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Polina Agureeva - biography, personal life, creativity

Polina Agureeva is a young film actress, who still has a few filmographies. But her popularity is already envied by many famous Russian artists. And all because each of its roles is the standard of mastery of acting. She does not play - her characters live on the stage or cinema screen absolutely completely. Such a unique work could not go unnoticed either by simple moviegoers or by experts in the field of cinematography. So, the subject of our conversation is the biography of Polina Agureeva.

Childhood and school years

Agureeva Polina Vladimirovna was born in Volgograd on September 9, 1976, but almost immediately after this event her family moved from the regional center to the village of Mikhailovka in the Volgograd region, where Pauline spent her early childhood.

In 1983 she moved with her parents, younger brother and sister to Moscow. Teachers and classmates Polina speak of her school years differently: on the one hand, the girl was a quiet "book" child, on the other - she was always very active in public life (for some time she even headed the school's pioneer squad). But no one has ever doubted that Pauline will certainly become an actress.

In her talent no one doubted

Actor's talent for the girl began to manifest itself in school years. Beginning with the junior classes, practically all school performances took place with her participation. Provincial spontaneity, which she did not lose in the capital, combined with an innate actor's talent already at that time fascinated both teachers and peers.

In high school, the girl was already deliberately preparing to enter GITIS, where, at the end of the school, she entered the first attempt - Pyotr Fomenko immediately saw the future star and took her to his workshop.

Agureeva Polina - theater actress

Fomenko has not lost his way - his student was already a well-established actress, the talent of which needed to be lightly polished. Debut for Pauline was a small role in the student staging of "Barbara" (1997), with which the novice actress coped brilliantly. Very soon she was given the first major role in the "big" theater in her creative career: the play "One absolutely happy village". This role has opened to the theatrical world a new rising star. And the production itself, first of all thanks to the outstanding game of Agureeva, was recognized as the best performance of the "Fomenko Workshop" of the repertoire of 1997 and the nail of the theatrical repertoire for several seasons in a row.

Awards found their heroine

The talent of the rising star did not go unnoticed by theater critics and experts: at the end of 1997 Polina Agureeva was awarded the Grand Prix of the Moscow Debuts Theater Festival. This was only the first of the following theatrical and "cine" awards Agureeva:

  • The Prize "Chaika-2000" and "Triumph-2000".
  • State Prize of the Russian Federation in 2001.
  • Prize of the festival "Kinotavr" in 2004.
  • Small golden lion of the Venetian Film Forum in 2006.
  • The Golden Eagle Award in 2014.

The first years of her creative career, Agureeva devoted exclusively to the theater - she was involved in several productions of the Fomenko Workshop. However, despite her incredible employment in her native theater, the young actress happily responded to Oleg Menshov's offer to take part in staging his enthrallment "Woe from Wit". She did not deny the director of the Paris theater Nevezhina, playing in her production of the play of the English playwright Tom Stoppard.

Polina Agureeva: Movies

In the movie Polina Agureeva made her debut in 2000, when she was offered to play the "familiar" for her on the theater the role of Lisa's maid in the film "Woe from Wit". Well, recognition of her as the most talented film actress brought reincarnation to Lyalya Telepnev in Sergey Ursulyak's film "Long Farewell" (2004).

Short oblivion

Despite the huge success of the "Long Farewell" and instant viewership popularity, two years after this Pauline no one offered a new film. In part, this was due to her pregnancy (in 2005 she gave birth to a son). And only in 2006 Ivan Vyrypaev suggested Agureeva to play the main role in the lyrical film drama "Euphoria". The film turned out to be terrific (it was noted by experts at many film festivals). But Polina again fell out of the clip for two years, only this time because of her own fault - her soul did not lie to what was offered to her at that time. In addition, she loved the theater with all her heart and was not ready to exchange the stage for the "cheap" popularity of the "soap opera" film star.

Breakthrough in her career happened in 2007, when she agreed to play singer Tonya Tsarko in Serhiy Ursulyak's series "Liquidation." After the release of this film on TV screens, proposals fell on Pauline one after another. For an incomplete four years, she starred in five films:

  • Image of Anna in the TV series "Isaev" (2009);
  • The role of the maid in the movie "It's OK, Mom!" (2010);
  • The image of Anninka in the picture of "Lord Golovleva" (2010);
  • The role of Katya in the film "Who was not" (2010);
  • The image of Yevgenia Shaposhnikova in the film "Life and Fate".

Critics noted that each of these images of young talent can be considered a true masterpiece worthy of the highest ratings. Polina surprisingly combines lyrical trembling and spontaneity with a pronounced sexuality. Such a woman just can not not love.

In the near future, admirers of talent Agureeva will be able to enjoy watching her new works - very soon lyric films "Sex, Coffee and Cigarettes" and "Farewell Beloved" will appear on the movie screens, as well as the historical drama "Kuprin".

Vogal data by Agureyeva

In addition to excellent acting skills, film critics celebrate the talented performance of Agureev's romances. The songs she performed on her own in the series "Liquidation" and "Isayev" are now an integral part of her theatrical concerts and creative meetings with the audience. And without that touching-lyrical romances in Polina's performance sound so tenderly and sincerely that many listeners tears themselves come to their eyes.

Polina Agureeva: personal life

In this area the biography of Polina Agureeva did not turn out as well as she would have liked. Marriage with the director Ivan Vyrypaev (with whom they came together during the filming of "Euphoria") was short-lived. 4 years of continuous struggle between personal life and the creative plans of both spouses ended in divorce in 2007. Ivan Vyrypayev and Polina Agureeva were unable to combine family and work. Even the birth of Petya's son in 2005 did not help save this patriarchal marriage (as the artist herself calls it). The divorce went peacefully: as Polina says, smart people will not throw stones at each other.

Speaking about his personal life after marriage, Agureeva honestly admits that she can be called "mom-fanatka" - she spends all her free time with rehearsals, plays and filming with her son. Together they read, sing, play computer games, skate. Bring up the baby actress helps her mother, brother, sister, as well as a nanny. Remarriage is not yet part of the artist's life plans.

Agureeva is a big fan of Soviet and Russian military films, which she is ready to watch continuously for days on end. From foreign films she likes the works of such masters as Fellini, Bertolucci, Almodovar, Blie and Kusturica. When asked about preferences in music, she shyly said that she does not like modern pop music at all. Polina prefers to listen to the masterpieces of the classics: the works of Mozart, Saint-Saens and Shostakovich.

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