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Portrait of the mother with her own hands: applique in combination of different techniques

The best gift will be a portrait of the mother with her own hands. Application allows you to create an image in incredible styles. Professionals make realistic portraits with the help of magazine strips, threads, nails, buttons, plugs and other improvised material. But children can also practice with different techniques.

Applied drawing

Children like to draw the most. And when the drawings become voluminous, there is no limit to the child's joy. To create such a portrait, you will need the following material:

  • paints;
  • pencil;
  • Threads (mulina, cotton, iris, fine wool);
  • A dense album sheet;
  • Frame.

Pencil draw a portrait of my mother in stages: first an oval face, neck, shoulders. Then determine the place of the eyes, nose, eyebrows, mouth. Eyes draw with pupils, eyelashes. Remind the children of the nostrils, cheeks.

Then paint your face with the color of the skin. That when drawing small parts there were no erosion, decorate the background. Then draw your eyes, mouth, eyebrows with paints. Now go to the hair. To do this, twist the thread into a bundle, fix the hankle with a thread from one side, cut the other edge.

The length and volume of hair depends on the size of the skein. Glue the hair to the portrait, straighten the ends. If the child wants to make a bang, then glue the pieces on his forehead, and zadekoriruyte a hunk of hair.

Portrait of a mother with her own hands: applique

To get a fully voluminous work, take cotton pads, cardboard, colored paper, glue, markers. For a basis, take a white, beige or light pink cardboard (the color of the skin depends on its color).

Pencil slightly draw borders of the face, neck. Then from the colored paper cut out the "leaves" for the eyes and lips. The resulting petal bends in half, so it is better to use two-sided paper. Attach the details to the face, arrange the wool discs or cotton wool on the hairline.

Then adjust their position, glue. A felt-tip pen draws eyebrows, eyelashes, pupils, nose. Paint your hair. From the colored paper cut out the jacket, glue it onto the paper.

It turned out an interesting applique. The portrait can be slightly modified if the hair is made of paper. Cut three strips equal to the bangs and tails. Each segment cut into thin strips of hair, scissors round them in curls, glue. Then decorate the portrait in a photo frame and hang it on the wall.

Application and rampling

Let's consider one more way of manufacturing a portrait in a combination of application and ramplings. Draw on the paper a full portrait of the mother to the smallest detail. First cut the outline, cut the same on the cardboard. This will be the basis, where you will glue all the details.

From the sample, cut out the hair, attach the part to the base, circle the lower border. Now from the napkins or thin paper roll balls, glue on the hair. From a white paper, cut out your eyes like a leaf, from a color and black one - the pupils.

You paste the finished eye on the black paper, cut off the strip, cut the cilia. Ready details are on the portrait. Draw the nose, and cut out the eyebrows and mouth from the paper. From the fabric cut out clothes, paste on cardboard. It can be decorated with buttons, lace, braid. Adhesion to the cardboard stock of earrings, jewelry for the hair. Now glue the portrait completely onto the cardboard and put it in the photo frame.

If you look at children's applications, you can find the same way of performing from different types of fabrics and threads. That is, all the details are cut from the fabric, pasted, and the nose is drawn with paints or a marker. Eye pupils are made of buttons. But from the fabric you can make a bouquet of flowers, a hat, beads, which makes the portrait more vivid and unusual.

Unusual portraits

Teenagers will like the way to create a portrait of buttons. Choose a photo, it is better to zoom in on the monitor, translate to a fabric base (sold for pictures with sparse interweaving). With maximum pencil draw all the parts of the face.

Then sort the buttons by color and volume. Fabric coated with glue, put on a cardboard base, glue the buttons. Choose a color scheme for the tone of the skin, eyes, eyebrows, hair. Buttons can be crushed, but in the handmade store you can find even millimeters. Frame. Such works near look awkward, but from afar looks a marvelous portrait of the mother with their own hands.

Applique in the form of a collage also attracts attention. Professionals use a variety of color strips, pieces, scraps of magazines, newspapers, to create a realistic portrait. But children can master this technique in a simplified form. It is enough to make the face and hair in any technology described above, and make clothes in the style of a collage (cut pieces of certain shades and glue them in the right place).

Children's portraits of my mother

Teenagers will appreciate another way of an unusual portrait - this is a silhouette carving. That is, photo literally cut out of paper. On a white or black basis, translate the image of the mother from the photo. Next, with a pencil, you clearly identify those places that need to be cut. The meaning of this direction is that the portrait is created without glue with the help of sharp scissors and a clerical knife.

Children can simplify this process. Circle the profile, cut it out of cardboard. Attach the template to the black paper, circle it, cut it without damaging the warp. Now you can make two crafts.

  • On a black silhouette, also cut out the eye, mouth, nose, ear, use as a detail of the postcard.
  • Paper base with a cut out silhouette paste on a cardboard of any color and glue all parts of the body from any improvised material.

Schoolchildren do not have difficulties with the design of these templates. Children's applications are so diverse that portraits always pleasantly surprise moms.


All children want to surprise their moms with the best gifts. Preschoolers should be better portrayed in a combination of drawing and application. First-graders can switch to collage. Adolescents may be interested in portraits-"cuttings" or button projects. By the way, instead of buttons you can use beads, sequins, paper circles.

Professionals portraits crochet, embroider with a cross, smoothness, beads and even weave on nails with ordinary sewing thread. Before you introduce the children to the new technique, show them the work of the masters. This will expand their perception and give confidence. Then the guys will create an unforgettable portrait of their mother. Applikatsiya, rampling, cutting, drawing, collage, klyaksografiya - these techniques like any child, and your family will receive an unusual gift for your birthday.

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