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Smartphone Alcatel One Touch Pop C2 4032D: a review, features, reviews

Available smartphone for all occasions - Alcatel One Touch Pop C2. Its technical and software components allow solving most of the most common tasks, and the price makes it one of the most affordable solutions in this segment of devices.

Niche of the gadget

The price of 2240 rubles clearly and unequivocally relates Alcatel One Touch Pop C2 to entry-level solutions. This is also indicated by the model used in it in the CPU. This is one of the most affordable smartphones this manufacturer. It supports the main functions. In the rest it is a typical gadget of the entry-level solutions segment.


Smartphone Alcatel One Touch Pop C2 4032D, as noted earlier - the budget solution. Hence, he has very modest equipment. In it, in addition to the mobile device itself and the battery, the following is included:

  • Charger.
  • A typical interface cable.
  • Smart phone operation manual and warranty card.

A stereo headset, a protective film and a cover for the owner of this smartphone need to be purchased separately.


Alcatel One Touch Pop C2 4032D is a typical one-piece smartphone with touch input capability. The front panel displays a 4-inch screen. Under it there are the usual three control buttons. Well, from the top there is a conversational speaker and an LED event indicator. On the right side of the device, its volume controls are displayed, and on top - an audio port and a lock button. At the bottom, only the port "MicroUsB" is displayed. Behind the speaker is a loud speaker and its only camera.


Expect that the smartphone Alcatel One Touch Pop C2 4032D will be equipped with a quality display based on the technology of IPS, it is not necessary. He has more modest parameters. The matrix is manufactured using the TFT technology. His resolution is modest at the moment 480 x 800 pixels. There is also an air gap between the front sensor surface and the display matrix. As a result, the quality of the picture on the screen in this device is very very modest.


Smartphone Alcatel One Touch Pop C2 is equipped with only one main camera. Her characteristics really are not impressive. The sensory element underlying it can boast of a 3 Mp matrix. In reality, this value is much smaller. Well, the previously mentioned 3 Mp are obtained by software using interpolation technology. The maximum resolution of the resulting digital photos can be 2102 x 1500. There is no additional LED illumination in this gadget. A similar situation with the system of autofocus and image stabilization. As a result, only at normal level of illumination still normal photos can turn out. With video, the situation is even worse. The resolution of the recorded video is 640 x 480. Accordingly, on modern screens with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or more, this video recording is simply impossible to watch. The camera in this device is, but it has really modest possibilities. But you can not expect more from a smartphone at the budget level.

And what do we have inside?

Alcatel One Touch Pop C2 is built on the basis of a very modest to date central processing unit - MT6572. This is the development of the Chinese company MediaTek. It consists of 2 computational modules, which are based on the architecture of "Cortex A7", which, if necessary, can be accelerated to 1.3 GHz. The manufacturing technology of this semiconductor device is based on a 28 nm process. Just note that this chip supports only 32-bit computing. Therefore, it will not run the most recent 64-bit applications. Another problem point for him is the most demanding applications of the latest generation. The computational capabilities of this chip are not enough to launch them and, as a result, they will not be launched on it. The capabilities of the central computing device are harmoniously complemented by the graphics accelerator "Mali-400MP2". Its performance level corresponds to the CPU. Its main task is to free the processor from processing graphic information and with these it perfectly copes. The amount of RAM in this device is 512 MB. At the same time, the operating system takes about 300 MB. Therefore, the user can count on 200 MB at best. The capacity of the integrated drive in this case is "modest" 4 GB. At the same time 2 GB initially is occupied by the system software. There is a slot for an external flash drive, the capacity of which can be 32 GB and without it it will be quite difficult to work on this gadget.


The device is equipped with a removable battery for 1300 mAh. Given the diagonal of the gadget, 4 inches of this will last for 2 days using a smart phone. It's definitely not going to work out more on it. Also, in order to be able to count on these 2 days, it is absolutely necessary to install on this device an optimization software that would allow more rational use of the battery life. But with a greater load, this value will be reduced to 10 hours. But to fully charge the battery you need 2.5 hours.


The software basis of this gadget is "Android". At the moment, the version with the number 4.2 is installed on it. This is enough to run most of the main applications. But the owner of this smartphone must be prepared for the fact that in the foreseeable future there will be problems with the launch of the latest software due to software incompatibility.

Reviews about the gadget

Many of the obvious shortcomings in the subject of our review - Alcatel One Touch Pop C2. The reviews highlight the following:

  • Weak central processor. But for now this is enough to solve most problems.
  • Small amount of memory. Therefore, the owner of the gadget immediately needs to purchase an additional flash drive and necessarily install additional software to optimize the operation of the device. However, you can find another way out - to remove half of the unnecessary pre-installed "garbage", and the memory will be noticeably added.
  • A modest camera, which, however, can function normally at a good level of illumination.
  • The display is not of the best quality.
  • Weak autonomy of the device.

But the advantages of this device are those who have already purchased and use the gadget, noted the following:

  • low price;
  • Quality assembly;
  • Excellent work on the Internet;
  • All applications and games work without suspending;
  • Excellent quality of communication, sound;
  • Sensitive sensor.


If you need an affordable and reasonably functional device of economy class, then Alcatel One Touch Pop C2 can be an excellent solution. In other cases, you can wait and pick up the best mobile device. In fact, this smartphone has a significant advantage - a low price and the resulting availability of it. According to the feedback of its owners, this is really a budget acquisition, which allows to successfully solve most problems.

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