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Spaniel Clumber: description, photo, reviews

This is an old and today quite rare breed. Its origin is still not known for certain. There is a version that Spaniel Clumber is the closest relative of St. Bernard, Blanchhound, Basset Hound, and an Alpine Spaniel, which has not survived to this day. Experts say that the dog received his color from him, but a large size, massive - from the rest of the breeds.


Clumber Spaniel is not just a beautiful dog. It is a strong and hardy representative of a large family of spaniels. In addition, it is a true aristocrat, who carries a proud title for many generations.

To date, the Spaniel Clumber is considered a rare breed, it's quite difficult to acquire such a charming friend.

This powerful and chunky dog moves slowly, with dignity. With all her appearance she demonstrates that her life's fuss does not concern her. The animal is distinguished by a balanced temper and extreme attachment to the owner. Despite the fact that the Clumber Spaniel, the photo of which you see in our article - is a hunting dog, it turns out a great companion.


The breed was bred in the middle of the XVIII century by Duke Noel. The beginning of the revolution forced him to give the dogs to the Duke of England Newcastle. Ever since, the dog has been bred in England. It was here that she was first introduced to the general public. The Spaniel Clumber was used as a hunting dog in the hunt for a large ptarmigan and pheasant.

Clumber can work in a pack and alone. He does an excellent job in the thick underbrush, showing outstanding hunting skills on the water. From other spaniels it is distinguished by its massiveness. This implies his slowness. But it is more than compensated by the sharpest sense of smell and endurance.

Now this dog is often used as a room. Clumber, as a true Englishman, is restrained and calm. The adult dog is not too active, does not like to play.

He treats other pets quite loyal, especially if he grew up with them. The dog is extremely attached to the owner. With strangers, the clumber is reserved and cold.


As already mentioned, the spaniel clumber is the heaviest in its family. Its height at the withers is 51 cm, weight - 39 kg. The head is massive, usually has a characteristic sleepy-soft "muzzle expression." The nose is square, the ears somewhat resemble the leaves of the grapes. On the front paws and on the muzzle is a splash. The coat adheres tightly, the ears are straight, on the legs and stomach - longer and silky. The color is usually white with a crimson orange or lemon color on the muzzle, around the eyes, on the front paws, and also at the base of the tail. The standard allows for a purely white color, but it is extremely rare.


"Intelligent" and soft spaniel clumber can be wary of strangers. However, it is necessary to know that he is completely devoid of aggressiveness.


These dogs can turn the eyelids. Otherwise, the spaniel clumber is distinguished by excellent health.


Of the many hunting dogs, these handsome men are the most calm and restrained. They are not angry, they are unusually nice and they have a sharp mind. It is a pleasant dog in every respect, besides, with good manners. Clamber is characterized by a tender friendship with other domestic pets. This dog is affectionate and benevolent with all members of the family in which he lives, but completely gives his heart to only one person - his master. To him he is devoted unlimitedly. Clumber is very affectionate and patient with children. For dogs of this breed, it is important to have a person's attention and partnership with him.

Care of hair

Clumber Spaniel has a very reliable coat - dense, well protecting it from the vagaries of the weather. The coat is straight, soft. On the ears, legs and abdomen there are longer strands, and the neck is decorated with a luxurious thick collar. Clumber has two layers of wool. The upper layer is made of long coarse hairs, and the lower layer is a soft and thick undercoat. Moult passes quite intensively. This dog needs daily care using a brush and a comb. Occasional spaniel will also require the services of a hairdresser.

Clean the ears and eyes of the dog regularly. It is very important for these animals to maintain a normal weight, since they are prone to obesity. Because of its warm and dense coat, the Clumber Spaniel quickly overheats, so it is not recommended for a long time to be in the sun.


Clumber Spaniel is very anxious to please his beloved host. The animal is endowed with an excellent memory, so the upbringing and training of it is not difficult. This is a lowly and quiet dog that does not accept despotic and rude methods. More effective is a quiet learning process with positive stimulation, praise, love, justice and consistency. It is desirable to conduct early socialization of the animal and the training course.


Clambers feel equally comfortable in a city apartment and in a country house. They need daily active walks, for example, a spaniel will accompany the owner on a bike ride, ball game or swimming. With insufficient physical activity, the dog can gain excessive weight, it can atrophy muscles and significantly shorten the life span.

Clumber Spaniel: nurseries

As already mentioned, this is an ancient and very rare breed today. In Russia, there are not many such dogs. However, there are several nurseries engaged in this breed. They are located in Gatchina (Leningrad region), in Moscow, Magnitogorsk, Saratov, in Kholmsk (Sakhalin Region), Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Novosibirsk.

Clumber Spaniel: puppies

These kids are very active, and they grow very quickly. Of course, with age, growth slows. Every day with a puppy you need to go for long walks, do not forget to always wear a leash on your pet. These charming kids on a walk like to play "bring-serve". Daily walks are extremely important for the mental health of the animal. Do not let the dog run ahead in the walk. Puppy must understand that the leader is a person. In addition, these dogs from an early age are very fond of swimming, so do not deprive your pet of such pleasure.

Owner feedback

We could not find the reviews of the hunters about this dog. Probably, this is due to the fact that today they are more often used as companions. As for the owners' responses, they are unanimous. Reading about the breed of clumber spaniel reviews, it can be noted that the owners celebrate their loyalty, kind and flexible nature, friendly attitude to other animals.

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