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Smoking pipe and its types. How to make a smoking pipe with your own hands?

It is not exactly known where and when the first smoking pipe appeared. Scientists believe that it was invented by the Indian tribes of Central America, in particular the Maya tribe. At the places of their settlements archaeologists have found ancient pipes with the depiction of various plots, animals, people. And what do modern pipes look like? What types and types are they? What materials do they make and can I make a tube with my own hands? You will learn all this from this article.

The construction of a modern smoking pipe

First, let's look at the features of the tube design . The smoking pipe consists of several parts that have a specific purpose.

The cup is the round part of the tube filled with tobacco. The size of this part can be different and depends on the tobacco for which the tube is designed.

The tobacco chamber is a recess in the bowl intended for filling with tobacco.

The chubuk is a part of the tube going from the cup to the mouthpiece. In the chibouk there may be several small openings that allow air to pass through. This facilitates the process of smoking.

On the smoke channel, smoke comes from the bowl to the mouthpiece. The quality of smoke channel design largely depends on what kind of properties the smoking pipe will have.

The mouthpiece is hermetically connected to the chibouk. It can be straight or curved, with a flat or circular hole in the smoke channel. In some types of tubes, the hole can be divided into two parts, such a mouthpiece will be called two-channel.

Mouthpiece - the end of the mouthpiece, which is located in the mouth, between the teeth and lips. The sensations during smoking depend on the quality and shape of this part of the tube. Most often, the mouthpiece has a traditional shape, but in some cases the smoke hole is at the top of it, so that the smoke, without contacting the tongue, rises to the palate.

The neck connects the mouthpiece to the chibouk. It is made of silver or other materials.

The filter is designed to cool the smoke. It can be made of paper, cardboard, balsa wood, foam. The smoking pipe can be used without a filter. After smoking, the filter must be removed so that the tube does not deteriorate. Many refuse to use the filter, because they believe that it hides some shades of tobacco taste.

Now you know the elements of the tube. The material from which this accessory is made is also of great importance. Consider what pipes are made of.


Smoking pipes from briar are very popular. Briard is the root thickening of the heather. A cup with a chibouk is made from it, the mouthpiece is made of other materials. Pipes made of briar are strong, do not heat up. They are easy to clean.

They can be of different quality and vary greatly in price. Cheap tubes of low quality briar can be dispatched. Over time, putty begins to stand out in color and can fly off.


Wooden tubes are also very popular. The tube can be made from a single piece of wood or can be typing. Only a bowl can be made from a tree. For the manufacture of pipes use apple, pear, cherry, beech and valuable wood. Not suitable tree with a pungent smell, resinous, coniferous.

With time, wooden pipes burn out, and they have to be changed. After use, this tube requires a long drying. Products are relatively cheap, except for those made from precious wood.


Corn tubes are cut from a stump, which is the core of the corn cob. The tube is very light, cheap, but short-lived. It is fragile and quickly burns out, so it will often have to be changed, perhaps several times a year.

The corn tube is easy to clean, it filters the smoke well and absorbs moisture.


Clay pipes were once widely distributed, but today they are most often used as an original gift or souvenir. The tube can be made of clay entirely or have only a clay cup.

To use a clay pipe for its intended purpose is not very convenient, because it is fragile, cracked by temperature drops (it can not be smoked in the cold), it gets very hot. But clay pipes adorned with carvings and various ornaments look great as an element of the collection.


Penka is a rare natural material, consisting of the smallest pressed shells. Foam is durable, durable. It absorbs moisture well, is not heated and does not burn out, it is easy to clean. Pencil tube is considered to be one of the best.

But all these advantages concern only the tubes cut from a single block of foam! If the pressed crumb is used to make the accessory, the quality of the product falls significantly, it loses all its advantages and becomes extremely fragile. In order not to get a similar forgery, you need to remember that the foam tube is expensive and you can not buy it in every store.


Very rare and valuable material for the manufacture of a tube is a pumpkin-hump. The tobacco chamber in such tubes is made of foam or porcelain. But to get a natural pumpkin is not easy, most often the mink is imitated with the help of other materials.

