Repair in the toilet is important!

At the word "repair", many immediately think about repairing living rooms: bedrooms, halls, kitchens, etc. And almost no one remembers a room that can not be inhabited, but often visited precisely - about the toilet. Alas, it is the places of satisfaction of vital needs that usually remain without due attention, especially in the homes of the 1960s. And if anyone thinks, the repair in the toilet for the majority becomes difficult. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a situation when the apartment has a so-called European-quality repair, and the toilet is still worthless. Repair work in the house can not be considered complete until the toilet is put in order.

Our article will tell you how to make repairs in the toilet, without resorting to the help of construction teams. Repair in such an important "corner of thought" can be divided into several basic stages - installation of plumbing and finishing the room.

The most important thing you should really think about before you start repairing the toilet yourself, is about your own comfort and comfort. Therefore, having decided to make major repairs, it is also necessary to pay special attention to plumbing so that in the next few years it does not bother you.

For example, a toilet. In general, there are only two materials for the production of toilet bowl - porcelain and faience. Porcelain will serve you faithfully longer than faience, and it is easier to clean. Also note the presence of glaze on the drain pipe and siphon. All the necessary gaskets come complete with a "chair". Before installation, it is necessary to make a water and sewer wiring. First you need to try on the toilet and make a note. After using a perforator make holes for fasteners. In the presence of ceramic tiles on the floor should choose an unstressed mode, otherwise repair in the toilet will be in vain and endless business. After the mark is applied sealant and fastened to the toilet. Now you can connect all the communications.

Select the building material for the ceiling in the toilet, and most importantly, it is rational to use it, it is much more difficult than you think. The fact is that before painting or whitewashing the ceiling must be prepared (leveled, putty, etc.), and in a room of small dimensions, it is very inconvenient to perform this type of work. As a result, as practice shows, it is better to use plastic panels or ceiling tiles. On the floor in most cases put tiles.

To repair the toilet was the most durable, you need to go seriously to all aspects, and the walls - no exception. The specifics of the room, alas, immediately sweep away such an option as wallpaper. But does not exclude the use of ceramic tiles or plastic panels. Before going to the finish line, you need to run a few more hours, but not along the road, but on the walls - clean them to the concrete base and level with putty, and after drying - a moisture-repellent primer in several layers. This will be a good prevention to prevent the growth of harmful mold.

First of all, the end result depends directly on the skills of the owners of the house, on the possibilities and desire. As already mentioned above, repair in the toilet you primarily do for yourself and the household, and therefore, you can choose a variety of materials, colors and accessories.

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