Settlement Olenivka, Crimea: reviews about the rest

Want to relax in a quiet and beautiful place that captivates with its unbridled beauty: clean beaches, steep banks and rich fauna? And go for a kite or windsurfing and scuba dive? And that all this was inexpensive and close. If so, then you will be well suited for Olenevka! Do not know such a settlement? Today we learn what Olenevka (Crimea) is. Photos, reviews and other information will help us get acquainted with this paradise.

general characteristics

The village of Olenevka is located in the extreme western part of the Crimea, on the Tarkhankut peninsula, off the coast of the Karanjin bay. It belongs to the Black Sea region of the Crimea.

Many people mispronounce the name of this settlement, giving out the second letter "e" for "e" and stressing it. The stress should fall on the first "e". In historical documents, you can find other names of this settlement - Karadzha and Kara-Azhi.

Olenevka is the nearest settlement from the western point of Crimea - Cape Tarkhankut. The village is supplied with electricity, water, internet and mobile communications. It has a bus station, a market, several restaurants, cafes and shops. The central street is Lenin's street.

Specialization of the resort

The village of Olenevka (Crimea), whose reviews became the basis of this article, is a very picturesque and peaceful place. This is a real steppe Crimea with unique air and natural gifts. On three sides the village is surrounded by warm Black Sea waters.

More recently, Olenivka was a small village, but today it has developed to the status of a real resort and continues to conquer more and more tourist hearts every year. The fact is that on the local coast like to meet divers, kite and windsurfers. All boarding houses are oriented precisely for these sports. Here, without any problems, you can find a rental of wetsuits, scuba diving, masks and fins, as well as refueling cylinders. There are special diving centers ("Pelican", "Afaline") in Olenivka, which not only give equipment for hire, but also teach the basics of diving for beginners. And experienced divers are taken here for immersion in the most picturesque places of the district.

Rest and treatment

There are no enterprises and large settlements on Cape Tarkhankut , so nothing merges into the sea here. Thus, if you are looking for one of the most ecologically clean areas of the peninsula, then you will like Olenivka (Crimea). The reviews confirm that the nature is really noble. Therefore, every year more and more tourists come here, not only to dive and ride on surfing, but also for the purpose of recovery and quiet family rest.

Thanks to the sea breezes - mild winds changing their direction twice a day (at night they blow from land to sea, and in the afternoon - from sea to land), the air of Olenivka is a natural inhaler. It is saturated with ozone, calcium, sodium chloride, potassium, magnesium, fluorine, bromine and iodine. A variety of fragrant grasses, growing in the local steppe, give the wind an even more subtle flavor. All this has a very positive effect on the health of tourists.

In July-August, sea water on local beaches has a temperature of the order of 24-26 ° C. Near the village there is a salt lake of the Sary-Gol estuary. Its curative brine and dirt contain active components that have a preventive effect on the body. Due to the special climatic conditions of the cape, the summer season here starts from the middle of May and ends in October. That's the kind she is Olenevka (Crimea). The reviews show that this place is very popular with people who promote a healthy lifestyle, and also prefer a family vacation.


As in other areas of the Crimea, renting a house in Olenivka is not at all difficult. The options here are enough: from budget rooms in the private sector to rooms in boarding houses and hotels. It all depends on your personal preferences and budget. On the shore of the estuary are numerous boarding houses, in which it is recommended to book places in advance. Consider a couple of boarding houses for an example.

"Monsoon" (Olenevka, Crimea)

Reviews show that the boarding house "Monsoon" is a good option for a family holiday. It is a two-storey complex. On the ground floor there is a dining room, a games room, an administration, and rooms of the type standard. On the second floor there is a cozy hall, veranda, luxury rooms and two-room family rooms.

On the territory of the boarding house there is a cafe-bar "Pirate Harbor", where you can taste seafood and European cuisine. Cooks of this establishment are able to surprise even the fastidious tourists. By the way, the prices for dishes in the Pirate Harbor are very acceptable.

For those who travel by car, the guesthouse has parking and a car wash. Also on the territory there is a playground where your kids can have fun and make new friends. In three minutes walk from the boarding house there is a market, a pharmacy, a medical center and a currency exchange office. If you want a quiet comfortable rest, then the boarding house "Musson" (Olenevka, Crimea) will suit you. The reviews show that he is worthy of attention.

