What is the difference between iPhone and smartphone

Now everyone who wants to buy a smart phone, designed not only to receive and make calls, but also to surf the Internet, as well as a number of additional functions, is facing a problem: what is the difference between an iPhone and a smartphone? It is worth noting that in fact this is an important issue. The simplest answer is that both of these products are smartphones, but the iPhone is made by Apple. But there are a number of differences between these two devices, which should be considered in more detail.

External difference of iPhone from smartphone

The first iPhone was introduced to the world in 2007. At that time, the device had a very revolutionary appearance and functionality, significantly ahead of its time. This phone now allowed not only to make calls and receive SMS, but also to watch movies, as well as listen to music directly from the Internet.

Naturally, among consumers this product has won very high popularity. Other manufacturers also noticed this, so soon there were similar products based on the operating system from Google - Android, which became the basis of smartphones that can compete with the iPhone in terms of functionality. This shows that the most obvious difference is the use of different platforms for devices.

Inner unlike iPhone from smartphone

It is important to understand that the Apple gadget is one of the types of "smart" phones, so it's difficult to find significant differences between the devices. A smartphone is a means of communication that combines the functionality and appearance of a PDA and a mobile phone. IPhone is a kind of smartphone from a well-known brand. At the moment, there are five generations of this gadget, as well as several options for each model. As a management system, iOS is used here, it has all the functions typical for devices of this class.

The technical difference between iPhone and smartphone

If we consider the issue from this angle, then it is important to note the presence of a non-removable battery. This, on the one hand, causes consumers to fear that there will be a need for frequent calls to the service center. However, in fact, this is rarely necessary, since a high quality device rarely becomes a victim of any technical problems. And its additional strength is provided by using a single case.

If we talk about what else there is a difference between a smartphone and an iPhone, it's worth noting the brand name in the form of a bitten apple on the back panel. Naturally, this is the company logo, so no other manufacturer will "swing" at it. The iPhone does not have a memory card slot. The manufacturer decided that the user can be satisfied with the presence of a large amount of internal memory, which reaches 64 gigabytes.

IPhone works exclusively on iOS, devices from other manufacturers can use different operating systems.

Arguing that it is better - an iPhone or a smartphone - it is worth saying that the first is a kind of the second. That is, gadgets of other manufacturers can provide similar functions and capabilities. The high quality of Apple products has a significant impact on their cost. For someone, the iPhone represents a status symbol. But everyone must decide for themselves what is best for him.

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