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Recipe "Cake on yogurt": fast, tasty and easy

Kefir is a very valuable and useful product. Masters of the world love him not only for the wonderful properties, but also for helping in the preparation of various kinds of baking. Among other things, this drink is also considered a medicine of youth and longevity. Recipe "Cake on yogurt" is not only universal, but also quite simple and unpretentious. Thanks to your imagination, you can diversify the simplest dessert and make it your own masterpiece. In this article we will present you the most popular recipes that have already found their fans.

Preparation of products

Before proceeding directly to recipes, it is worthwhile to learn several important features of the preparation of this delicacy. When choosing a yogurt, you need to start from what kind of result you want to get in the end. Unfortunately, some useful properties, which are rich in this drink, are lost during the baking process. However, it gives us an excellent dough, airy, gentle and soft, just melting in the mouth.

Recipe "Cake with yogurt and jam"

It's pretty simple and easy baking. Due to its consistency, the kefir pie keeps its freshness and softness for a long time. For this dessert you will need 2 eggs, a glass of any jam of your choice, as much kefir, 1.5 cups of flour, the same amount of sugar and 1 tsp. Soda. The latter is not extinguished with water, but with jam, to make bubbles. Whisk the eggs together with sugar, mix with kefir and sprinkle the flour. To this mass, add jam with soda and stir well. Form the baking grease and put the cake to cook in the oven, which should already be heated. To find out when the dish is ready, use a toothpick. If it goes dry, safely remove the treat from the oven. Allow it to cool slightly. After that, cut the cake in half and cover with jam. From above it can be decorated with fresh berries or powdered sugar.

Recipe "Cake on yogurt from cottage cheese"

The beauty of this recipe is that the cake does not need to be served hot. You can freeze it, then calmly warm it in the microwave. You will need a bundle of cottage cheese, 200 grams of kefir, vanilla sugar and a glass of ordinary, a pinch of salt, a glass of flour, 1 tsp. Soda, 1 large apple, 3 eggs and cinnamon. Sugar and eggs mix, gradually add kefir. After that, pour out the soda, vanilla sugar and salt. Add flour and mix everything. Peel the apple and grate it on a large grater, then add to the cottage cheese along with the cinnamon. This mass is put into the dough and mix again. This cake is baked for about 30 minutes. But you can also check its readiness with a toothpick.

Recipe "Cake on chocolate yogurt"

And this dessert will please even the most notorious sweet tooth. Take 3 glasses of flour, 3 eggs, 100 grams of butter, 300 ml of kefir, 50 grams of cocoa and chocolate chips. This is a very easy and simple recipe. It is enough to mix all the ingredients and send it to the oven for 20 minutes. Ready cake can be poured with icing or melted chocolate in a water bath. If you want to dilute this recipe, then divide the whole dough into pieces and prepare the cakes, which later need to be smeared with sour cream. So you have a cake "Night" on kefir. Its recipe is also quite simple and easy to perform.

Thanks to this article, you now know how easy it is to cook something really tasty and also interesting from improvised means. Of course, we did not present all the ideas, but you can find in the literature such a cake on kefir, the photo of which will be of interest to you. Bon Appetit!

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