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Slavic gymnastics for women (27 exercises)

How to adjust the figure, staying in tune with yourself? It would seem that the question is stupid, but it turned out that inner beauty needs support to develop and fascinate. Some are already born with such a gift that there is genuine luck. But sometimes Slavic gymnastics can be helped, which was successfully practiced by distant ancestors-Slavs. Does it really help or is it a real remnant of the past? Perhaps, you can understand only if you try the exercises on yourself.

Women's Beauty and Secrets

Probably, each person at least once asked himself the question, but what, in fact, is the secret of female attractiveness hidden? Why do men and women have different ideals? Why beautiful ladies are often alone, and plain-looking gray mice do not know the rebound from the guys? With difficulty all these moments fit into our head and the option with inner beauty comes to mind not immediately. Most likely, each faced with such a gray mouse, which can not boast of luxurious external data, but attracts others. About these people say that beauty comes from within and it attracts. Slavic gymnastics has long helped our ancestors in developing this skill, and today the modern instructors have remembered ancient science and gave a new impetus to its popularity. And the spread has gone not only among the Slavs, but also in other nationalities. True, at the genetic level, Slavic gymnastics is still closer to the inhabitants of our latitudes.

The essence of the methodology

A modern woman is put in a rigid frame. It must be collected, strong, courageous and ambitious. A woman must work and earn money for the benefit of the family. It is not so rare that a woman gets more than her man. But at the same time the woman should remain wise and calm. The dynamics of modern life and the desire to apply masculine methods to achieve their goals steals women's energy and make up for the loss of the Slavic gymnastics. The complex includes 27 exercises divided into the lower, middle and upper worlds. Exercises of the lower world are designed only for women and men are forbidden to perform them, so as not to muffle the male essence. There is no acute need to perform all exercises. You can choose only a few and improve in them, supplementing from time to time with new exercises.

Advantages of ancient technology

So, what is good about Slavic gymnastics for women? 27 exercises stimulate the improvement of general health. Exceptionally losing weight technique does not help, but it really gives beauty, giving the body soft rounded lines, so attractive to men. Technicians adhere to improved vision and reproductive health. If before the exercise the girls experience pain with menstruation, the technique allows them to be minimized or completely eliminated. Problems with the spine will be forgotten, and the body will become light and flexible, if the exercises are performed systematically. For this method, you do not need to visit expensive halls, you can do it right at home. The technique takes into account all the individual characteristics of the female body and many other factors. You have to start practicing under the supervision of the trainer to safely master the new technique.

Contraindications and precautions

Remember that Slavic gymnastics for women is not just a fitness that benefits the body. First of all, the technique bears harmony. If the achievement of the desired result will be rapid, this does not mean that gymnastics can be abandoned. Its power is in constancy. There is an opinion about poor interaction with hormonal drugs and a decrease in the impact on the body while doing exercises and taking medications. In this situation, only the characteristics of a particular organism determine the maximum of the effect obtained. Instructors allow exercises by women of all ages without restrictions, but especially observe young girls whose sexual system is not yet fully formed. This is due to the possibility of too early development of girls.

For physical health

Slavic gymnastics for women is aimed at maintaining women's energy throughout the body. Hence, girls will grow up faster, become more attractive physically. There is an active interest from the opposite sex. But, by the way, this method is not suitable for men. Even doing in their presence is not recommended. It is better to be alone to concentrate and be alone with yourself. Instructors on their observations sum up and say that women become more carefree and gentle. They spend more time on themselves than on work. They love themselves more!

At the basic level

The main complex of gymnastics is called Vedasone, or tendon gymnastics. Here everything is not so difficult as the further Slavic gymnastics for women. Exercises refer to the 1st level of complexity. The main task at this level is to activate the muscular and tendon apparatus. We are gradually working on the joints and ligaments. All movements are smooth and unhurried, thanks to which the psychic and energy centers are activated. Voltage falls. For the most part, the complex consists of twisting exercises that help to establish the correct measured breathing and bring the body into tone. The person almost immediately receives a charge of vivacity. It is possible, by the way, to take advantage of this effect and do exercises from the early morning so that the day goes well. The level of physical training does not play a special role. The first movement is performed standing. The legs are placed on the width of the shoulders and bend slightly at the knees. The feet must remain parallel. Arms bend at the elbows and start behind, without closing the brush. Take time to relax the shoulder joint. Smoothly breathe and move your hands forward, so that the brushes were under the chest. Now - brush up, to get a "bud". We exhale and return to the starting position. The second exercise is reminiscent of the ballet pas: we do not change the starting position and raise our legs with a knee bend. On inhaling, make a turn of the trunk in the direction of the raised leg. The third final exercise from the initial cycle begins from the rack on the lap. We spread them, and we put our hands behind our backs. The feet are closed, and the arms are pulled upwards, while making the torso torso.