"Sunny Valley"

This boarding house surprises with its scale. It consists of three cottage townships, a 5-storey building "Morskoy" and a manor "Castle". Cottage towns are located in the territory of a cozy shady park. A beautiful landscape, fresh air and a cozy house will make your holiday unforgettable. The Marine building is located 20 meters from the beach. It accommodates 103 standard double rooms with a balcony. There is an outdoor heated swimming pool near the building. The building "Castle" is a mansion of the Count Popov. On its territory are now 17-rooms with private facilities. Resting in the construction of the 18th century, which retained the flavor of the pompous Count's life, is a special pleasure.

Depending on the season, meals are served in the boarding house according to the "buffet" system or on the complex menu. Here you can meet traditional Ukrainian and Russian dishes, as well as the best recipes of world cuisine.

Children here will not be bored: playgrounds, animation, various mugs, surfing - all this will give your kid an unforgettable experience. For the extremals in the boarding house are available all the entertainment, which is famous for Olenivka (Crimea). "Sunny Valley", the reviews of which are positive, definitely deserves your attention.

Sea and beach

In the village there is only one beach, but it is quite large: 2 km long and 20-40 m wide. It is famous for its clear water and beautiful golden sand. Due to its size, even at the height of the season, the beach can not be completely filled. This is another advantage of Olenivka. Gradually, the increasing depth in the sea makes it possible to rest comfortably and safely with children. Many vacationers come here with tents or vans and live right on the beach. On both sides of the beach the shore is a stone cliff in the height of 20 to 40 meters. Below there are caves in which nudists like to rest. And some extremals even put tents there.

The sea element cut the peninsula, making it look very picturesque: cliffs, grottoes, tunnels, coves, arches - all this is there. Sometimes dolphins come here, which is considered a very favorable sign.


Olenevka (Crimea), which we discuss today, is also famous for its estuary with healing mud and warm water. The diameter of the estuary is 1300 meters, and the depth is 160-190 centimeters. This place is loved by extremals. The length of the sandy beach, on which you can comfortably launch a kiter, is 1500 meters. And windsurfers come out from anywhere on the coast of the estuary.

Entertainment and attractions

To the south of the village stands a lighthouse, which became a landmark not only for sailors, but also for fans to take a walk through the steppe. The 42-meter tower was built in the distant 1816. During this period, she needed only cosmic repairs. By the way, now the tower houses a museum of ancient anchors.

At 70 meters from the shore, at a depth of 13 meters, there is an underwater gallery of busts of the communist leadership, which was called the Alley of Leaders. This is one of the reasons why among divers is so famous vacation in Olenivka (Crimea). Reviews of this underwater exposition are filled with colorful emotions, especially among those who are still inexperienced in diving.

In the north of the village there is a reserve "Jangul", which is especially attractive in May-June. Almost all of its area is covered with rare Crimean plants and shrubs. The reserve is also good because there are many places on its territory where tourists can break up the tent city.

To the south of the village there are the coastal rocks Bolshoy and Malyi Atlesh. They are surrounded by the purest water, through which the bottom is clearly visible. Near these scenic rocks scenes were filmed for such films as "Amphibian Man", "Pirates of the XX century", "Dangerous Fairway", "People and Dolphins", as well as "Peter Pen".

Another of the key attractions of Tarkhankut is the "Bowl of Love" - a natural pool with mirror-like water.

To walk around the local beauties took less time and effort, in Olenivka you can rent a bicycle. Also here you will be offered boat trips on the boat, excursions around the Crimea, hang-gliding flights and much more.

How to get there

Olenevka (Crimea), the comments about which cause the desire to come here, is in the distance from large settlements. On the one hand, it's good, on the other hand it's a problem. The nearest railway stations are in Evpatoria and Simferopol. It is more convenient to get from Evpatoria - from the bus station (located 100 meters from the railway station) there is a direct bus to Olenivka. The bus travels about two hours. To go from Simferopol is more problematic, since there are no direct flights to Olenivka. We'll have to make a transfer to the Black Sea. This way will take about 4 hours.

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