Service life of the siding: what determines the life of the material

Repair is an integral part of the care of the room. Without this regular procedure, many finishing and building materials will eventually become worthless. Constantly engineers-technologists come up with different types of finishing materials, but siding - high-tech material became popular and won trust among consumers. Indeed, this finishing material has a wide application, both in the facade decoration, and in the interior (depending on the functional). Choosing this material, many are wondering, and what is the life of the siding? Depending on its type, the operating time will also change, so it is worthwhile to consider this issue in more detail.

Types of siding

Siding - this is the most durable facade material, the use of which began not so long ago. Over time, its original structure (wooden) has undergone drastic changes, which significantly improved the technical characteristics of the material.

To understand how long the siding lives , you need to know what kinds of this finishing material exist. You also need to understand what they are made of and what are their key features, which affect the time of operation. In total, there are 6 types of siding, and they are made of different materials, although at the base of each there is polyvinyl chloride:

  • Socle;
  • Cement;
  • Vinyl;
  • wood;
  • aluminum;
  • steel.

Features of each type of siding

As already mentioned, the lifetime of a siding depends entirely on its structure. So, the first option is the basement. It is made on the basis of polyvinylchloride, has a special color and anti-wrangled lock in the structure. Suitable for exterior and interior finishes. Basically, this kind of decoration imitates natural materials, such as brick, stone. Water resistant, withstands temperature changes. The life of the siding of this species is up to 20 years.

The second option is cement. The composition of the material includes PVC and fiber cement. The material is particularly heavy, it is applicable only for finishing the facade of buildings. Has a long service life, up to 50 years of use. Insensitive to corrosion, wind and ultraviolet.

Vinyl is a popular option. In its composition the material has PVC and vinyl itself. The material is resistant to moisture, but does not withstand mechanical damage. The life of this type of siding is not more than 20 years.

The fourth type is wooden. The structure of the product includes pressed sawdust, as well as PVC. It has similar qualities with wood materials. Low level of moisture absorption. Shelf life is up to 25 years of use.

Aluminum siding is a fireproof material. Due to the unique composition it is not subject to rotting and corrosion. Easily exposed to mechanical and physical influences. On this siding the warranty is up to 25 years of use.

The steel form of the finishing material is the most durable of all the available types of siding. In the absence of strong mechanical damage, the material will last up to 50.

Factors affecting the life of the siding

All kinds of this finishing material are really very strong, but it is worth noting that not only the composition and structure of the product itself affect the service life. The most important factors that have an adverse effect on the material can be considered climate change. Siding is very susceptible to the influence of temperature fluctuations, therefore this factor is the most important.

In combination with moisture, the temperature causes irreparable harm, because regular rains also adversely affect the state of the siding. It is impossible not to say about physical and mechanical effects. Even if acrylic siding is regularly subjected to friction, the upper, protective layer is blurred, as a result of which the material deteriorates, the appearance becomes unaesthetic, the coating is blown.

Value for money is another important factor

It is worth remembering that on siding the price, depending on its kind, is the most diverse. Strong materials, such as steel and aluminum, cement siding, have an increased level of strength, and their price can not be low. If you find a suspiciously low cost of such a coating on the construction market, then, perhaps, it is a marriage. There are no low prices for such building materials.

So, the approximate cost of 1 sq.m. Siding in rubles (metal version) is in the range of 190-215 rubles. For vinyl the price varies from 180 to 600 rubles.

Very expensive is wooden siding - from 1000 to 2500 thousand rubles.

Very cheaply you can buy a cement type of material, since its average cost varies from 50 to 500 r.

For one panel plinth material will have to pay from 400 to 1000 rubles.

As for the choice of siding, it is worth considering the middle variant. Cheap finishing materials justify themselves just as much as they cost, so do not expect that such a siding will serve its intended duration.

Choose the siding correctly

In order to be sure that in a couple of years the selected facade material will not break and not become scratched, it is only necessary to correctly evaluate the factors affecting it. To choose a quality siding, you need to take into account the humidity level: if it is high, then you need to choose materials in which there are no metal components. Also important is the siding price: the average cost is the best option. The temperature factor, too, can not be ignored: if there is a large temperature difference, then you need to choose a kind where both metal and wood are absent.

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