How to make things for dolls? Crochet and knitting

Dolls for our babies are almost the same as for us children. And they, of course, want to dress them up in something special. You can buy clothes for the doll and in the store, but it's much cheaper to manufacture by yourself. For example, bind. How to make things for dolls with the help of a hook and spokes - we will consider further.

Original clothes for dolls made with knitting needles

An ordinary doll, originally from our childhood, similar to all other dolls. But if you make clothes for yourself with your own hands , using knitting, it will be impossible to look away from her.

The photo shows several options for clothes for dolls. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Cape with a hood

This option is simple enough, but it looks just charming, something like the outfit of Little Red Riding Hood. To tie the same, you will need the remnants of red yarn and knitting needles. But maybe you want to do it in a different color? It does not matter. Choose what you like best. So, let's begin. Now you will learn how to make things for dolls fast and beautiful.

The cloak itself and the hood are knitted separately. Let's start with the cape. Measuring the necessary girth around the neck of the doll, we collect the appropriate number of loops. Further we continue knitting by any pattern you like, it is possible the most simple. In any case, this model will look great. In the course of knitting, do not forget to make uniform increases throughout the canvas to give the cape the desired shape. Having reached the necessary length, the last few rows can be made garter stitch, this will help the edge of the product not to bend, be even.

Now you can start knitting the hood. For this, we use the same number of hinges on the spokes as for the cape. Only we knit without the increase. You should have a rectangular canvas. After closing all the loops, we make a seam on the top of the future hood, and the lower part of it is connected to the cloak. Do not forget to attach the hood and the cloak of the bandage at the junction points with which it will hold well to the doll.

Fashionable set for dolls

Another option that answers the question of how to knit things for dolls, is depicted in another photo. Its implementation, as in the first case, does not require you much time and effort. And as a material, colorful yarn remains. In this case, these are three colors: pink, lilac and blue.

The cloak is made in the form of a scarf, decorated with a decorative element - a flower that can be tied with a crochet or knitting needles. How to knit a kerchief, know, probably, even beginner needlewomen. To give it a volume and aesthetic appearance can be using a dressing mating, alternating it with several rows of facial loops.

To make a beret on the circular knitting needles (you can use 5 spokes), you get the right amount of loops, equal to the girth of your doll's head, and the elastic band is made of. Then in the last row of the rubber band, a uniform increase of the loops along the entire circumference is realized. You can knit by facial loops or garter stitch. Having gleaned the necessary height, we begin to perform decrements. It is better to do it at once in several places, for example in four, through a row. When there are 4-6 loops left on the knitting needles, they must be threaded and tightened. Beret is ready. You can also decorate it with a knitted flower.

And finally, a bag. It consists of three parts. The form can be any, not necessarily the same as in the photo. Fantasize, and maybe you will get better. We knit two identical parts in the form of a rectangle, in which the lower part has rounded corners. Pattern - garter stitch. The handle is also made of garter stitch. In our case, it will also perform the role of the side parts and the bottom. After all the details are ready, we connect them and decorate the finished bag with decorative flowers. Such a fashionable doll will not be anyone else, except your daughter. Agree that she will be very happy.

How to make things for dolls? We knit a stylish dress

The next photo shows a dress for a doll.

This is the easiest way to tie your smart clothes. You will need the remains of a yarn of two colors and thin needles. You can use circular or knit five spokes. We type on the spokes 20 loops. This is an approximate number, better remove the measurements from your model and focus on its size. Next, we do knitting in a circle, changing the colors of the yarn to make strips. Going to the waist, you need to perform several decreases. This will help the dress to sit on the doll better, so to speak, in the figure. In the area of the armhole on both sides we close 2-3 loops and in the next row above them we collect new ones in the same quantity. Now knitting needs to be continued with an elastic band. After a few rows, close all the loops. The dress is ready. It's harder to imagine.

A set made by crochet

And finally one more very elegant set for the doll. He will tell you how to do things for dolls with the help of a hook. It includes a hat and a poncho. To do this, you need the remains of any yarn and a suitable hook to fit.

The cap is knitted from the top of the head. We make a ring of 5 air loops and continue knitting in a circle. It can be ordinary columns with or without a crochet, or some pattern. The last row of the cap is carried out by columns without a crochet and is tied in the technique of "pacing step".

And for a poncho any openwork pattern with an extension to the bottom will do. We begin to knit from the neck in a circle. In the beginning, these will be columns with a crochet, and starting with the fifth row, you can start to perform the selected pattern. Yes, for a more aesthetic appearance, the hat can be decorated with a knitted flower or decorative button.

How to make things for dolls? This question was worried more than one generation of mothers and daughters. And one of the options for solving this problem you now know.

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