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The pilot project is ... The participants in the pilot project

The introduction of any innovations is associated with a significant risk. In case of failure, not only will it not be possible to earn money, but you will also have to say goodbye to all your investments. The situation is even worse if the funds were borrowed. The pilot project is a way to assess risks and prospects before the immediate onset of change. If this preliminary study proves the appropriateness of wasting money and time, then the introduction of large-scale changes begins.

Use of the method

The pilot project is the competent beginning of any large-scale research with a large sample. Its implementation is necessary to save time and money. If the pilot project of the program was unsuccessful, then there is no point in starting large-scale changes in the enterprise, in the industry or in the whole country. Such preliminary tests are a real way to avoid wasteful spending that is better to invest in something else. In order for the situation to be reflected objectively, the participants in the pilot project must be representatives of the relevant social and demographic groups. For subsequent research, other people are recruited, since their involvement can affect their behavior in the second case.

Pilot experiment is often used to test the methods of analysis in a larger study. It can also directly be a way of knowing the reaction of a potential consumer to a product or service. The results of this mini-study are used to refine the data processing system or the product itself.

Application in production

The pilot project is a preliminary study, which originally had only engineering application. After the development of a new product, some of it was sold in order to prove that its release is an expedient investment of money. In some cases, a larger experiment was later carried out, but often the success of the preliminary design was sufficient to start production. Why spend extra money if the results of this method of evaluation are completely objective? Now, pilot projects are increasingly being used to test the convenience and rationality of providing certain social services.

"School card"

In 2014, in the educational institutions in one of the regions of Tatarstan, a project for the use of electronic passes began. The card is assigned to each student. She has all the information about the student, as well as money for the dining room. As soon as a child enters or leaves the building, a message comes to the parents' phone. Some students are outraged by such unnecessary control over their pastime, but the teachers are convinced that this will not only improve the performance indicators, but will also have a general positive impact on the younger generation. Parents are also notified when children eat in the dining room. The introduction of the system of power allocated 15 million rubles, similar electronic access systems will soon be introduced in the circles of additional education.

FSS Pilot Project

From July 1, 2015, Tatarstan is also planning to launch a project for the payment of benefits through the regional offices of the Social Insurance Fund. According to Governor R. Gaizatullin, from this date, money will go not through employers, but directly from the state to personal accounts of individuals in banks. Those working citizens who do not have them will receive a postal order due to them. The scheme of payments of benefits will also change. Before that, the credit principle was in effect, now the money for insurance should be transferred in full. Such a system should be beneficial to the employer, since it allows to save working capital. In addition, it significantly reduces the possibility of fraud with insurance payments. Today the project is already being implemented in ten regions of the Russian Federation.

Experimental preparations

In May 2015, Johnson & Johnson, in the person of its representatives, announced that it had decided to create a committee to prescribe medications that had not yet been tested, to the critically ill people. It is about those drugs that have not yet been approved and were not launched into mass production. It should be noted that in the eighties, it was experimental medications that saved millions of lives during the large-scale AIDS epidemic. In the United States, for example, ZMapp was not approved yet, but soon the manufacturer stated that it had ended. This case clearly demonstrates two main problems: fears of insecurity of new drugs and their shortage after approval of trials. Representatives of Jonson & Jonson will independently choose who to provide the experimental drug. The committee will include not only doctors, but lawyers and experts in bioethics.

Meanwhile, a pilot project on hypertension has been suspended in Ukraine due to insufficient funding. Previously it was assumed that the state will provide people with increased pressure with the simplest medications. In many cities there are no pharmacies where they can be purchased.

Application in other areas

In the social sciences, in particular in sociology, the pilot project is a small study that is necessary to adjust certain technical parameters. After him, a full study is usually carried out.

Despite the fact that pilot experiments have been used for quite a long time, their utility as part of the strategy remains questionable. Prospects for the development of this research method relate to the use of medium-quality resources and the rejection of the most favorable conditions for their implementation. In this case, we can speak about the objectivity of its results, which will help to distribute the free monetary resources correctly.

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