Plum lipstick: types, palette, shades and reviews of professionals

What often does any woman want at the time of publication? Of course, looking stunning, stylish, stand out from the crowd. For these purposes, not only luxury clothes are selected, but they complement the image with a bright makeup. Recently there has been a tendency towards deep, saturated colors of lipstick. Fashion women of all ages prefer a bright accent on the lips. This trend has come to the society with fashion shows on the catwalks, where the models with defiant makeup have defile. After such social events, plum lipstick almost instantly gained popularity. She remains in the trend for the past few years. That's why it is worthwhile to figure out who will look good with this color.

To whom does it suit?

Plum pomade always attracts the attention of both the opposite sex and other women. This color of the lips will add luxury and give charm to each of the fair sex. However, to look dignified, you should choose the right shade of lipstick.

So, ladies with blond hair will look win-win, if the saturated color flickers on their lips. Especially he goes to young beauties, who love a glamorous style in clothes. In addition to the attire, with this make-up it is necessary to think over the hair.

If the girl's hair is almost white, the plum matte lipstick visually makes them thinner. Dark-haired young women are suitable for almost all shades of plum, while blondes should pay attention to the dark plum tone.

In any case, choosing a lip gloss for a deep shade is a bold enough decision, so it is suitable only for courageous women who are not afraid of endless looks and increased attention from others.

Where is the color of the plum?

Plum lipstick is a great option if you are going to a disco club for the evening. Also such a bright make-up is suitable for various evening events. In this case, as mentioned above, you need to think through your image to the smallest details, including clothes, shoes, hair, accessories and so on. Everything should be sustained in a single style, otherwise the picture will turn out funny for others.

In addition to evening celebrations, plum pomade can be used for street walks. Here, stylists advise to pick up things in the style of R'n'B, then everything will look appropriate.

How and with what to combine?

According to fashion experts, the plum color of lipstick absolutely does not suit fans of sports style in apparel.

What will look harmonious in combination with plum paint for lips? Of course, this is a classic version of clothing and glamorous. Accessories should be chosen not too flashy and especially not causing, so as not to oversaturate the image.

Many women have the mistaken opinion that saturated lipstick obliges to dress bright and impressive. It's just the opposite: quiet clothes will perfectly blend in with a plum blossom. Appearances of gray, white, black colors will be appropriate here. The accent in general form should be put on one shade to look really stylish.

How to apply lipstick correctly?

When preparing for makeup, do not forget about the contour pencil: it will be an excellent assistant when applied to the lips of such a rich lipstick. It is also desirable to use a white contour pencil. Plum lip lipstick in combination with such a pencil can give the effect of a gradient makeup. He is very popular with professional make-up artists. Often, they thus perform makeup, so that the lips under different angles poured in different colors. Usually, this effect is good for evening make-up, as well as make it for models for photography.

Secrets of Makeup

Experienced makeup artists when applying plum paint for the lips recommend to adhere to several rules:

  • First of all, you should pay attention to the skin. To prepare it, a tonal cream, powder, make-up base and other means will help to look perfect. But if there are too many flaws on the skin, the plum color of the lips will only aggravate the situation.
  • Insufficiently white teeth will also be disadvantageous when using plum pomade.
  • Lipstick lipstick is already very bright in itself, so do not make the eye makeup bright. In this case, enough mascara for eyelashes and properly outlined eyebrows.
  • When creating an evening make-up, you can add an arrow to your eyes to emphasize the beautiful shape. Arrows can be brought with appropriate shadows or pencil.
  • Be sure to use a lip pencil that performs two functions at once: it helps to outline the contours of the lips and achieve a more permanent make-up.
  • If there is a desire to add lip volume, then a moisturizing balm will help here - with it the lips will look feminine and fuller.


Plum pomade, unfortunately, has its age limits. Therefore, not all women will look perfect using this saturated color. For example, women over forty-five are better off not coloring their lips with this color, so as not to look even older by about five to six years. Also, a deep shade can attract the eye to wrinkles on the face and imperfect skin and indirectly emphasize them.

In addition, if a girl has light brown or red hair color, then plum pomade is not the best option. It should be noted that often in photos the color of the plum on the lips looks much more impressive than in everyday life. It is necessary to constantly monitor the ideal make-up and adjust it all the time, since even the smallest mistake in applying this lipstick will be visible. In addition, this tool perfectly highlights the flaws on the lips, if any.

The best representatives of the "plum"

According to the opinion of professional make-up artists, there are several manufacturers that produce the most beautiful plum shades of lipstick. Among them:

  • Cream lipstick from the category of classical berry shade with a purple pigment. It is called The Lipstick Classic Cream Lipstick, the name of the color is Amethyst, the author is Dolce & Gabbana. Gives the lips of femininity and charm.
  • A creamy-brown lipstick shade under the beautiful name Aura produces Chanel Rouge Coco Shine. This color is more suitable for make-up on every day, even for office work, but it should be applied one layer. Several layers will turn daily makeup into a club.
  • Dark purple tone with the mysterious name Cyber, MAC Satin. This deep shade for very brave women. It is best for bright blondes who do not hesitate to experiment with their appearance.
  • Lipstick "Suite Plum Sapphire" - a novelty from Avon. How customers respond about it, has a pleasant smell and an interesting shade - pink-brown-lilac.

In addition to the above lipsticks, there is still a great variety of different shades so that any girl or woman could choose a suitable color.

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