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Attractions in Japan: a little about the important

As you know, the people of Japan are very careful about the natural resources of their country. When visiting different cities, you can see that even a small piece of land with a diverse flora can be a local nature reserve. In addition to gardens and reserves, Japan has many architectural monuments, which contain a hundred-year history. Every tourist who has visited Japan and knows the history of the people, will want to return there again.

The sights of Japan are very diverse, including the sacred symbols of the country. One such symbol is the large "Sacred Gate", the locals call them "Tori". They were made in 1875 and installed on the island of Miyajima. No less valuable symbol of Japan is Mount Fuji , which is 3,776 meters high, on which the volcano is located. Having risen on this mountain, people can really appreciate the picturesque terrain around.

Attractions in Japan are available in almost every city and can be represented by both historical buildings and picturesque parks with exotic flora and fauna. As you know, the country is famous for the search and sale of pearls. Thousands of tourists who have visited Japan want to buy a necklace for their memory.

Sightseeing in Tokyo

Tokyo is considered one of the largest cities in the world. Despite the presence of high-rise buildings and luxury neighborhoods, Tokyo's attractions are an integral part of this metropolis. These objects include the Imperial Palace Koke, which was built in 1456. Repeatedly the palace was reconstructed, but to this day it preserves the memory of the 500-year history of the Japanese people.

Absolutely everything in Tokyo attractions have a long history. There are about 30 museums, such as the Gallery, the Shadows, the Kite Museum, where about 4,000 exhibits are exhibited, as well as the Bridgestone Museum of Art. Also in the city is Disneyland with an area of 48 hectares. The variety of attractions and all kinds of entertainment will help tourists to have a good time. And enjoy the chic city view from the observation deck located on the 45th floor of the governor's building. Here visitors of the capital will be able to see other places of interest in Japan.

No less popular in Tokyo is the Hill of Love Hotels. A wide variety of buildings, made in different styles, will help loving couples have a great time alone. The rooms have a different interior, and the hotel's representatives will help tourists decide on a choice depending on their fantasies. The hotel provides an opportunity to relax in rooms with huge mirrors on the entire ceiling, and use a vibrating bed.

The ancient capital of Japan

On the shore of the Pacific Ocean is the most ancient capital of Japan - Kamakura. This is one of the most popular resorts in Japan, which attracts millions of people from all over the world. In the city there are many ancient temples with bells. These include Kentyo-ji, built in 1253, Engaku-ji, erected in 1282, and the temple of Tsurugaoka Hachiman, which is almost a thousand years old.

This resort is also known for its "Lotus Ponds", through which the Drum Bridge is thrown. Visiting Kumakura, tourists can spend the entire day exploring the sights of Japan, thereby enlarging their knowledge about the history of this country.

If you decide to take a break from working days, we advise you to visit the country with an unusual atmosphere, where you can learn not only the centuries-old history, but also get new impressions from paradise rest on the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean. And a great variety of souvenirs, which you can buy in various cities of Japan, will forever leave in your memory a trace from an unforgettable holiday.

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