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Similarity: swallows and swifts. What do they have in common?

One of the most famous people's signs is the low flight of swallows before the rain. And until now many people, looking at the sky, remember it when light winged, quick birds sweep past. And very few people know that in fact, most of the birds that we take for swallows, refers to a completely different species. Namely to swifts.

Similarity: swallows and swifts

Both these birds are very common throughout the country. Their similarity is very great, especially for those who do not understand ornithology. Both swallows and swifts have dark plumage, a long tail. They also know how to gain very high speed of flight, to plan above the ground, collecting gnats. And on this similarity does not end. Their birth and color of plumage, and approximate sizes. But there are significant differences.

Differences and similarities: swallows and swifts

Now we will try to understand this in detail. Let's find out how birds differ, and also what their similarities are. Swallows and swifts belong to different orders. The first belong to the passerines, while the second birds belong to the long-winged.

How to distinguish a swallow from a swift?

Pay attention to how these feathered creatures fly. Differences also lie in the skills of these birds to move. The similarity is that both are excellent air pilots. But if the average speed of flight at the swallow reaches 50-60 kilometers per hour, then catching a swift is an impossible task for the rest of the birds. These are real leaders of flights. They can develop speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour, but they lose swallows in maneuverability, since they fly most often only in a straight line.

Differences between these ptahs are hidden in appearance. The swallow's legs have a standard for passerine structure - three fingers look forward, and one - back. At swifts all four are directed straight. This prevents them from sitting, for example, on wires, but helps to cling to any ledge. This feature is very useful, because often shear lives in burrows on precipices of rivers, ponds or other water bodies. Although, of course, it is not easy for an ordinary person to notice this detail.

And in color, the similarity of birds is far from complete. The color of the abdomen is different for them. The swallows are completely white. But Swifts are content with a small white spot on the breast.

Wings in the process of flying have the ability to add only swallows. In addition, they are much larger in swifts, and they differ in shape. If you notice a bird with very elongated sickle-shaped wings, then this is definitely not a swallow. But the tail of a swift is shorter and wider.

Another bright indication that these birds can be discerned by anyone is their crying. Usually, only swifts differ in a loud voice and constant screams in flight.

Well, the last difference is territorial preference. Swallow is a frequent visitor in any village, while swifts are mostly city dwellers.


Of course, when you look at these birds from the ground and see them only as small dots in the sky, it is simply impossible to detect these differences. But if you put a number of photos of swallows and swifts, then all the details of their appearance will be obvious. So never again will you confuse these two beautiful birds. After all, you know what difference and similarity exists between them. Swallows and Swifts are similar, but there are many differences between them.

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