Swollen gums - what to do?

Problems with the teeth and gums were or have almost every person on our planet. Wrong food, lack of vitamins, poor oral hygiene, hereditary factor - all this has a very strong effect on the health of teeth and gums. It happens that we begin to sound an alarm already when it's getting late, and it's already impossible to help a sick tooth - it's only necessary to wrest it. But if you undergo a dental check at least once every six months, then you will not encounter such a problem.

One of the first signs of a dental disease can be swelling and bleeding gums. If you do not respond in time to such a signal, it can lead to loss of even healthy teeth. In the event that you have swollen gums, immediately consult a doctor. Of course, it happens that swelling and redness may appear due to a burn or a gum injury. Then you just need to rinse for a while with a disinfecting solution of soda. However, if the gum has been swollen for a long time, but does not pass, and rinsing does not help, it can talk about periodontitis and gingivitis. Such diseases are most often accompanied not only by swelling, but also by bleeding, and reddening of the gums. Visit a doctor-periodontist if the gums bleed. When you ask yourself in advance the question: "What is the gum bleeding from?", Then it's already good. After all, if you take care of your health before you get sick, be sure that this problem will not disturb you.

If you have swollen gums for no particular reason, then maybe you just have a tooth cut. The so-called wisdom teeth can erupt at a fairly mature age and cause significant pain. It happens that these teeth are removed even before they erupted, because more often they appear already sick, and, growing up, only torment. Even the gums can swell because you have been too diligent to clean them. The gums consist of soft tissues, which are very easy to damage. Picking up a toothbrush with medium stiffness or soft bristles, you will be protected from damage.

When the gums swell, and you can get to the doctor only tomorrow, you need to save yourself while you are alone. You can rinse your mouth with a tincture of calendula, a solution of soda or furatsilina. Also in pharmacies are sold special antiseptic gels. Even if you managed to remove the pain and swelling of the gums, you should still visit the dentist. He must determine the cause of the disease and appoint, if necessary, treatment.

To maintain the beauty and health of teeth, do not forget about the rules of hygiene. Use dental floss and chewing gum after eating. When choosing a toothpaste, focus not on its taste and smell, but on the indications. It is better, when the dentist will pick up the paste for you.

It is important to remember: if the gums are swollen, you should never put a warming compress on. Heat at the site of inflammation can trigger the appearance of pus. Watch your teeth and gums, visit the doctor on time, do not drink too hot and cold drinks, do not eat a lot of coloring products. And then you will please yourself and others with a healthy and dazzling smile.

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