The best cough remedy.

Currently, the number of diseases is constantly increasing, new ones are emerging, unknown previously. However, along with them, there is always a high level of common and habitual diseases.

To such diseases it is possible to carry the most frequent - a cold and a flu. Unchanged their manifestation is always the temperature and cough. The temperature acts as a detector of body intoxication with the products of the vital activity of microbes and viruses. As for the cough, it occurs against the background of the defeat of the main entrance gate of the infection - the upper respiratory tract.

A painful dry cough that disturbs both day and night, often paroxysmal. It can manifest itself even in the chest. That's why it's so important to find a good cough remedy.

The task in this case is not to weaken or eliminate the cough reflex, but to act on the pathogenesis link of the disease. As a result, an effective remedy for dry cough is one of the drugs mucolytics (that is, agents that dilute sputum).

It is liquefaction and excretion of sputum when coughing will get rid of a painful disease.

The most commonly used cough medicine is ambroxol. Its high mucolytic activity helps the body to cope with the disease in a short time. Ambroxol actually has no contraindications, and therefore found use in children and pregnant women.

Previously, used a soda solution, which also has the ability to dilute sputum. In this regard, the solution of soda was taken orally. However, this drug had a number of very significant side effects, and, accordingly, a number of contraindications to the use. These adverse reactions were primarily caused by the systemic action of an alkaline solution on the body. "Bleaching" of blood led to total (general) dilatation of blood vessels, to a drop in blood pressure level. Severe cases were characterized by the development of collapse, hyperthermia (fever to subfebrile and febrile), and the emergence of gastralgia. In addition, changes in the acid-base balance disrupted homeostasis and undermined human adaptive capacity, which affected the immune system.

So in a row with ambroksolom put bromheksin and ATSTS. In fact, these drugs are analogues, although they have different active substances. That's why it's very important to know what cough remedy is better. After all, today in the pharmaceutical market there is a huge number of various mucolytic drugs, some of them are analogues, others have special properties.

However, all of them are aimed at breaking disulfide bonds in the structure of mucopolysaccharides, which causes liquefaction of sputum. These and other drugs are used not only as a cough suppressant, but also for diseases such as bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, and asthma of various origins.

A wide range of applications of this group of pharmaceutical products in its time allowed to actively develop and improve knowledge in this area, which was the reason for the development and creation of a highly effective means.

Now it is possible to tell with confidence, that such means from tussis is found is ambroksol. It was he from the whole group of mucolytic drugs that showed its high efficiency and proved so. In medicine, there is the concept of the "gold standard". So they talk about medications or a whole treatment scheme, which have demonstrated their high quality and are the best in their field.

Thus, ambroxol is the best in the group of agents for liquefaction of sputum, the so-called "gold standard".

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