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Cyclotemia is an affective mental disorder characterized by mood swings. Cyclotemia: Description, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Cyclotemia is an unstable state of a person when there is a sharp drop in mood. When suffering from cyclothymia, depression is present, although in a number of cases there is a slight upsurge in mood. The disease is formed against the background of external factors, irritants, which manifest themselves in the form of an unstable situation in the family, in a collective, and against the background of a genetic inheritance, cyclotomy may occur. Bipolar disorder of close relatives causes the development of such a disease. The age category of patients is between 18 and 45 years old. Women often suffer from cyclotomy. In practice, it has been established that men are almost half as likely to be affected by the disease. Treatment is usually done on an outpatient basis, but there are stages of complicated form, when isolation in specialized clinics is necessary.

Forms of manifestation

For any type of disease there are different stages of development, which in time complicate the state of health. Mental disorders that give rise to cyclothymia have a number of forms that differ in severity, the course of the disease, and symptoms.


The symptomatology at this stage is such that a person begins to experience a very deep depression, without causes, melancholy, mental pain, widespread disorder. In addition, physical malaise, a feeling of heaviness, pressure, and in the heart feels burning and squeezing. Accompany the disease with a violation of appetite, the appearance of insomnia. A person affected by cyclothymia even begins to think about death.


The very notion of apathy implies a psychopathic syndrome, when the state of indifference to oneself and loved ones increases. There is indifference to what is happening around, curiosity decreases, interests disappear. Such symptomatology stands out in people affected by brain damage, and belongs to the category characterizing the symptoms of schizophrenia. The disease cyclothymia in a state of apathy is expressed by a lowered vitality, lack of any motivation in the patient, practically nothing can induce him to some kind of active action. Facial expressions and movements slow down, and speech becomes monotonous and inhibitory in nature.


At this stage, there are characteristic clear signs, which make it possible to quickly diagnose. Cyclothymia becomes the cause of alienation of any emotions, accompanied by anxiety, sadness, apathy is greatly enhanced. The mood acquires a constant form, the differences are minimized, but the inhibition or, on the contrary, excessive fussiness can increase. In the process of complete alienation of thoughts, the sensation of hunger begins to dull, the desire to sleep. And in general, the whole world becomes uninteresting and unclaimed.

Detection of the disease

Cyclotemia is the presence of constant mood jumps, and there are swings without any reason. A mood imbalance is accompanied by a depression state with some manifestations of improvement in the normal state.

When making a diagnosis, one should be guided by a number of symptoms that are expressed in a sick person. If there are at least three indicators of the state, one can speak of a person's depression.

- the fall of a vigorous recovery or activity as a whole;

- Insomnia;

- inability to concentrate attention;

- the hermit's perception of the whole world, abstraction from others, unwillingness to talk;

- development of inferiority complex, uncertainty;

- complete indifference or dissatisfaction in the sexual sphere;

- unwillingness to deal with any of the things that previously brought pleasure;

- thoughts of uselessly lived years;

- lack of plans for the future, indifference to one's own life.

Mood Enhancement

Symptoms of cyclothymia against the background of development with fluctuations stimulate a sharp outburst of mood. Diagnosis of recovery should not be, because this behavior indicates symptoms when there is a cyclothymia. This will not continue for a long time, after a while the decadent state will come back. At fluctuations the patient differently characterizes the condition. During the burst, there is an increase in vitality, energy, activity increases, self-esteem rises, there is a desire for communication, sleep stabilizes, sex begins to bring pleasure. In addition, the need for sex increases, there is a desire to have a hobby, optimism is at an altitude, and life begins to gain meaning, because there is a radical rethinking of the past. The causes of such a surge may be alcohol intoxication, but the next day the state of apathy is stabilized.

Do not be indifferent to patients with cyclothymia

Often there is a cyclothymia in adolescents who are prone to hormonal failures, sudden mood swings, spasms, sorrows, frustration, knowledge of unhappy love, etc. It is at this age that the symptoms are pronounced, so you need to closely monitor the children in order to help in time. Indifference to mental illness can lead to irreversible and eerie consequences. The easiest against the background of the general picture will be the isolation of a teenager in a clinic for the mentally ill. But cyclothymia is not an excuse for complete isolation, although if you start her treatment, you can get a schizophrenic whose aggravations can move him to commit rash spontaneous acts, including crimes. When exacerbation manifests an angry state, expressed in rough behavior, the concentration of attention is disturbed . But the suicidal mood in people with cyclothymia is not, the disease is characterized by the development of feelings of inferiority and self-doubt, which causes alienated behavior.

Treatment of the disease

If cyclotimia is suddenly diagnosed, this is the first signal to call a doctor. The abandonment of the patient's condition without the qualified assistance of specialists is unacceptable. Long-term rehabilitation should be carried out, which is aimed, in addition to treatment, so that repeated cyclothymia does not occur. Treatment of the disease is directed primarily to the interruption of the flow, ie, it is necessary to stop the exacerbation to begin with. Also, there is a procedure of light therapy, which is used in the course of cyclothymia by periodic cycles. To do this, use a bright artificial light or supply of sunlight with a certain frequency of waves, which greatly affects the consciousness of the human brain and changing its perception.

Stages of treatment

After the diagnosis of the disease, an accurate indication of the disorder and if there are obvious signs, a course of therapy is prescribed. It involves first of all an appeal to a psychologist who will create a certain interaction between himself and the patient. It is necessary for the doctor to understand the degree of severity of cyclothymia. Symptoms of the disease have a wide range of indicators, so the specialist should be a detailed study of the patient's actions, his behavior, the level of suffering, etc. After the prescribed course of medication, it is recommended to quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

In a hospital, comfortable conditions are created to minimize irritating factors. Negative and harmful effects from the side can awaken a relapse of the disease. With indicators of the depressive state, a deprivation method is carried out, that is, artificial awakening, interruption of sleep. For this, the patient is forced to stay awake until 38 hours a day. Nitric oxide is used, which is fed to the patient by a hot stream, which contributes to normalization, to the calming of the nervous system. In the future, for grouping and introducing into the development society, the desire to communicate with people is carried out by group psychotherapy.

Treatment without isolation

In order not to alienate a person from the social sphere, therapy of the disease can be carried out at home with a visit to the attending physician. An important element of productive and effective outpatient treatment is the close contact of the doctor with the patient, understanding each other. The patient should strictly observe all recommendations, take medications, reduce the level of cyclothymia, control his mental state. The doctor, for his part, is obliged to conduct surveillance, to conduct examinations, to adjust the intake of drugs, and in case of finding a violation or ignoring the treatment, take measures to localize the patient in a specialized institution.

Treatment of cyclothymia is accompanied by the use of medications, without which it is impossible to achieve a result with some conversations. There should be a comprehensive treatment that involves the use of techniques, interviews and taking pills. Specialists prescribe antidepressants, of which there are many varieties on the modern pharmacy market. In addition, antidepressants have a wide range with different action potentials, which allows the doctor to prescribe the drug depending on the severity of the disease. Also prescribed mood stabilizers, neuroleptics, lithium salts of prolonged action.

Cyclotemia is not a sentence

The disease takes place in the modern environment of instability in the state among ordinary people. Stressful, depressive conditions occur almost every day. If the first signs of cyclothymia are found, it is necessary to call for help and take active steps. It is not necessary to aggravate the state of health, waiting for irreparable consequences. Take care of your close people, colleagues, acquaintances, if they suddenly noticed something strange about what was said in the article.

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