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"Tender May": the composition of the group of the 80's, 90's (photo)

The first "boy's" band, which went to the USSR grounds with a lyrical repertoire for teenagers - "Tender May". The composition of the group (first) was recruited from the youths in Orenburg S. Kuznetsov.

Need to create a group

The success of the ensemble "Affectionate May", the composition of the group which included mainly high school students of boarding school No. 2, is due to several factors.

First, a social necessity. The country was on the verge of rethinking important human emotions. Everything that used to be an interdiction (love, sex, romantic relationships) began to come to the fore. The repertoire consisted mainly of songs about unhappy love, rejected expectations, misunderstanding and personal disasters.

Secondly, the ease of filing. The epoch of serious songs about life comes to an end, in return there is a pop direction for discos and parties. In fashion, an easy perception of music, where you do not need to reflect on the meaning of life, but only be in emotional resonance with the composition. Prior to "Laskovoi May" such an experiment was with the bands "Mirage" and "Combination". But they sang for the older generation, and the young band performed the teenage repertoire.

Third, the influence on the modern culture of that time of Western countries. After the fall of the "Iron Curtain" Soviet teenagers saw in the songs about love a symbol of freedom and emancipation. Fashion includes clothes, hairstyles and music from America and Europe. All these factors allowed the group to rise to such a pinnacle of glory that no one after them could conquer.

History of group creation

Sergei Kuznetsov worked in Orenburg at boarding school No. 2 as the head of a music group. On December 6, 1986, the ensemble gave the first performance at the school. The song "White roses", which later became the visiting card of the group, did not make a big impression on the students. A school management, including the director Tazikenova, spoke about the composition is strongly negative.

But in the summer of the same year, the producer Andrei Razin is on the stage. He immediately takes the guys under his wing. Shatunov and Serkov are transferred to the school for gifted children, they officially register the group, and also the "Lasky May" studio is opened on its base. Composition of the 1989 group:

  • The main soloist is Yu. Shatunov (vocals, saxophone).
  • The second soloists and vocal, the team leaders: K. Pakhomov, A. Razin.
  • Vocals: Y. Gurov, V. Kulikov, A. Gurov, A. Tokarev, O. Krestovsky, Y. Barabash, V. Shurochkin.
  • Musicians: R. Isangulov (keyboardist), S. Kuznetsov (author, composer, keyboardist), I. Igoshin (drummer), I. Anisimov (keyboard player), A. Burda (keyboard player), S. Serkov (lighting design).

What was the reason for such a large number of participants in the team "Tender May"? The composition of the group was divided and the musicians traveled to several cities simultaneously. In 1989, composer S. Kuznetsov left the group and created a new collective called "Mama". In his place invite V. Boyko. In 1992, the soloist Shatunov interrupts the contract with the group and leaves for Germany, after which the disintegration of the collective became inevitable. In 2009, "Tender May" in a new composition gives performances, and has a certain success, thanks to nostalgia and memories of the days of youth.

In the photo above the composition of the group "Tender May" in 1988.

Formation of the composition went until the last day. Basically it was a set of musicians for the tour of the ensemble. The form of selection was varied. The participants brought their friends to audition with personal recommendations, Razin invited friends of musicians, and also went to music schools in search of talents. As a result, the group was replenished with new keyboardists (M. Sukhomlinov, A. Jurgaitis, V. Polupanov).

After Shatunov

In 2009, the fashion for the songs of the 80's went. Andrei Razin creates a group with an old repertoire, where he himself performs the famous "White Roses" and other compositions.

"Tender May" (composition of the band in 2009):

  • S. Lenyuk (drummer).
  • S. Serkov (second soloist).
  • A. Kucherov.
  • A. Razin (soloist).

Biography of Yuri Shatunov

Vera Shatunova married Vasily Klimenko when she was 18 years old. The husband (5 years older than his wife) was so cool to the birth of his son that he did not give him his name. Vera wrote Yura to her maid and sent the child to her parents. Grandfather Gavrila Yegorovich and grandmother Ekaterina Ivanovna raised their grandson in the village of Pyatki until the age of four.

