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Patchouli oil for attracting success and money: reviews, application

Since people began to live on our planet, they never cease to dream of a rich and happy life. And everyone understands happiness in their own way. Often people claim that it is not at all in money, but nevertheless come to despair from their empty purses. In order not to give themselves cause for grief and solve financial problems, they found many ways, one of which is patchouli oil. To attract money, this is a proven and reliable tool.

A little bit about the plant itself

Such a miracle oil is extracted from the leaves of small and discreet patchouli bushes-a tropical plant native to the Philippine Islands. Since people noticed how effectively patchouli oil helps to attract success and money, it began to grow on specially planted for this purpose plantations of Java, Sumatra, Singapore and a number of tropical islands. By the way, among those to whom it really brings wealth, the first are its producers.

A short excursion into the past

The history of the use of essential oils, obtained from patchouli, goes back thousands of years. Magicians and wizards of the Ancient East write in their books that his fragrance supports peace and tranquility in the house, gives women fertility, men with energy and, most importantly, attracts money to the one who uses it. It was these records that prompted Europeans to use patchouli oil to attract success and money.

This oil got to Europe in the XVIII century, along with the fabrics brought by Indian merchants: they widely used it as an aromatic product. It was noticed that the exotic smell of patchouli scares off the mole and attracts buyers. Since both of these properties were very important for traders, they began to use it constantly.

Soon their trading rows were filled with a steady fragrance, and wallets - with money. When this tool was tried by the European customers themselves, it turned out that patchouli essential oil for attracting money serves equally well to everyone without exception. Since then, it has firmly become fashionable and has become very popular.

Interest in Patchouli oil in the 20th century

By the beginning of the 20th century, the excitement around patchouli had somewhat subsided, but in 1937, one of the high fashion trendsetters, the Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli , created on the basis of this essential oil her famous Shocking perfumes, which attracted the attention of fashionistas around the world.

It is interesting to note that another surge in the popularity of oil came in the sixties, when it became a widespread use of hippies. This is rather strange: the patchouli oil used to attract success and money was popular among people who, they said, despised the earthly goods, and the vanity was not worth a penny.

Use of oil in modern cosmetics and cosmetology

Nowadays this product of tropical plantations is again on the wave of fashion. In particular, it is widely used by manufacturers of both male and female cosmetics. Gorkovato-tarry, but at the same time, the warm fragrance of spirits, in which he enters, creates a sensation of sensual fragrance. This oil is also used in cosmetology. It is an integral part of many skin care products, to which it gives a fresh and healthy appearance, eliminates peeling, and also helps to get rid of irritations.

Miracle oil properties

But patchouli oil is absolutely indispensable for attracting success and money. As mentioned above, this property was described by the mages of the Ancient East. Today, in our modern world, it has acquired a particular urgency. There are many specific recipes for its use for this purpose. If we turn to the testimony of those who have tested his miracle-work on his own experience (purse), then all doubts disappear.

However, skeptics argue that the success that accompanies the use of patchouli oil is caused by quite natural causes: a person resorting to his help adjusts himself to achieve a specific goal, which generates determination and self-confidence. What happens is what is called self-motivation. Perhaps this is true, but, in principle, what difference does it make if the desired goal is achieved?

Baths for attracting money

Whatever it was, but using patchouli oil to attract success and money is necessary correctly, that is, guided by the recipes of those who used it and achieved significant results. For example, experts say that one of the most effective methods is the reception of so-called money baths.

This remedy is very common and sufficiently tested. It is necessary to fill the bath with warm water, but not with hot water. The optimum temperature is 37 ° C. Then you should make an aqueous solution, which consists of four drops of patchouli oil, two drops of cinnamon and cedar oil, and two tablespoons of table salt or sea salt. Thoroughly mixing the resulting solution, it is poured into a bath and again well stirred.

The next stage is the most important - the success of the whole affair depends on it. Slowly plunging into the bath, you need to visualize the scene of receiving money. These sweet dreams must fill your mind and drive out all that is superfluous. Imagination must not miss the slightest detail. This is quite achievable, because some at such moments can even hear a rustle of notes. It is they who achieve the greatest success using patchouli oil to attract success and money. Reviews on the forums of numerous Internet resources - a vivid confirmation of this.

Other options for achieving the same goal

People with a well-developed imagination can use some other recipes. They are allocated to a separate group, which serves to attract money quickly. Although the testimonies indicate that these methods do not produce large amounts, they should also not be neglected. They are simple, easy to implement, and money will never interfere, regardless of their number. All of the following activities, as well as immersion in the "bath of money", are accompanied by a game of imagination, drawing scenes of wealth and luxury.

First you need to prepare a mixture of seven drops of patchouli oil and five drops of cedar oil. Then with the received structure to rub a wax candle of green color. After that, it is lit for a while each time when there are financial problems. The candle becomes a reusable generator of material prosperity. It is only necessary to take into account one detail: it can not be blown out, and you need to put out your fingers (or cover something).

Another quick way is to drop two drops of patchouli oil in the aroma melon and wear it without taking it off. But the most proven, reliable and often used method is to lubricate the above described mixture with all things related to money: a wallet, a wallet, a plastic bank card and, of course, your own palms. Experts who leave their comments on the Internet, especially recommend to lubricate banknotes before they spend: they claim that they quickly return after this.

Patchouli oil to attract success and money and a solar eclipse

For people far from magic, it may seem strange how the oil derived from the leaves of a tropical plant has relation to the position of cosmic bodies. Nevertheless, the most direct. Still wise men of the Ancient East in their writings emphasized that magical powers acquire special power during periods of unusual positions of heavenly bodies.

Not dedicated to the secrets of the starry sky, we can nevertheless take advantage of the most accessible and understandable sign of it - the eclipse of the sun - and in these hours and minutes try to use patchouli oil to attract success and money, the use of which on ordinary days for some reason not Brought the desired result.

Coins and a pot

And in conclusion of the article - another reliable and reliable recipe. This action is performed in the evening or at night, with the rising moon. It is necessary to place around the clay pot, wrapped in silver foil, seven lit wax candles, scraped with patchouli oil. Candles should be green. Then, making wishes, put coins around the pot - one for each desire. When all the coins are disintegrated, you need to connect your imagination to the business, imaginatively and imaginatively presenting everything that was conceived. When the candles go out, the coins are put in a pot and stored in it. There you can add paper notes. If then to take them from there and spend on something pleasant, then everything, about what they wished, will certainly come true.

Patchouli oil has such properties for attracting success and money. The photos presented in the article serve as an illustration of everything that was discussed.

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