The technology of manufacturing metal staircases

The process of manufacturing ladders from metal can involve the use of different materials, for example, profile pipes. This allows you to get designs with a lot of advantages, although the work is accompanied by a lot of labor.

Features of a metal ladder made of pipes

Described stair constructions are the most acceptable option for interstore spaces inside the premises, the latter of which can have completely different purposes, for example, private or commercial. Use profile pipes can be used to create spiral staircases. Whatever the design of the staircase, it will have strength and reliability. At the heart of the frame will be pipes, the cross section of which can be selected independently. However, the most common in this respect are products with a cross section of 60x40 mm. If the process of manufacturing metal ladders will be conducted using pipes that have less impressive parameters, then the design will not be reliable, but if you exceed this figure, you will make it unnecessarily cumbersome.

The manufacturing technique involves fixing the profile pipes in each march in pairs, and only then can the risers and the steps themselves be fixed, which can be made of any material, including metal. However, the whole system in this case will gain considerable weight, and the design will exert increased pressure on the foundation. In order to exclude such a phenomenon, wood can be used as material for steps.

Benefits of staircase structures from the profile

Those who have not yet decided whether to start the process of manufacturing metal ladders for their home or office, it is worth considering some advantages of such structures before those that are made using other materials. One of their most important advantages is a long service life. To carry out the work you do not have to spend a lot of money, because the technology does not involve the use of additional equipment. Moreover, the creation of the product will be completed in the shortest possible time, after which you can immediately start the installation.

The process of making stairs from metal is simple enough, it still allows you to realize unique forms of balusters and supports. In a tandem with these systems can be used all sorts of decor elements. You can decorate the staircase by the method of painting with powder paint, this will harmoniously fit it into the interior. If there is a need to create a construction with a straight march, then this will allow to get the turns of the carcass at a right angle and 180 °.

Production features

Before you start the process of manufacturing metal ladders with your own hands, it is worthwhile to analyze the strength of the base on which the installation is supposed to be made, since the structure will have considerable weight even if the condition of use for wood steps is met. But if the steps are also made of metal, profile pipes can be used for their manufacture, the cross section of which is 50-75 mm. In order to exclude the effect of vibration, it is necessary to reduce the racks in the spans, or rather, their length. Before you make a ladder made of metal, you need to prepare a welding machine.

Technological process

The work should begin with the marking and cutting of the material, then you can weld the frames for the steps. At the next stage, concreting of the treads and installation of the Kosovars should be carried out. Now the corners are welded to the steps, and then the elements are strengthened by welding together.

Example of staircase manufacturing

If you are thinking about how to make a ladder from metal to the second floor with your own hands, it is preferable to make it easier. For this, pipes can be used as a frame, and massive birch plywood is used as a material for the steps. It is often preferred to pine, for the reason that it has a less impressive cost and excellent strength. In addition, the birch does not bend when it loses moisture.

Initially, it is necessary to determine the number of steps, as well as their parameters. For the frame, use a pipe, the cross-section of which is limited by parameters of 100 x 100 mm, and a 40 x 40 mm angle is required. It is recommended to replace the channel with a channel, as it has impressive rigidity and does not create a vibration effect under mechanical influence, which is inevitable when walking.

At the next stage, you need to make a pedestal for the design, which will create a flatness. At the edge of this element, you need to set the starting point of the system. If you decide that the staircase will be straight, then the creation of the pedestal should be discarded.

Tools and materials

To carry out the work, it is necessary to prepare some materials and tools, namely:

  • Profile pipe;
  • The Bulgarian;
  • level;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • Corner;
  • Roulette.

Installation work

The process of manufacturing ladders of metal, the dimensions of which will be determined by the parameters of the room, in the next stage involves the installation of a pipe. It is to be fastened to the pedestal, but to the wall at the top of it you need to press the anchors. Dimensions of the ladder - as an example - can be seen in the pictures to the article. Now comes the turn of the corners. They are fastened by the welding method. Vertically, the corner must have exact dimensions, whereas horizontally it can be longer, but it is necessary to ensure that the part does not extend beyond the pipe, otherwise it will create interference with the skin.

In the side part of the profile are attached steel railings. If you install them not from the side, but along the edge, then you narrow the structure. The process of manufacturing ladders made of metal, the drawings of which are presented in this article, on this can be considered complete. It is not so complicated if you have the skills to work with a welding machine.

It should be noted that other materials, for example glass, can be used to create steps. It will perform two functions at once, the first of which is to solve the issue of reducing the weight of the structure, and the second is to give a more attractive appearance to the whole system. In addition, in a room with free space in which is limited, the glass looks more easily, does not make the interior more difficult. However, you need to take into account that the staircase will cost you a bit more, because you will have to use tempered glass and order the production of steps according to individual sizes.

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