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Recreation and fishing in the Stavropol Territory

Of course, for a huge number of tourists the best holiday is fishing in the Stavropol Territory. And the residents of the North Caucasus prefer to sit with a fishing rod on the shore of some local lake or water reservoir, on a weekend or on holiday, in a quiet and calm atmosphere, which are, to everyone's delight, in abundance. However, fishing in the Stavropol Territory does not stop in the summer, nor in winter, nor in spring, nor in autumn.

What particularly appeals to you is the realization that if you want to fish, there is no need to solve the issue with equipment - everything can be bought "on the way" to the pond, today there are dozens of shops selling fishing rods, spinning rods, fishing lines, hooks, rubber Boats and many other inventory.

Fishing in the Stavropol Territory is very in demand and in winter, when the "chances" of catching a pike or a bream are significantly increased.

Well-established business

It should be noted that some enterprising people, seeing that the demand for fishing in the North Caucasus region is increasing almost day by day, did not miss the opportunity to make money on it. In other words, today there is a real boom of "stocking" water bodies, ponds and reservoirs. You want to sit with a fishing rod - pay. On average, the cost of such a pleasure is from 300 to 500 rubles a day.

In any case, paid fishing in the Stavropol Territory suits far from all adherents of "quiet" hunting. Many compare this kind of recreation with fishing in the aquarium, so they prefer not to pay their blood for fishing.

Where can I get free

Of course, many are interested in the question of where not far from the regional capital you can go fishing without spending a penny.

Yes, there are such places. For example, you can go to the lakes Kravtsovo or Vshivoe, as well as to Manych. If you really want to fish, but do not want to leave the city limits, then you have a direct road to the Komsomol pond. The only disadvantage of this kind of catching is that you will not be able to catch a large carp or grayling, but you can please your cat with your own minced gudgeons. Here is such a free fishing in the Stavropol Territory.


Before you get fishing gear out of the closet, you need to decide on where you will fish the carp, perch or pike.

Fishing in the Stavropol Territory is the choice of many professionals who for a long time do not part with the fishing rod and spinning. A lot of rivers flow in the region: Kalaus, Kuban, Terek, Kuma, Egorlyk and so on. Rich in the Stavropol region and reservoirs, which have long been chosen by local fishermen: Novotroitskoe, Otkaznenskoye, Egorlykskoe, Chograiskoye. In these aquatic ecosystems in abundance are found pike perch, pike, bleak, catfish, carp, grass carp, carp.

Consider some reservoirs and lakes in more detail.

Chograi Reservoir

On the territory of the Arzgir district of the region, on the border with Kalmykia is the Chograi reservoir. Experts in the field of "quiet" hunting note that this is an ideal place for winter fishing. You can fish carp, catfish, pike, pike perch, vobla, roach.

The Wolf's Gate

In Novoselitsky district is the oldest artificial reservoir "Wolf's Gate", the depth of which is almost 12 meters. Fishermen come to these places in the hope of catching perch, pike, pike perch, carp. Also there are carp, carp, cupid, bream, crucian, bleak.

Otkaznenskoye Reservoir

This ecosystem, whose width is 6 km, and length - 4 km, is located in the Soviet district of the province.

The reservoir is located directly in the floodplain of the river Kuma between settlements Soldato - Aleksandrovskoe and Otkaznoe. In local waters you can catch a mirror carp, carp, bream, pike perch, carp, catfish, white cupid and ram.

Egorlyksk Reservoir

This reservoir is located in two and a half dozen kilometers from the regional capital. The ecosystem functions thanks to the Egorlyk River and two canals. The depth of the reservoir is 5 meters. Inhabit here are crucian carp, roach, bleak, sterlet, bream, crucian carp, perch.

Lake Manych

Another large source of water, where the fish is found, is Lake Manych, located in the Apanasenkovsky district of the Stavropol Territory. Not far from it lies the border with the Republic of Kalmykia.

In the south of the lake there is a whole chain of natural reservoirs, which is called Podmanok. Here experienced fishermen come to ride carp, pike perch, pike, rudd, bream, ram.


Many tourists are attracted to fishing in Ulyanovsk (Stavropol Territory). This is the name of one of the villages in the Mineralovodsky district. There is a whole arsenal of paid fish farms that run along the section of the Ming. Water - Kursavka. In autumn, fishermen come here to catch a large carp.


No less popular is fishing in Suvorovka (Stavropol Territory). The village is located in the south of the region in the Piedmont region. In this settlement there are three stocked ponds. Here lives carp, carp, carp.

There is a rule: "I took so much and took away as much as I could."

Once again about paid fishing

It's no secret that for many Russians, the only worthy entertainment is fishing. Bases in the Stavropol Territory, where you can go for a certain amount of money, as they say, in silence and peace, open almost every month. Nevertheless, such tendencies are particularly noticeable in the northern regions of Stavropol, in the places where the Sengeleevskoye, Novoselitskoe, and Krasnoye reservoirs are located. There are already "zaryblennye" ponds with their own rules of fishing. Their owners are doing everything possible to ensure that the fishing process delivers the maximum pleasures: they equip the areas with awnings, seats, arbours, put barbecues and so on. In the spawning period, there are no restrictions: how many fish you caught, so much and took away.

However, in several farms, it is not allowed to take the caught fish home. Such a disadvantage is compensated by the fact that you can cook some delicious dish from the catch, though, again, not gratuitously.

In any case, before going on a fishing trip, find out how much you will need to pay for fishing, as well as the cost of caught perch or carp.

Also, when planning a trip to the Stavropol Territory, do not forget that in most local lakes, from April 1 to the end of May, there is a limit on catching fish, because at this time it spawns. First of all, this applies to such species as pike perch, bream, carp. At the same time, fishing from the boat is strictly forbidden, but it is still possible to throw the fishing rod off the shore, and if a person has caught a fish, then he must release it.

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