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The composition of "Dynamo" (Kiev). Trends in the development of the club

The Dynamo squad (Kiev) has always stood out for its teamwork and professional approach of each player to fulfill their duties. Dinamo players know perfectly well that from each match they need an exceptionally victorious result, so they try to act stably.

Composition "Dynamo" (Kiev): principles of formation

Accents in forming the composition of the Kiev club have changed several times. In the late 1920s, when the people of Kiev played their first matches, only local pupils played in the team. The situation is changing during the preparation for the participation of the team from Kiev in the first USSR football championship. The party and sports leadership of the Ukrainian SSR understood that it was worth paying attention to the leading football players from provincial cities. We are talking about Malkhasov, Piontkovsky, Trusevich, Livshits, pupil of Kharkiv football Fomin, Dnepropetrovsk Lyka and Greber. By this principle, the people of Kiev formed their membership almost to the end of the history of the USSR.

In the late 1980's, the first foreign players appeared in Dynamo: Martenkenas, Kvitkauskas, Zweiba. When these people finished their playing career, only Ukrainians played in Dynamo. This continued until 1997. At this time from Minsk "Dynamo" in Kiev pass two Belarusians, who later became the legends of the club. We are talking about Alexander Khatskevich and Valentin Belkevich.

In the early 2000's, "Dynamo" focuses on the legionnaires from Brazil. In addition, the Nigerians (Yussuf, Okoduva), the Portuguese, the Paraguayans, the French and representatives of other nationalities played for Kiev.

Dynamo (Kyiv) by years

Now let's go through the history of the club and see who played at the heart of the team in the most important periods. In the starting match of the USSR championship in 1936 against the Dynamo Moscow Dynamo (Kiev) was the following: Idzkovsky, Trusevich, Volin, Lifshits, Kuzmenko, Fomin, Tyutchev, Greber, Shilovsky, Parovyshnikov, Shegodsky, Komarov, Machina.

In 1961, "Dynamo" for the first time became the champion of the USSR. Such players as Makarov, Klyuev (goalkeepers), Koltsov, Schegolkov, Shcherbakov, Erokhin, Suchkov, Anufrienko, Pestrikov (defenders), Sabo, Voinov, Sorokin, Biba, Verigin, Turyankik (midfielders), Serebryannikov, Troyanovsky, Bazilevich, Lobanovsky, Kanevsky, Kashtanov, Zaitsev (forwards).

In 1976, when the team won the Cup Winners' Cup, Rudakov, Matvienko, Fomenko, Reshko, Onischenko, Kolotov, Blokhin, Muntyan, Troshkin, Veremeyev, Buriak, Konkov, Shepel, Maslov played in the composition.

1997-1999 are also considered one of the best in the history of the club. A separate page in this story is the match of the semi-finals of the Champions League 1998/1999 "Dynamo" - "Bavaria", which, unfortunately, did not end in favor of "Dynamo" (Kiev). The composition of the team in this match was: Shovkovsky, Luzhny, Golovko, Vashchuk, Kaladze, Gusin, Khatskevich, Belkevich, Kosovsky, and the legendary pair of Shevchenko forwards - Rebrov. Kiryukhin came on as a substitute.

Who plays Dynamo in 2016?

Time goes by, and the composition of "Dynamo" (Kiev) is changing. On the leading roles again go out with players with Ukrainian passports. In the 2015/2016 season 26 players were involved in the season: Shovkovsky, Rybka (goalkeepers), Dragovic, Antunes, Vida, Hacheridi, Silva (defenders), Sidorchuk, Gusev, Makarenko, Yakovenko, Orekhovsky, Garmash, Morozyuk, Belanda, Gonzalez, Buyalsky, Myakushko, Petrovich, Fishing, Velozu (midfielders), Besedin, Yarmolenko, Kravets, Moraes, Theodorchik (forwards).

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