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Difficulties are an objective reality

In the dictionaries you can read the following definitions of this concept. Difficulties are circumstances or conditions for the implementation of a process that require certain efforts to overcome them. And the difficulties are temporary and permanent, objective and subjective, material and emotional. Let's talk about each species in more detail.

Difficulties are an objective reality

Usually in the life of each person, to the period of maturation, not everything is as smooth as one dreamed of in childhood and adolescence. Not everything turns out as we want. Something can work out right away, but something - no, and then all the global plans of a person go wrong. And life's difficulties - this is exactly what prevents them from exercising. We encounter them constantly: in the process of training and at work, at home and in communication with other representatives of mankind.


Despite the fact that this concept at first glance looks abstract and generalizing, it has a very concrete embodiment. So, objective difficulties are those conditions and life circumstances that do not depend on us (or do not fully depend on). These include, for example, natural and weather conditions, natural disasters, human death and much more. All this can drastically influence the compilation and implementation of any, even the most remarkable plan. Such difficulties are, as a rule, insuperable circumstances for a person, which simply need to be endured and endured. And in time everything will be right and get back to normal.


Subjective difficulties are those conditions that can depend on the person himself or others around him. Such barriers, as a rule, are surmountable (although this can make you make maximum and constant efforts). Such obstacles that arise along the way include, for example, the properties of the human character, the strength of habits that prevent the implementation of the plan, the dependence on higher authorities, the lack of material or monetary resources, the lack of a project or reliable assistants in the case. But all this is surmountable, believe me. Thus, the power of habits is controlled by willpower, and the tyranny of the boss is flattery and obedience. Assistants and like-minded people will gradually be found, and difficulties will be overcome.


To material difficulties can be attributed, for example, a constant shortage of cash. Financial difficulties - this is for any person (of course, if he was not born a millionaire) are quite real circumstances that arise often. Even if you are a relatively rich businessman, then for the development of the old or the creation of a new project, you may need money, their constant investment. And there is no free money, and then financial difficulties arise. This problem, as a rule, is solved with the help of investors and creditors (here the main thing is not to fall into unbearable bondage). A few years will pass, and everything will be fine, a new business will start to make a profit.

People of non-commercial financial difficulties - this sometimes insurmountable circumstances that arise throughout life. First, at work, if the salary does not satisfy the requests, then - on retirement, when you can not afford, for example, to go to the rest home for recovery. And many of the workers swim with the flow from salary to advance, counting rubles and not even trying to change anything in their lives. But sometimes, in order to become successful, you just have to stop doing something you do not like and find another, more highly paid job that you like! But according to statistics, this step is solved by a meager percentage of those who are dissatisfied with their monetary difficulties.

Emotional and psychological

Emotional difficulties are circumstances of a different kind, from the field of psychology and mentality. Here we are not talking about something concrete and material, rather about abstract, ephemeral and personal concepts. Problems of relationships between people, emotional disorders of children and adolescents, problems with entering a new team in study and work, mutual understanding between employees, conjugal relationships - all this creates emotional difficulties of perception of reality. Sometimes it comes to mental breakdowns and disorders. In many cases, there is only one way out: if you can not adapt to the environment, change the location, the assembly point (for example, moving to a new place of work, where the team will not seem so immune to the new employee). But experienced psychologists are advised, first of all, when emotional difficulties arise to look at their own behavior. Of course, this option is not available to everyone and not always. But maybe you are not perceived for some very specific reasons. In a word, start with yourself, and perhaps your emotional difficulties will be successfully overcome!

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