Slightly complicate

We perform the first exercise of the second cycle, which offers Slavic gymnastics. Rituals of this science are distinguished by their true dimensionality and degree. We rise on knees and hands we start for a head. We rest on the floor with our elbows. The leg makes a movement towards the chest, and then straightens, making a swing. Exercises are mirrored for the other leg. Torso forward down, touching the cheek surface of the floor. There is no definite norm for the exercise, but for greater effectiveness it is better to do as many approaches as you are comfortable. Fatigue can not be felt. Slavic gymnastics is not done in spite of anything, but it is carried out in harmony with oneself. Female gymnastics actively acts on the organs of the small pelvis and the reproductive system. It is known that the main cause of female diseases is the clamped stomach and poor blood circulation in the female organs. These problems help to solve the Slavic gymnastics for women.

Reviews of girls

Beautiful ladies have to the heart a way to relieve tension from muscles through stretching. So the muscles in the tone stay, and the blood circulation improves. The internal muscles of the abdomen become stronger, the pelvis and buttocks look more appetizing, and the hip joints are developed. A month later, most women note the positive effect that Slavic gymnastics have on the Force Beregini. Reviews of girls agree that there is a placebo effect. Some instructors in dance and strip-plastics include in the program of warm-up exercises for Slavic gymnastics, to revive the female energy and make it beat the key. Starts to the same intestine and increases the level of sexual libido. Women note that intimate life goes to a different level of quality. The percentage of women becoming pregnant is increasing.

How much do you need per day?

Slavic gymnastics Beregini's strength is for those people who want to live full life without denying themselves healthy pleasures. Now there is no talk about alcohol or promiscuity, but the focus is on family life, healthy eating, traveling and a rich intimate life with a loved one. To start your "motor" and establish health, it takes only a quarter of an hour daily. Not so much, but the results will please and surprise. It is recommended to maintain natural and free breathing, without delay. The condition should be calm and contemplative. All attention should be directed inward, on your own feelings, thoughts and emotions. Imagine that you are moving in the dance and do not let go of this state until the very end of the gym. The visualization of oneself under water also helps to tune. Remember, in the pool you can not sharply pull your hands, often jump or even march with clarity. So give the movements underwater smoothness! The first three months are better to do, maximum, 4 times a week, doing 7 exercises with three repetitions. If there are serious ailments, it is better to start with mastering the initial positions. In each rack you need to keep yourself for at least a minute.

Pleasant nuances of Slavic gymnastics

Everyone can determine their own individual complex, and, you can start with a quarter of all exercises. You can make the process more interesting and prepare a personal deck of cards to do only those exercises that you pulled out on this or that day. First of all, do the exercises of the upper world. Then the middle and bottom. The main exercise is done in completing the first round of gymnastics and is any exercise of your choice. In total, there are two sets of exercises.

Initial provisions

How does the Slavic gymnastics begin? For men, it's also difficult, that all the starting positions - is the embodiment of softness and tenderness. You have to keep your knees relaxed and move them smoothly. The legs are set slightly wider than the shoulders for the exercises of the upper world. We keep the shoulders and hips on one line, and put our hands behind our backs. Make sure you create parallel lines. In the shoulders and hands during the exercise, there should be tension. With regular lessons, the stress will come to naught. Remember that in every world there are 9 exercises, but you do not need to do them all at once. Puncture the muscles in the upper world. One of the exercises is aimed at socks; The man on his half-bent knees swayed on his toes with a raised chin.

All movements are based on contact with the body, natural deflections and parallel lines.

Who does not approach the methodology?

We have already said that it is not useful for everyone and it is necessary to carry out such exercises. For example, Slavic gymnastics for men is not at all suitable. Exercises they seem simple and useless. But the danger is that a girl can sooner or later become passionate about men, if she starts doing such gymnastics. Instructors, in order to avoid such situations, invite girls with mothers or adult relatives to give the energy that is the age of the student. Do not resort to Slavic gymnastics for those ladies who actively take hormonal medications or contraceptives. In fact, this is a confrontation of two elements, since the Slavic method is aimed at developing and enriching the female energy source. Can this be resisted by modern medicine? The question intrigues in advance ...

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