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School "Alma Mater" (St. Petersburg): address and feedback. Gymnasium with in-depth study of foreign languages

Choosing a school in which a child will spend many years and receive basic knowledge, for responsible parents very often turns into a real torture. Everyone wants the level of training of teachers was high, the conditions for children are comfortable, and the attitude towards them is the warmest. For many parents, especially those who are financially secure, the issue of image is also important. They want a prestigious school to give their children a certificate, and their friends could be proud to tell what elite institution the child is studying.

What do private schools offer and who choose them?

For such cases, there are private schools. Increasingly, for the money of their parents, they offer to raise from their children these real geeks, offering various innovative pedagogical approaches and the most comfortable conditions for students. A lot of such elite institutions work not only in the capital, but also in St. Petersburg. The school "Alma Mater" is one of such private schools. It positions itself as one of the very first gymnasiums in St. Petersburg with an intensive study of foreign languages.

About this educational institution in free access you can find many reviews of former students and their parents. Some sincerely consider this language school as the second home for children, they praise the high level of teachers and their manner of presenting the material. Others, on the contrary, are dissatisfied with absolutely everyone and believe that this school is not much different from ordinary schools, except high pay for tuition, which grows almost every year.

In this article, we will try to be as objective and unbiased as possible about all the information about this school, which is freely available. Perhaps this will help parents who reflect on whether to give the child to study at the private school "Alma Mater" (St. Petersburg), to make the final decision.

Innovative approaches

The school administration states that their education system is really based on an individual approach to each child. Teachers practice the creation of an individual educational route for the student, relying on its development on the ability of each student and his intuitive understanding of a particular subject.

Unfortunately, the same individual system of knowledge assessment in the school "Alma Mater" (St. Petersburg) has not yet been developed. But every teacher in this institution has its own approach in determining the abilities of each student.

Address and brief general information about the educational institution

This gymnasium is located in St. Petersburg, at ul. Shpalernaya, 50-a. According to the information provided by the administration on its official website, innovative methods are welcomed at school and the creative approach is used in everything. In "Alma Mater" special attention is paid to the study of such exact sciences as mathematics, physics and chemistry. But the humanitarian direction still remains dominant.

What subjects are emphasized in this gymnasium

"Alma Mater" is not for nothing known as a school with in-depth study of foreign languages. Students have the opportunity to study German and English as a compulsory school program. At his desire after the end of the 7th grade, the student can choose to study one more additional language - French.

First-graders language school provides an opportunity to engage in a specialized phonetic circle. There they get acquainted with the sounds and letters of the English language five hours a week. Further, starting from the second grade until the end of the course, children fully study English 5 hours a week.

Students of grades 3 and 4 of the gymnasium "Alma Mater" (St. Petersburg) offer to get acquainted with yet another foreign language. For this purpose there is a circle in the walls of the institution called "Merry German". From the 5th grade German becomes compulsory for studying, and just like English, it is taught in the amount of five hours a week.

After the end of the seven classes, as already mentioned above, the students can take another additional foreign language, French, for study.

What is necessary for a child to study at this institution

If your family is seriously considering the issue of teaching a child in this school, you can see the list of conditions for admission to the gymnasium of students on the official website of Alma Mater. The number of free places for students can be clarified on request or contact the phone numbers indicated on the site.

Most modern private schools (in St. Petersburg and other cities) before enrolling a child in their students, practice some semblance of entrance examinations or a kind of interviews. As a rule, this is due to the fact that the educational institution wants to determine the level of development of the student and his preparedness.

The school "Alma Mater" in St. Petersburg did not make an exception to such rules. Children who wish to study there and get a certificate of secondary education in this institution will also have to pass a number of interviews. The child will have to talk with the school psychologist. Those who plan to study in grades 1-5 of this private school of St. Petersburg will have to undergo a consultation with a speech therapist.

To determine the level of preparation of his future student and develop for him a subsequent individual training route, the school conducts interviews with the child in mathematics, Russian and English.

Documents for admission

Like any educational institution, before enrolling a child in the ranks of students, the administration of the school "Alma Mater" in St. Petersburg requires parents to provide some documents, including:

  • An application for the admission of a child to the gymnasium, written by the hand of his parent or legal representative;
  • The original document certifying the identity of the parent or legal representative of the future student.

How much does the education cost for parents?

The correct cost of training for the next 2017-2018 academic year can be clarified only directly from the administration of the gymnasium. But, studying reviews of former students of this institution, as well as their parents, it is worth paying attention to statements that tuition fees can increase in its process. The amount with which you will have to say goodbye to the parents of graduating class pupils can significantly differ from the amounts paid for tuition of first-graders. And to such enhancements, parents need to be ready.

For an approximate orientation in the price of the question, we give the cost of training in the gymnasium (per month) for the last academic year:

  • 68900 rub. For pupils of 10-11 grades;
  • 66300 rub. For pupils of 9 classes;
  • 62600 rub. For pupils of grades 7-8;
  • 60700 rub. For pupils of grades 4-6;
  • 57350 rub. For students of grades 1-3.

A special approach to ensuring the safety of students

Many students and parents confirm that the issue of student safety is a priority for the school administration. The security system in "Alma Mater" is arranged at a very high level. On the territory of the gymnasium there are:

  • Video surveillance with recording;
  • CAT;
  • System of voice notification (when an emergency occurs);
  • Quick response button;
  • emergency lighting;
  • Modern fire safety system;
  • System of intercoms.

With such a guard system, parents can always be calm that their children can not walk away from school, and that no one will penetrate the territory of the school where their child is studying. Also, in case of unforeseen circumstances, all students will be notified in time about the need to leave the premises.

Various reviews of the school

Reviews about this school are very diverse. You can meet the statements of students who sincerely admire their teachers and love their "Alma Mater". At the same time, there are quite negative reviews. Most often they write about the fact that there are very talented teachers, but by and large the process of study is not particularly different from that of a regular general school.

A few years earlier, a large number of negative reviews were due to the lack of a gym in the school. Parents believed that for a fee that the school takes from their students, in a few years to build a gym could be. It is worth noting that for today this problem has already been solved, and the new sports ground in the futuristic style is considered one of the best in the Central region of St. Petersburg.

USE results for previous years

Of course, judging about the gymnasium on one of the reviews, especially those presented on the Internet, where it is almost impossible to verify their authenticity, is not worth it. The level of knowledge of students can serve as the main indicator of the success and correctly adjusted learning process in the gymnasium "Alma Mater" (St. Petersburg), as in any other educational institution.

Unfortunately, at the moment, only the comparison of the results of the Unified State Examination of the students of Alma Mater with other educational institutions of the Central region of St. Petersburg for 5 years (from 2010 to 2014) can be found in free access.

Despite the fact that a private school in St. Petersburg for a long time positions itself as a gymnasium with in-depth study of foreign languages, its students showed their best result for the five-year period indicated earlier in 2010 when they passed the EGE in English. Then they took the fifth place among the other 46 educational institutions.

In 2014, Alma Matera's students were already at the 15th place out of 33. Many will agree that the results of students in the institution, posing as a humanitarian gymnasium with an innovative individual approach to learning, could be a little better.

But for the sake of justice it is worth noting that in 2010 and 2014 the students of this gymnasium showed the highest results in chemistry in the Central Region. They twice occupied the first positions in the region, and this shows that the chemistry in this institution is taught really at a very high level.

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