After 3 years, Vera divorces her husband, takes her son to the village of Savelyevka, and marries a second time. Yuri's stepfather suffers alcohol dependence, someone else's child does not like. During each of his drinking bouts young Shatunov escapes to Hearts to his grandmother. In 1984, her mother fell seriously ill and sent her son to Kumertau to boarding school, and on November 7 she died of heart failure. His father refuses to take a child who is already 11 years old, his stepfather is not released by the guardianship authority, as an insolvent citizen. Grandpa and grandmother are in the situation when the age does not allow them to be guardians by law, the boy is taken by Nina Gavrilovna, aunt from the village of Tulgan.

But the stress of losing a mother is stronger than what others thought. Yura again escapes and wanders around Bashkortostan for several weeks. Finally he is taken to the care of the Orenburg boarding school. There he meets Kuznetsov and at the age of 13 performs his first hit "White Roses".

Singer Shatunov

The main part of the ensemble was already formed in the school, there was not only an artist. The first line-up of the Laskovy May band included S. Kuznetsov (playing keyboards), V. Ponamorev (bass guitar), S. Serkov (light music). With the advent of Yura Shatunov, the band began performing in the recreation center and at discotheques. Until 1988, they sang the songs of the ensemble's director: "Evening of winter", "Snowstorm", "Summer", "Gray Night" and other compositions.

To continue his musical education, Shatunov goes to Germany, where he studies for sound engineer. His producer is Kudryashov, with whom they have been friends for many years. Fruitful cooperation with the old author Kuznetsov Yura continues, and since 1992 has released several solo albums.

In 2000 he meets a girl named Svetlana, the novel lasts 7 years and in 2007 they marry in Germany. By this point they already have a common son, Dennis. In 2013 the girl Estella was born. In 2015, Yuri Shatunov was awarded the state award "For Contribution to the Culture of Russia". With the new members of the group "Tender May" he maintains friendly relations. Especially with Serkov, with whom he studied at the boarding school, and Andrei Razin even became godfather for his son.

Producer and singer Andrei Razin

Andrey was born in 1963. When he was barely a year old, his parents died in a catastrophe. The child was sent to a children's home in Svetlograd.

By profession, Razin - a mason, at one time worked on laying a gas pipeline, in 1982 he entered the school of cultural enlightenment. He served in the tank troops for 2 years. First came on stage to sing a duet with Ekaterina Semenova from the band "Mirage", where he worked as an administrator.

The composition of the group "Tender May" of the 80's, 90's was formed by himself. This was his first experience of a multibrand collective, when several compositions simultaneously gave performances in different cities. The cunning with twins turns into a grand scandal, from which Razin elegantly emerges, declaring himself a relative of Gorbachev.

Andrei Razin is the editor of the newspaper Laskovyi Mai and the author of two books about the creation of the group and the fate of the participants. He released three solo albums in 1990, in 1996 and in the 2000s. He is married and has two children from different wives.

Happy destiny of the participants

After the collapse of the group each went his own way. Fantastic success, experienced at a young age, no one could not repeat. How did the fate of those who were part of the "Tender May"? Vladimir Shurochkin, who performed the hits of the ensemble in one of the brigades, became the father of Anna Shurochkina. The girl under the pseudonym "Nyusha" performs songs of her own composition, writes music, plays a movie.

Konstantin Pakhomov had his own business, Kuznetsov first wrote songs for friends-artists, and in 2013 he opened the site. Yuri Barabash, under the pseudonym Petlyura, performed the chanson until his death.

The fate of other participants

Yuri Gurov, aged 41, was killed in a car crash. Igor Igoshin in 1992 after a fight threw himself out of the window of a multistory lady and died in intensive care. In 2013 Igor Anisimov was killed by a knife blow as a result of a quarrel with drunken friends. In 2012, Alexei Burda's body was discovered near the cemetery, the cause of death - alcohol poisoning.

Mikhail Sukhomlinov was shot dead in 1993 in front of Yury Shatunov at the entrance of his own house. Arvid Jurgaitis severely suffered a break with the members of the group, became addicted to booze and in 2004 burned down at his dacha.

Folk love

In the history of Russian show business, no one is able to repeat the short, but fantastic success of the ensemble "Affectionate May". The composition of the group (the photos of the participants were in every house) changed, despite this, artists were always carried on their hands. The country first encountered a frenzy of fanatical attitudes towards the musicians of young schoolgirls. At each concert, an ambulance was on duty, because the spectators lost consciousness. The most diligent students threw their underwear on the stage. It was after Shatunov's speeches that methods of exporting artists secretly from the public were developed.

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