure is cast in parts. Then the make-up artist manually creates wrinkles, skin folds, nails, veins and other small details.

To create the eye used real prosthesis, for a beautiful smile - dentures. Only natural hair is used. Each hair is implanted separately with a hot needle. The work is long. Then the hair is trimmed and the necessary hairstyle is made. In the same way perform eyebrows, eyelashes.

New technologies in creating figures

Now the wax museum in St. Petersburg began to produce exhibits of silicone. This technology allows you to keep exhibits outdoors, despite weather conditions and temperature conditions.

One of the advantages of the museum is the creation of moving figures. This is possible thanks to electromechanical drives controlled by microcontrollers. The software allows creating a "living human effect". The museum exhibits are made in full size, taking into account all the smallest details.

Comments of visitors about the museum

The wax museum in St. Petersburg does not leave anyone indifferent. Everyone who has visited it, remembers a fascinating journey through its halls for life. Visitors are happy to be photographed with figures of celebrities. The museum is liked by all age groups. It is one of the excursion routes for tourists of the city of St. Petersburg. The museum of wax figures (reviews, which are usually full of delight) are recommended for visiting and note that no one can remain indifferent looking at the huge and interesting collection of characters collected in it.

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