Bravis Tablet: review of models, reviews

Tablets have recently become very popular. They occupy an intermediate place between laptops and telephones. It should be noted that they can be used as a weak PC - for typing or other manipulations. Also, many modern models are able to connect to cellular towers, and this allows you to make calls.

Not surprisingly, now the tablets have become very popular. This miracle technique appeared relatively recently in the gadget market. Large companies are constantly competing among themselves, adding new and interesting features. Often, when people need budget options, buyers pay attention to inexpensive and less popular brands. As a rule, they are Chinese firms. They are able to create inexpensive, but surprisingly high-quality analogs of many popular gadgets. One such representative is "Bravis". Without it, it is difficult to imagine the current range.

A special place in the line of devices from different companies is occupied by Bravis tablets. Reviews about them are more positive and neutral than negative ones. Let's take a closer look at some models of this brand.

Bravis NP 725

The screen of this tablet is 7 inches. The operating system, which it installed, is "Android." The model is equipped with a graphic acceleration, this allows you not to hang in the most unexpected moments. There are modules 3G, bluetooth, Wi-Fi. Tablet Bravis NP 725 has two cameras: the main one at 2 MP and the front one at 0.3 MP. Sold in black and white. The total weight is 610 grams. The battery capacity is 2500 mAh. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for one year. The built-in memory is small, there is only 510 MB.

The tablet is perfect for work and study. It can freely view any photos, moreover, the device has an excellent color rendition.

Bravis NP 101

Another good tablet Bravis - model NP 101. Diagonal - 10 inches. The screen resolution allows you to view in good quality video and photos. Color rendition is average. The battery is quite capacious - 5 thousand mAh. This is enough to charge it once every 1.5 days. Sold in black. Weighs a bit, only 650 grams. As a camera, it is not recommended to use it, since the rear and front cameras are not characterized by high performance. It is possible to install a flash drive up to 32 GB in the described Bravis tablet.

Reviews about the device are not bad. Of course, it does not have high power and is most often used as a temporary gadget. However, with all its functions, the tablet handles perfectly, does not slow down and in the most critical moments does not fail.

Bravis NP 71

Bravis NP 71 - Bravis tablet, which has long been in demand. A seven-inch device, perfectly suited for work purposes. He is also often bought as a phone. The battery is not very capacious - 2100 mAh. The front camera is 0.3 MP.

According to people's feedback, you can understand that this Bravis tablet is great for watching news, making calls, communicating in social networks. Hope that he will draw the game, not worth it. The option is quite good, but only for those who need it only as a means of obtaining information. Pictures and videos can be viewed on the tablet, it has good color rendition and screen size.

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