Roofing is a time-tested material

In recent years, especially in large cities, there is a shortage of useful space for the equipment of summer cafes or car parks. As one of the ways out in this situation, many entrepreneurs use flat roofs for these purposes, where the roofing material is used as a roofing material.

This material has been deservedly popular for many decades. Surfacing roofing is a roll waterproofing and roofing material, which has a synthetic base with two-sided application of modified bitumen. At its core, the welded roof consists of fiberglass or polyester, where the outer layer is protected by a foil, coarse, scaly, fine-grained powder or film. Such a coating protects the material from mechanical and atmospheric influences, blotting, ignition. Large temperature changes surfaced roofs withstand by adding special modifiers. The service life of such a roof can reach 30 years, with proper operation and timely preventive works. Surfacing roofs have found wide application in civil and industrial construction in the construction of administrative, residential, industrial buildings.

The construction of the welded roof is carried out with the help of special gas burners. A very important point in the installation works is to bring the material to melt, but not until the moment of ignition. The welded roof, the installation of which must be made, can be made in part or in the form of a continuous roofing carpet. Partial installation avoids the appearance of bubbles, but it will be difficult to find the place of leakage during its operation. The number of layers depends on the angle of the roof. The roof must necessarily have four layers when the slope is tilted to 5 ° . If the slope does not exceed 15 0 , three layers are required, with a maximum of 15 degrees, a single-layer fused roof is allowed.

Installation of roll roofing material can be carried out on various basic coatings. It can be wood, flat slate, metal, asphalt concrete, concrete or reinforced concrete slabs. Before starting the installation work, the base is carefully processed. In some cases, an additional qualitative screed is required, in others it is sufficient to clean the roof of the roof of dust and dirt and treat it with a special primer to improve adhesion. If required, it is mandatory to make a deviation using claydite gravel or sand. Particular attention during the installation of roofing work is given to the device of the roof adjoining to the protruding structural elements and parapets.

From how competently the preparatory and assembly works will be made, on the quality of the roll materials used, it directly depends on how much the surfaced roof will serve as protection of the building against the effects of atmospheric precipitation.

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