The drug "Phytolysin". Reviews

The drug "Phytolysin" is a natural herbal preparation with a diuretic effect. Its action on the body is the destruction of bacteria and various infections of the urinary tract, as well as the removal of stones formed in the bladder. The preparation is made in the form of a paste having a dark green color with a brown hue. The drug is intended for internal use. Paste "Phytolysin" before use is diluted with water in the dosage indicated in the instructions attached to it.

The composition of the preparation includes roots of wheatgrass, lyubistika and parsley, as well as seeds of fenugreek and field horsetail, birch leaves and husk of onion, goldenrod and bird mountain herb , sage oil, pine, orange and peppermint. To give a pleasant taste to the drug, vanillin is included.

The drug "Phytolysin", reviews about its application indicate its positive effect on excretion of naturally occurring stones from the body, has the ability to convert these pathogenic neoplasms into flakes. Active components in the mixture of medicinal herbs that make up the product, produce an effect on the body, which helps to remove excess unnecessary liquid. They relieve inflammation and relax smooth muscle. Taking the drug helps to activate the functioning of the kidneys and cleanse the body of toxins. It also reduces the risk of formation of sand and stones in the urinary tract by preventing the crystallization of minerals. The preparation washes out the already formed sand. It also helps to remove small formations of stones from the genitourinary system.

The drug "Phytolysin", whose reviews indicate its high therapeutic effect, is recommended in the presence of inflammatory processes in the kidneys and renal pelvis, which are of an infectious nature. Its effectiveness in urolithiasis is proved. Medicinal product "Phytolysin" cystitis cures very effectively and in a short time, as taking the drug helps to get rid of inflammation of the bladder and ureter. Before using the medication it is necessary to consult a specialist.

The drug "Phytolysin", whose comments indicate its ease of use, is dissolved in the volume of one teaspoon, squeezed out of a tube, in a hundred grams of water, which is added sugar. The number of medications during the day is from three to four times. In a smaller dosage, the drug can be given to newborns. Since the composition of the agent includes components of only natural origin, it does not have a harmful effect on the body. It is forbidden to use paste with expired shelf life. In this case, the body can be harmed.

The drug "Phytolysin", the testimony of which indicates the existing limitations in its use, is not recommended in the presence of gastritis and stomach ulcers. Contraindicated the appointment of a medicament for inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, such as nephrosis and glomerulonephritis. The drug has no therapeutic effect in the presence of phosphate stones.

When taking medication, there is a possibility of undesirable side effects. They can become allergic reactions to a plant that is part of the drug. Adverse reaction to the use of the drug may be nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Allowed to take the drug pregnant and lactating women.

The bulk of patients to whom the expert recommended the use of herbal remedy "Phytolysin", were satisfied with the effectiveness and speed of the therapeutic effect.

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