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SKP: than to open a file?

In this material, we will discuss the features of the SKP format. How to open files with this extension, also described below. This is a SketchUp document. The developer of this solution is Trimble Navigation.


Now we will tell you what the SKP extension is used for. How to open materials of this type will be discussed in the next section. This is a 3D model project file that was created in SketchUp. The SKP file supports the export and import of various formats of 3D and raster graphics. How to interact with such data, we will discuss further.

The main solution

So, before us is the SKP file. How to open it, we will prompt SketchUp. This is a free application for 3D modeling. The objects created by this tool consist of a pair of basic elements: faces and edges. The latter are represented by lines. The first - two-dimensional figures formed by several edges when creating a flat contour. Building models involves drawing with simple tools of faces and edges. A patented tool called "Pull / Push" makes it possible to make a three-dimensional shape from a flat surface. Thanks to this function, the program is so easy to use. SketchUp projects can be saved in the SKP format we are interested in. The program is indispensable for fast and comfortable work with 3D. All objects created with this tool have exact dimensions. Scaled images of models can be printed if necessary. This solution supports the export and import of various formats of 3D and raster graphics. It is possible to install additional plug-ins to expand the functionality. The application has a universal tool called "Doing". It allows three-dimensional shapes to be created by extrusion of flat surfaces along pre-established lines. This tool makes it possible to round the edges of a variety of objects. The created subobjects are convenient for copying, hiding and moving. To make the model more realistic, you need to add shadows. For this purpose, the program implements a special mechanism with various effects. The program allows you to look inside the model and with simple tools to inspect it.

Other options

With the format we are interested in, we can also interact with the Rhinoceros and IMSI TurboCAD programs. Now you know what the SKP extension was designed for. How to open it, we also described above.

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