Ten of the most high-profile information leaks associated with the release of new Apple products

Apple is a company known as an environment of total secrecy in which work is underway on each of its products, as well as carefully planned "leaks", during which it becomes aware of the new properties of its products. On the eve of the release of a new generation of iPhone, the analytical center of SearchInform, which develops protection against data leaks, has prepared a selection of the brightest leaks associated with Apple in the history of the "apple" corporation.

  1. Most of the noise was caused by the leakage of design and technical characteristics of the stylish mouse G4 Cube in the distant 2000. It is not surprising, this is the first time in the history of the company. Actually, lawyers have worked for the glory. The perpetrators of the leakage paid for their careless workplaces.
  2. Apparently, the "debriefing" in 2000 had the necessary impact on the team, since the next leak of Apple occurred only in 2003. Then the network got the data about Power Mac G5. And the original source was the site of the company itself Then there was only 10 days left before the new laptop was released. Although, perhaps, it was just the beginning of the use of deliberate "leaks" by the company's marketing department.
  3. In July 2007, the network got information about the creation of an aluminum keyboard for the iMac, although the novelty was on sale only in August of the same year. Then the source of the leak was announced a forum of one of the Chinese online stores, where allegedly posted photos of factory workers, where they collected keyboards.
  4. Two months before its official release in 2008, the network was images and specifications of the iPhone 3G Initially, representatives of the company called the incident "fake." However, it soon became clear that the leak did take place. The only thing that is not clear is where the 3D sensor came from. It's just not standard on the iPhone 3G. All the rest of the information, however, was confirmed by the injured party.
  5. In October of the same year 2008, Apple made another mistake in its strict secrecy regime (or, again, the marketing department did a great job ). This time, the public was informed about the new laptop MacBook Pro Unibody. The leak happened three months before the device went on sale (a curious pattern, is not it?). And this is an absolute record for this technique. However, in this situation, the company, as they say, got off with a slight fright. Technical specifications and other important information were kept secret.
  6. In the same long-suffering 2008, in January, a new iPhoneOS 1.1.3 firmware was published in the public domain. Actually, Steve Jobs himself was very pleased with the advanced development and often mentioned it in an interview. However, looking at the previous list of "leaks", do not be surprised that three weeks before the release, someone "hijacked" the company's new development.
  7. In 2010, there was another significant leak of "apple" information. This time, users of the global web have learned how the iPhone 4S looks. Technical characteristics and design of the novelty was on public display 10 months before the appearance of new phones on sale. Then within a year the photos of the front panel, the A5 chip and even the new phone in the assembled form "merged" into the Internet. Apogee of marketing efforts was the case when Apple employees accidentally laid out the name of the new device (iPhone 4S) in the latest test version of iTunes. And all this, of course, not long before the device was released.
  8. 2011 was also a good harvest for leaks. Then from Apple twice "floated away" information about the iPhone 5. As was the case. First, there was a photo of the front panel of a brand new gadget on the Internet. Actually, the incident did not cause any alarm. Since the pictures were not clear, and they appeared under a rather amusing rumor about the release of the budget version. However, the next week the network "blew up" a more interesting snapshot. A good quality photo showed a board with an A7 chipset. Together with this, comprehensive technical characteristics of the device were made public.
  9. In 2012, in the evening before the premiere iPad in the network there were pictures and technical characteristics of the novelty. The source was named the resource Of course, despite the "leakage", the presentation was successfully held, and the next day a new gadget could be purchased.
  10. And, finally, the latest news. Most recently, the network has information on the release date of the iPad Pro (also called the iPad Plus). At the same time, photos of the long-awaited novelty were on the Internet. According to the anonymous "well-wishers", the release will take place in November this year. And the release of the iPad Air 3 - no later than 2016.

At the end of such a collection, in theory, there must be a conclusion that all these information leaks have nothing to do with, for example, what users of Ashley Madison experienced, and are more likely connected with the efforts of PR and marketers. Such a conclusion, of course, begs, because all these leaks not only did not cause any harm to Apple, but, on the contrary, warmed the public's interest in its devices. But to say something for sure in the case of the company, every release of a new product that millions of dedicated fans expect with a sinking heart is difficult. Journalists and fans of the "apple" are interested in these leaks no less than the corporation itself, and we all know that if the stars in the sky are lit, then someone needs it.

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