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Taisiya Povaliy - biography, photo, husband and private life

In modern show business there are people who come with one song for one day, but there are also those who stay in it for a long time. Taisiya Povaliy, whose biography is interesting to each person, refers to those who live on stage for a long time. It shines like a star of the first magnitude, and does not flare up like a meteor. And we very much hope that her work will continue to please fans from all over the world.

Childhood and Education

Taisiya Povaliy, whose biography is considered in this article, was born near Kiev on December 10, 1964. When the little girl was three years old, her parents moved from the village of Shamraevka to the White Church. There the future star graduated from the usual and musical school. Training Taya continued in the Kiev Musical College named after R. Glier, choosing the conductor-choir department. At the same time, she was engaged in academic vocal, bringing to perfection the performance of classical works, opera and romances. The teacher strictly forbade the girl not to perform, but even listen to pop music, believing that this could spoil the tastes of her. She had to become a brilliant opera singer, only fate decreed otherwise. Fortunately for all of us.

Creative career

Taisia Povaliy, whose biography is interesting and versatile, did not immediately win the scene. Although friends and teachers predicted her career as an opera singer, she got a job at the Kyiv State Music Hall. First she sang in a band, and then she started solo performances. The first touring experience of Taya was there, because every day she practiced for two or three concerts. Without days off, laying out on the full.

Path through thorns

Several times Taisia Povaliy, whose biography can recall the tale of Cinderella, participated in various competitions. And although the jury noted her professionalism and talent, she was not awarded the main prize. That is why the victory in 1990 in the radio competition of the USSR "New Names" became so sweet.

In 1992, there was another event that changed the girl's life dramatically: she meets Igor Lihuta. It is under his sensitive guidance that Taya gets the first recognition and success on the stage. In 1993, at the Vladimir Ivasiuk Competition, Povaliy received the first prize and grand prix, wins at the Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk. Further career star developed rapidly. She received the title of the best singer of pop music at the contest "New Stars of the Old Year", in 1996 she was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine. The list of awards of the singer also includes such titles as "The Star of the Estrada of the Year" (1996, 1998) in the program "Person of the Year", "People's Artist of Ukraine", the woman has the Order of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, St. Stanislaus, "Glory to Fidelity to the Motherland" St. Anne.

Hits from Taisia

Very talented singer Taisiya Povaliy. Her biography is not simple, because it went to fame for a long time. The recognition was received by the girl at the age of 29 after her victory at the international and very prestigious competition "Slavianski Bazaar". This is because she has not been in the repertoire of the hit song all this time. Only after cooperation with Igor Lihuta does she finally appear. Especially for Tai friend of the producer Alexander Yaremenko wrote the song "Panno kohannya" ("The panel of love"), which allowed her to win two prestigious competitions and conquer the hearts of millions of people in the country. Next were "Just Taya", "Virazhi", "Knockin 'on Heaven", "Thistle", "Sweet Sin", and then wonderful compositions performed in a duet with recognized stars (Joseph Kobzon, Nikolai Baskov).

Star Repertoire

Very interesting personality Taisiya Povaliy. Biography (how many years of the singer, it is easy to calculate - this year she turns 50), albums and repertoire are interested in fans of her talent. It is worth noting that the repertoire of the singer is very diverse, as she easily performs classics, jazz, folk songs and pop music. Hits for her write the legendary masters of our time: Konstantin Meladze, Yuri and Eugene Rybchinsky, Gennady Krupnik, Alexander Zlotnik, Igor Stetsyuk, Oleg Kharitonov, Lilia Ostapenko, Oleg Makarevich, Valeria Serova, Olga Tkach.

All the songs that Taisiya performs on stage, fit into albums. One interesting custom is associated with them. When the singer writes a new disc, the producer (and the husband in one person) gives her a beautiful hat.

Woman's happiness

A beautiful and successful woman is very happy in ordinary life. The first husband of Taisiya Povaliy - Vladimir - gave her the name and the only son. They met when the girl was still studying. Vladimir was at that time already a well-known arranger and composer. But after eleven years of marriage, the couple broke up, as fate brought the singer with a new man.

Igor Lihuta turned Tai's life upside down. He was a man who had connections, was the best drummer in Ukraine, and he believed in her more than she believed in herself. The future spouses met on the filming of the New Year's program. They immediately liked each other and a year later began to live together. Lihuta, no doubt, left his second wife, and Povaly left her first husband. Today, Igor and Taisia are very happy, and their creative tandem can be safely considered one of the strongest and most successful on the music scene in Ukraine.

Instead of an afterword

Today, the star is known and loved not only in Ukraine, but also in the whole expanse of the former Soviet Union. Successful compositions, masterful performance, passion for work and soul, invested in every song, are complemented by the amazing performance of Tai. Professional production, of course, is also important.

The appearance of a woman is always admirable. At 49, she can give odds to many twenty-year-olds. Povaliy always has a beautiful hairstyle (she only trusts masters with many years of experience), make-up and manicure. The skin is shining, and the young face is the result of the efforts not only of plastic surgeons, but also of painstaking care. Her clothes - both everyday and stage - are carefully thought out and selected. And the figure has ideal parameters, it's not for nothing that the star regularly visits the gym and monitors the food.

Taisiya Povaliy always gathers full halls. Children and adults, young and old, listen to her songs with pleasure, enjoy a unique voice that shimmers in every note. And the woman herself believes in miracles and hopes that all her major achievements in this world are yet to come.

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