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"Exley Indigo": reviews. Explay Indigo mobile phone: User manual

One of the most productive entry-level smartphones with a fairly large screen diagonal is the "Explay Indigo". Reviews About it, its technical specifications and the capabilities of this device will be given in this detailed review.

Also what is in a base complete set?

It is quite standard equipment for the entry-level device for the "Exig Indigo". The phone comes with the following accessories:

  • Charger with an output current of 1A.
  • Stereo headset.
  • Interface cable for connecting to a computer or for charging a battery.

Of course, this list is supplemented by the device itself with built-in rechargeable battery with a nominal capacity of 2500 mAh. In addition, the boxed version of this gadget includes an operation manual, a business card of the manufacturer and a warranty card - this is the complete set of documentation for this smartphone.

Appearance and ergonomics

Something like the HTC One M8 looks and design of the "Explay Indigo". The phone is not foldable. On the left edge of it there is only a slot for installing the main SIM card. On the right side of it there is a power button, a device volume swing and a slot for installing a second SIM card (an external flash drive can also be inserted here). On the top side, like most smart smartphones, only an audio connector is output, and on the bottom side there is a colloquial microphone and a microUSB port. In the center of the front panel, as expected, is a display with a large enough diagonal of 4.7 inches. Under it are three touch buttons. And above it a speaker, a front camera and a number of sensors are displayed. The back cover of the smartphone is made of plastic, which in appearance resembles a natural skin. At the top of the smartphone is the main camera and LED backlight. At the bottom, there is a loud speaker and the manufacturer's logo. Despite its impressive dimensions (139 x 69 mm), it is not difficult to manage a smart phone with just one hand.

CPU and what it is capable of

A very powerful processor underlies the "Explay of Indigo". Reviews pay attention to this feature of this gadget. In this case, the 8-core solution MT8592M is used. And all of them can work simultaneously, that is, calculations can be performed directly in 8 threads. Each of its computational modules in the peak load mode is capable of operating at a frequency of 1.4 GHz. The possibilities of this chip will be enough for the next two years. In this case, you do not even have to think about how much the resource-intensive solution is being installed.

Graphics and screen

The middle-level graphics subsystem of the "Explay Indigo". Instructions To it indicates the presence of a graphic accelerator Mali-450MP2. The diagonal of the display, as mentioned earlier, is 4.7 inches, and its resolution is 720 x 1280. The matrix that underlies the screen is manufactured using the IPS technology. This provides viewing angles close to 180 degrees. The very same picture does not cause any complaints. In general, the task of any level of complexity on the strengths of this graphics subsystem.


Excellent main camera in the "Exley Indigo." Reviews for this are mandatory. It has a sensor element of 8.3 MP. There is autofocus and LED flash. There are also many modes for taking photos and recording video. Slightly more modest frontal camera. She has a 5 MP sensor. But still the quality of the photo and video received with it is not much worse than the main one. But for its main task - making video calls - it's just perfect.

Memory and its number

The RAM in this device is 1 GB. The most widely used standard is DDR3. The internal storage capacity of a smart phone is 8 GB. Of these, only about 5GB user can use for their needs. The rest is occupied by system software. There is also the possibility of installing an external flash card with a capacity of 32 GB. But there is one important point. The developers decided to save, and the same slot can be used for both external storage and the second SIM card. Therefore, the owner of this device will have to choose between increasing the memory or saving on conversations. This is quite a controversial decision by the developers of the "Explay Indigo". Its price is about 8000 rubles, and it is unlikely that it would change significantly from the appearance of an additional slot.


As it was mentioned earlier, the case of this smart phone is not disassembled, and the battery is built into the "Exley Indigo". The price because of this has not changed significantly, but the build quality of the case has improved by an order of magnitude. Its capacity is 2500 mAh. With an average load on a smartphone, one of its charging is enough for 2 days of battery life. If the load is increased, this value will decrease to 12-14 hours. But to exceed the indicator in 2 days of battery life on this smartphone is unlikely to work. The screen diagonal is 4.7 inches, and it has an 8-core processor - these are the factors that will not allow to increase this value.

System software

There is nothing unusual in the software stuffing of this device. The familiar "Android" of one of the latest versions (specifically 4.4) is the system software. It includes a standard set of applications from the search giant and the developer of this software - the company "Google", typical social messengers and the usual mini applications (such as a calculator, alarm clock, organizer). There are also three pre-installed toys. All the rest to the new owners of this smartphone will have to be installed from the "Play" -market.


Smartphone "Exley Indigo" is equipped with all the necessary interfaces at the moment. Among the wireless can be identified Wi-Fi, bluetooth, 2G- and 3G-transmitters, GPS. But wired, as it should, only 2: MicroUSB and 3.5 mm audio jack. All this allows you to get and send all the necessary information without any problems to the global web and not only.


Now about the practical experience of using the "Explay Indigo". Overview Reviews of it indicate two significant flaws. The first of these is the small capacity of the built-in battery. Alas, it is not possible to replace it with another one, with a larger capacity. The case of this apparatus is not folding. The only solution in this case is to use an external battery. This will significantly increase the autonomy of the smartphone. The second drawback is the need to choose the second slot for the SIM card or flash drive. But the built-in capacity of 8 GB should be enough for most applications. So here the choice is obvious - the 2nd SIM card. But the advantages of this model of the smartphone is much greater. This is both a large and high-quality display, and a very efficient processor, and an excellently balanced graphics system.


So, let's sum up. Let's start with the weaknesses of this smart phone model. In fact, she has two drawbacks. The first is a small capacity of the built-in battery and, as a result, a short battery life (maximum 2 days per charge). The second disadvantage is the versatility of the second slot for SIM card installation. It also installs an external flash drive. That is, the owner of this device has to make a choice between increasing the amount of memory and using the second SIM card to save money on conversations. But the gadget has much more advantages. This is an 8-core processor, and a high-quality graphics subsystem, and flawless cameras, and a fairly large screen diagonal of 4.7 inches. In general, quite good for an entry-level device was "Exley Indigo." Reviews Its owners only confirm this.

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