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Sergey Britousov: biography and creativity

The author's song and chanson are very popular in music among the people. To win fame in them is not easy, since texts are needed that will take over the soul and evoke a variety of feelings among listeners. Sergey Britousov was able to achieve fame in these genres through diligence and zeal.


The name of this singer is known to almost everyone who rested on the Sol-Iletsk lake. It is there that the performer most often tours. He loves to sing his songs in the open, so that everyone who is nearby can hear them. It is the support of the audience that helps him understand that everything he does is not in vain.

Sergey Britousov first acted as one of the performers of the group "Region 74" from Zlatoust. Later, he begins a career under his own name. Sergey has chosen the way to declare himself unmistakably: together with the team he visits various settlements of the region and in market days he stands alongside large markets.

A family

Despite the difficult tour schedule, Sergey Britousov was able to meet the most important woman of his life. She gave birth to his daughter Sasha, whose upbringing the singer tries to do in his spare time.

The family understands that it takes a lot of work to gain popularity, so it helps Sergei. He answers them by spending every free moment at home. It is the attitude to the family that shows what kind of person Sergey Briteusov really is. His biography does not become the property of the press.

Record and distribute albums

Since the tour does not bring any income, Sergei is actively recording and selling albums. In show business this is called development according to the American scheme. In his repertoire for today, hundreds of songs that can be purchased both albums and collections.

Many of those who first heard how Sergey Britousov sings, buy disks from him and never regret it. Fans claim that the songs of the performer are the most loved in their family and almost always sound in cars.

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