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The sun: how many times is more Earth and what does it say

The sun is the center of our system, to our existence we owe it to him. Therefore it is not surprising that this star attracts so much attention. Most often people are interested in the size of a star called the Sun. How many times more than our Earth was shining? To this form of question humanity did not come immediately, because in ancient times it was believed that all the heavenly bodies are concentrated around the Earth, and they have the size that we can observe with the naked eye. But those times have long passed, so now we know that our planet is by no means the largest cosmic body, but not everyone knows how many times the Sun is larger than the Earth in diameter and other parameters.

The size

The radius of the Sun is approximately equal to 696 thousand kilometers. This is 109 times the radius of our planet. It would seem that you can tell exactly how much longer the Sun is, how many times greater than the Earth. However, no, these figures only mean that along the solar equator could be placed 109 such planets as ours. The volume of the star exceeds the volume of our planet more than a million times - in 1.3 million. To present such a difference in the size of a person is almost impossible. Therefore, it is worthwhile to transfer the cosmic dimensions to a closer and more understandable level.

If we imagine that our planet is the size of an orange, then the Sun will be a two-story house. And this house will be already 750 meters from the orange. If there were continents on the star, similar to the terrestrial, then from "Moscow" to "Thailand" it would be possible to fly not for 10 hours, but for 3-4 months.


Of course, if you know how great the sun is, how many times more than the Earth, we can assume that the mass of it will be much more. And indeed it is. Given the difference in the chemical composition, and hence the density, scientists have long calculated how much the sun weighs. How many times more Earth - not particularly important in this case, because their density is very different. Thus, the mass of a star is almost two trillion quadrillion. It is written as 2 and 27 zeros next to the number. The earth "weighs" only 6 sextillions - this figure is 6 and 21 nol. Thus, the difference in mass will be 333 thousand times.


Due to the large dimensions of the star, the gravitational acceleration at the surface is much greater than on the planet Earth. However, the question "How many times the force of gravity of the Earth to the Sun is greater?" Will be incorrect, because with such a statement of the question you need to compare with something. Rather, the question "How much force of the Sun's attraction is greater than the Earth?" Is interesting. And more it is 28 times. So, if we could get on the Sun and not burn, we would be crushed by our own weight. Even the thin one, who weighs 50 kg on earth and is proud of his figure, would have weighed almost a ton and a half on a star. Her bones and internal organs simply could not withstand such a mass.

Even those who are not going to devote themselves to the study of the cosmos and the bodies traveling in it, you need at least approximately to represent:

  • What size does our own star-the Sun have;
  • How many times is our star bigger than the Earth;
  • Whether there are in the cosmos bodies larger in size than the Sun;
  • What place do we occupy in the universe.

Always these questions interested man. And today science can give us detailed answers to all the questions.

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