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Samogon on pine nuts: recipes with photos

The unsatisfactory quality of many brands of vodka and the abundance of all kinds of fakes prompt the people to pay attention to moonshine. Kicked out alone or bought from a reliable person, it is guaranteed to be less dangerous than a "burned" industrial product. True, the taste is usually a drink is not too pleasant, so people tend to ennoble it. And moonshine on pine nuts is especially appreciated . Recipes are very diverse, and often include rather unexpected components. The main thing is that the taste is very refined, and it can be varied at its own discretion. In addition, cedar provides additional cleaning.

The benefits of cedar and moonshine on it

Since ancient times, the healing qualities of this conifer have been evaluated by people living in the localities where it grows. The healing properties of cedar cover a wide range of aspects of human health.

  1. Nuts increase and strengthen the immune system.
  2. Cedar accelerates the restoration of virtually all tissues, including internal mucous membranes.
  3. The tree has a powerful antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial effect. No wonder houses built of cedar, in all ages, were valued most highly. And the nuts used inside it can prevent and cure many diseases caused by harmful organisms.
  4. The fruit of the tree can eliminate impotence and cure the uterine fibroids.
  5. Cedar restores even a very shaky metabolism.

Preserves all these properties and moonshine on pine nuts, the recipes of which are offered below. Naturally, you need to use it a little, drip. However, at a festive feast, it is also much more appropriate than many types of vodka and it is quite suitable for making cocktails.

The Right Nuts

Whichever recipe for the tincture of moonshine on pine nuts you choose, a good result will be given only with a competent selection of raw materials. Orientation when buying should first of all on the state of the shell. It should be a saturated brown color. Any other shade indicates that the crop is either harvested in an unfavorable place, or dried and stored incorrectly. In addition, the shell must be smooth and not wrinkled. The next sign of quality is the color of the nucleolus: gently yellow and pale. A dirty shade indicates that the nuts are old and will be bitter. And do not forget: the rancid cedar oil in such raw materials has already become a strong poison, so that such nuts are dangerous for health, and maybe for life.

Preparation of nuts

Before you insist on moonshine on pine nuts, the prescription requires them to be processed in a special way. The tree yielding the harvest refers to the coniferous, that is, it releases a lot of tar. To some extent, they are present on the surface of the shell. In addition to the bitterness given to the final product, the gums can also have a negative effect on digestion. Therefore, first the nuts are laid in the water - so rubbish and dust are removed from them. When they come up, they need to be caught and boiled for 3-5 minutes. Manipulations are repeated twice, nuts are dried with a towel (preferably paper, because the resin will spoil it irreparably), after which you can proceed to the basic actions.

Ancient moonshine on pine nuts: recipe, reviews, recommendations

This tincture has come to the present from the depths of centuries, and is still the most popular. Everyone who tried this moonshine, recognized it as simply delicious, and even representatives of the weaker sex. The drink turns out soft and fragrant, beautiful deep ruby color. It will take eight liters of strong, not less than 70 degrees, moonshine, distilled twice and additionally purified. In a bottle with a base, 2 liters (how many in kilograms, the recipe does not indicate) of whole nuts, four spoons of oak bark (it is possible pharmacy) and a few nails - for the spicy flavor. Plus - a glass of honey, without a pronounced smell, like a mixed herb. Insist moonshine should not less than three weeks. At the end of the first one can already try. For longer than 2 months you should not stand it - the product will resemble a medicine medicine. After dilution to a normal degree of an hour, it is best not to use three, the taste will not be the same. And then the smell and taste are wonderful!

«Siberian cognac»

The first we considered tincture on whole fruits. But you have moonshine on the cedar nutshell . The recipe guarantees that the received drink will "outperform" many factory brandies in its qualities. Nuts are washed first, then cleaned. And only after this shell is doubled. A liter of a good home-brew usually takes two cups of shells, but this amount can vary depending on what color of "cognac" you like: the more raw materials, the darker it will be. The shells are placed in moonshine, and the bottle hides for a month in the dark. After percolation, dexterosis (a portion of some sweetness) is added. Cognac can be offered to guests.

"Biysk beekeeper"

We already described one "honey" version, but there is no less interesting moonshine on pine nuts, the recipe of which gives just a terrific drink. Half a kilogram of whole fruits are prepared according to all the rules, they are poured with a liter of very strong moonshine (no less than 85%), and the capacity is hiding in the cool without light access for a month. At the end of the term, one hundred grams of honey - the flower, the so-called black one - is melted in the oven to a liquid consistency. By no means on the burner - it will lose all its qualities. The filtered drink is poured honey and hides back for another two weeks.

"The Altai Cedar"

Absolutely amazing taste has moonshine on pine nuts with raisins. For him, prepared a partial glass of nuts and half the amount of raisins, preferably black. With bones, without - it does not matter. All fillers are filled with moonshine and aged for a month in the dark. After filtering, a very fragrant moonshine on pine nuts is obtained. Recipes are somewhat different in the future of its preparation: some advise to add dextrose, others suggest leaving the drink without excessive sweetness.

Orange and cedar

And finally we suggest to try a very delicate moonshine on pine nuts. The recipe prescribes to take 40 grams of scalded nuts, a spoonful of orange peel, a little vanillin, a spoonful of sugar and a few leaves of black currant. All the ingredients are filled with half a liter of double-cleaning moonshine, which is kept in the heat for at least two weeks, or better - a month. Tincture is drunk very easily, there is no headache after it, but it smells so that you do not want to drink it at a single volley.

If you decide to insist on moonshine on pine nuts, the recipes laid out here can be considered basic. Nobody prevents you from experimenting with additional ingredients - nuts are perfectly combined with many herbs and spices.

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