Shapes of tubes

How do the pipes differ in shape? The photos show that there is a great variety in the shapes and types of tubes. The shape and height of the bowl are different, bending. There are several classifications of smoking pipes, we will consider several basic types.

Kinds of smoking pipes under the form:

  • Billiards is the most common group of forms. Almost cylindrical chibouk and bowl. The chubouk and the mouthpiece in collection are a bit like cue, hence the name of the form.
  • Chimney - reminds billiards with a deep tobacco chamber and a high bowl. This tube is designed for an experienced smoker, because it smokes for several hours and the tobacco can fade.
  • Liverpool - billiards with a long chibouk and a short mouthpiece.
  • Lovat - resembles a liverpool with a saddle mouthpiece.
  • Canada - has a long flattened chibouk with an oval section and a short mouthpiece.
  • Bulldog - has a bowl consisting of two cones with a rhomboid in proportion to the chibouk.
  • Dublin - a conical bowl, wide from above and narrow below.
  • Poker - has a flat bottom, so that the tube can be put on the table.
  • Pot - the bowl resembles a pot, the tube is massive, with thick walls.
  • Prince - a low bowl, a curved mouthpiece.
  • Apple is a very popular form with a spherical bowl.
  • Tomato - has an oval bowl.
  • Brandy - the cup repeats the shape of a glass for the eponymous drink.
  • Egg - respectively, the bowl has the shape of an egg.
  • Frikhendy are noncanonical smoking pipes.

How to choose a tube

In a store with a wide assortment, a beginner can simply get lost - such an abundance of sizes, shapes, materials. Is it possible to buy a simply liked pipe or do you need to pay attention to its characteristics? The choice of the first such thing is important, because it depends on it, whether you will get pleasure from smoking and become a person who loves smoking pipes. How to choose a tube for a newbie? There are several points to which you need to pay attention.

The first thing you need to determine is the shape of the tube. It is better to choose a simple classical cylindrical shape. The fact is that some tubes require more attention when smoking, can go out, etc. The product should be liked and comfortable to lie in your hand.

The next choice is a curved or straight tube. Very often beginners are attracted to models with a strong bend. But handling such a tube requires some experience. For the first time, straight or with a slight bend is best.

One of the most controversial questions is "do I need a filter in the tube". He somewhat softens and conceals the taste of tobacco. Each smoker decides independently which tube to choose.

The filter does not influence the quality of smoking, so you can follow your own preferences here.

How to make a handset yourself

The smoking pipe is a skillful and elegant thing. A good pipe can only be done by a master. For initial processing, tools, a machine tool and a drill are used, and final modification is done only manually. If you want to make a smoking pipe yourself, you need not only to have the necessary knowledge and be able to work with your hands, but also to have tools. If you want to make a quality thing, then be prepared for the fact that a smoking pipe, made with your own hands, will cost more than buying a new one.

The fact is that it consists of fairly thin details. Of great importance is the quality of the smoke channel. It is very difficult to cut and process the smoke channel and the tobacco chamber well. But if you still want to make a smoking pipe yourself, you can buy a special piece, the so-called hobby-block. A smoking pipe, made with your own hands from a hobby-block, will require a minimum of tools.

Hobby-block is a piece of tree of rectangular or cubic form, in which a tobacco chamber and a smoke channel are already made. A plastic mouthpiece is already attached to the workpiece. It turns out that all the delicate work that requires special knowledge has already been done, and the owner of the hobby-block remains the most interesting - to come up with the shape of the bowl and give these shapes a workpiece. After the carving of the form, the bowl should be polished and polished.

The process of working with a hobby block is good because it is interesting, gives space for imagination and, what is very important, as a result, a really good smoking pipe will turn out. The choice of hobby-blocks is quite wide, they differ in the shape of the mouthpiece, the diameter and height of the tobacco bowl. With these blanks, you can make good and different smoking pipes at home.

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