Sheep-pillow with her own hands: from simple to complex

Do you like to update the interior? Like cute little things for the house? An excellent accessory for decorating the sofa is a lamb-pillow. With your own hands, you can make very simple and at the same time original options.

List of necessary

To make a beautiful lamb pillow with your own hands, you need to plan your work and buy everything you need.

It is necessary to prepare the following:

  • Several types and shades of tissue in accordance with parts of the animal;
  • Paper for a pattern and a pencil;
  • scissors;
  • Safety pins ;
  • Chalk for transferring contours to fabric;
  • Needle and thread;
  • Sewing machine;
  • Material for packing;
  • Decorative elements (optional).

All this will come in handy no matter what method of making a soft accessory you choose.

Lamb pillow: how to make your own hands

There may be several ways of manufacturing:

  • Rectangular shape with application;
  • A square product with sewn flat paws and a muzzle;
  • Ordinary pillow with a three-dimensional head;
  • Soft toy of the appropriate size.

The options are listed in the list by the degree of complication of the work and the making of the pattern. If you show patience, even the beginner can cope with any method.

The easiest option

The first time we decided to start sewing? Of course, do you want a beautiful pillow lamb? It's very simple to make it with your own hands. Make an accessory of a standard square or rectangular shape and decorate it with a muzzle of a lamb, eyes, ears, etc. The sequence is as follows:

  1. Cut out a rectangle from the fabric, mark where the fold line will pass.
  2. Prepare the rest of the parts and prick them with a zigzag stitch to the front of the cushion.
  3. Turn the workpiece inside out, stitch the seams, leaving a "hole" for turning.
  4. Put the pillowcase inside the pillowcase.
  5. Gently sew the hole.

Simple pillow with three-dimensional elements

Here, the option is slightly more complicated. You will get a more realistic lamb pillow. Patterns will be required for additional elements, each of which will be stitched together from two or more parts.
Work like this:

  1. Make patterns of the paws, ears, face and its parts.
  2. Carry out all the details in the appropriate quantity.
  3. Stitch the individual elements on the wrong side, then turn them around and stuff it out.
  4. Take a rectangular cloth flap, mark the fold line.
  5. Stitch or sew manually in the appropriate places of the executed volume billets.
  6. Then everything is done in the same sequence as in any other case (stitching from the wrong side, turning, stuffing, sewing the hole).

Pillow-lamb with your own hands (patterns)

If you have a wonderful eye and have experience with the fabric, you may not need templates. If these skills are not available, then it is better to first build blanks from paper and, prikolov their pins to the fabric, circle - taking into account allowances for seams - and cut. In this case, you will get a neat pillow-lamb with your own hands!

Patterns can be taken ready or painted by yourself on a photo or imagination. Still, your sofa will decorate a cartoon character, not a zoological exposition. For the base, that is, the pillowcase itself, you will need a template only in case you stop the selection in a complex form. Square and rectangle does not make sense to draw, but a circle, an oval, a shape with a wavy edge is worth making a preliminary from the paper.

If you need a real-life pet-like sheepskin pillow, the patterns will definitely be needed.

In this case, you can use the template for a soft toy.

Such a thing will consist of different details, which in the process of sewing will form a three-dimensional figure of the animal.

Two pillows on one pattern

As you can see in the photo below, you can create a cute couple for the selected template. In the picture, animals (soft toys) differ in color, but if you put more filler inside, the lamb will acquire volume and convex shapes and will look completely different.

To make such a thing, do the following:

  1. Cut out the details taking into account the allowances.
  2. Stitch small items on the wrong side, turn, stuff.
  3. Connect both parts of the body and grasp on the front side. The decorative edge remains outside.
  4. Fill the product through the small hole left in the previous step, sew it.
  5. Place all the other parts in the right places.

The second pillow is made using the same technology, but from the base of another shade. Get an original decoration for the room.

So, you saw how interesting the lamb-pillow could be. With their own hands to make even several different models is not difficult. If you are a beginner, choose the simplest solutions. When they are mastered, go to those that are more complicated.

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