Rough finishing of the apartment. Choice of materials

Many people buying housing in a new building, the question arises that includes the repair of an apartment with a rough finish. The list of works performed can vary depending on the builder, and all this should be spelled out in the contract. But there is a common understanding of the issue.

Rough finishing, as a rule, includes plaster walls, floor screed, installation of an entrance door, heating and electricity wiring, communications, installation of windows.

If it comes to municipal construction, then, as they say, do not expect anything good. Materials will be used the cheapest, and the work is done with unsatisfactory quality. So be prepared for the fact that the roughing, which is the basis for subsequent internal work, will also lie on your shoulders.

Now about what materials to choose for the works.

Rough Wall Finishing

It can be performed in various ways, from plastering to plasterboard plating. The choice of materials for plastering is now rich. In addition to the usual cement-sand, you can use lime or gypsum plaster. The first will require a lot of effort, but in general it will be able to fulfill its function. The second is famous for the speed and ease of application, but at the same time low strength characteristics (it is quite possible that you will find this option on your walls). Gypsum plaster is quick and easy to apply, high adhesion and strength characteristics. The main drawback - the price is two to three times higher than the first two options.

Gypsum plasterboard covering on the frame is convenient for laying internal networks, it allows to make additional heat and sound insulation of premises. The main disadvantage is the excessive consumption of living space. The price of drywall is comparable with gypsum plaster.

In addition, gypsum boards can be glued directly to the walls. This option is more advantageous in comparison with the skeleton (in terms of space saving). The disadvantage is over-consumption of adhesive material when used on walls with excessive curvature.

Floor screed

The choice of material for the floor screed is also great. You can independently prepare a cement-sand mortar or buy a ready-made one. Another option is to use the "liquid floor" system. In addition, the screed can be made dry, but do not use it in damp areas.

Entrance door

Rough finishing of apartments, as already mentioned above, necessarily involves the installation of an external door. Most likely, you will have a desire to replace it, but this work can be postponed to the last stage. The choice of a door depends solely on the owner's preferences and financial capabilities.

Provision of heating and electricity

The heating system needs to be thought out in advance in order to finish all the work on its installation at the stage of rough finishing. Currently there may be several options. In addition to centralized water, you can make individual heating, including electrical.

Electrical wiring will be convenient to make a ready-made design project, which you can perform either yourself, or by contacting a specialist.

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