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"Pilot of international airlines": roles and actors. "Pilot of International Airlines" - a series about pilots of civil aviation

The success of the series determines not only an interesting story, but also good actors. "The pilot of international airlines" is a multi-series film in which both are present. Who of the famous performers starred in the series about civil aviation pilots and what characters appear in the story?

"Pilot of international airlines": actors and roles. Alexander Domogarov

Alexander Domogarov made a name for himself on TV shows. Not always these projects were supermashatabnymi and qualitative, but there were also masterpieces.

For example, no one can say that the Polish mini-series "Fire and Sword" is not an entertaining act. Or, for example, the costume film "Countess de Monsoro", where Domogarov got the role of Count de Bussy. And since the actors of the series "Pilot of International Airlines" are in many ways masters of multi-series genres, it is quite logical that Alexander Domogarov got the main role - the pilot of civil aviation Alexander Stepanov.

Alexander Stepanov - a widower, independently brings up a teenage daughter. After the death of his wife, they are already living badly, and then there is the "scam", into which Alexander unwittingly draws his friend - Nikolai Mechnikov. The daughter must be sent to a distant expedition, so she was under supervision, and most to go in search of mount-treasure seeker Mechnikov. In the process of plot development, the hero of Domogarov appears in front of viewers in the best possible light: as a reliable friend, a good father and a sensible person.

The film "Pilot of International Airlines": actors and roles. Cyril Safonov

Kirill Safonov has the same gift of "negative charm" that directors love to use. Screen characters Safronova often succumb to temptations, get into dangerous situations and torture not only themselves, but others. Here and this time with the character of Cyril literally "tormented" by his fellow actors.

"Pilot of international airlines" is a multi-series film in which Safronov plays pilot of civil aviation Nikita Mechnikov. Nikita - seems to be a good guy, but dreams of easy money, so in his spare time he is engaged in treasure hunt. This time Nikita contacts too serious people who, in the event that the treasure is not found, are ready to deal with both his bride and his friends.

As luck would have it, with the search for wealth, problems arise: first, the machine with the equipment is drowning in the swamp, then the competitors enter the struggle, finally, the card turns out to be unreal. Unfortunately, even the help of friends did not help the hero Safronov get out of the difficult situation: in the finale of the Mechnikov series they are killed.

Dmitry Nagiyev

The desire to watch this or that film is certainly influenced by the actors involved in it. "The pilot of international airlines," which starred Dmitry Nagiyev, is largely interesting because of this artist.

Dmitri Nagiyev in almost all the films he plays, he shares the same role: a daring macho, a bit cynical, which, however, can be friendly and even in love. In this case, Nagiyev did not experiment and the role of the FSB operative performed in the same vein.

Emelian Streshnev - "all that special", starting with a rare name and ending with the romantic profession of a special agent. Here, of course, the script writers of the film did not think much of things, because for some reason Streshnev deals with drugs, counterfeit medicines, and exposing negligent businessmen. But it becomes unimportant when Nagiyev begins to give out "jokes" in the frame, cynical-humorous remarks, etc. Probably, the best candidate for this role could not be found.

Karina Razumovskaya

To create an interesting atmosphere in the film, different actors are required. "The pilot of international airlines" was the next series in which Karina Razumovskaya played the role of a "good", right girl. And, of course, such a character as Ksenia Lapteva performed by Razumovskaya favorably shaded the image of the cynical-practical Emelyan, the swindler Mechnikov or the ubiquitous and persistent journalist Lyuba.

Despite the fact that Xenia fell in love with Nikolai Mechnikov at the very beginning and was ready to follow him to the end of the world, it was clear that together these heroes would not stay, that the hero of Alexander Domogorov more suited the "right" Laptev. And it happened: in the process of plot development, Xenia is increasingly disappointed in her chosen one, and after his death on a subconscious level, he reaches out to the family of Alexander Stepanov. It is Xenia in the finale of the action that saves the life of Stepanova's daughter - Julia. This brings Alexander and Xenia closer together, and they stay together. So the happy ending in this series is definitely planned.

Evgenia Turkova

"The pilot of international airlines" (the actors and roles of which are considered in this review) became the debut in the cinema for the 22-year-old actress of the Novosibirsk theater Evgeniya Turkova. In the film, the girl got the role of a high school student, with whom she did a wonderful job.

Yulka Stepanova is hard at death of her mother. She becomes unsociable, so she has problems at school with her peers. After Yulka fell in love unsuccessfully, she lost all the landmarks in her life, and therefore tries to commit suicide. The father helps her to return to normal condition, but soon he is forced to send her on an expedition to protect not only herself, but also treasure hunters.

Implement this venture, Alexander Stepanov is not possible: as soon as the daughter returns from the expedition, she is abducted by treasure hunters and demanded to return the treasure, found by Stepanov. Only a happy occasion helps the girl to return home healthy and unharmed and start life anew.

Other actors

The actors of the series "Pilot of International Airlines" are performers whose faces have repeatedly flashed on TV screens. For example, the well-known Arthur Vaha again played the role of a scoundrel and scoundrel, playing the role of businessman Artemy Kruglov. Artemiy not only makes money on counterfeit medicines, but also keeps in awe his native provincial town.

His wife was played by Tatiana Cherkasova, who is known for roles in the films "The Fourth Passenger", "The Right to Love", "Smersh".

The actors of the film "Pilot of International Airlines" became recognizable persons. This applies primarily to the young actress Tatiana Kosmacheva, who played the role of journalist Lyuba. Immediately after the premiere of the series, the girl, who previously appeared in the projects only as a second-best actress, received several main roles on television.

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