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Electric cars for children: description and reviews

Almost any parent, walking with children in the park, notes that the attraction for renting electric cars rarely remains without visitors. Still, it's just amazing entertainment for children! To please my child with such a gift I want every mother, and even more so for my father. What is an electric car for children? Let's understand.

Types of electric vehicles

First, all cars have their age limits. There are electric cars for children from year to year, and there are 7-8 years for school age. Naturally, the size, functionality, dimensions of this electric transport will differ very much.

Secondly, electromobiles can be classified according to their shape. It depends on the imagination of the producers. The most popular are classic electric cars and electric motorcycles, we will consider them in more detail.

Electric cars

Electromobiles, made in the form of classic cars, perhaps the most popular type of electric vehicles for children. They can have both an uncomplicated childlike appearance, and a body that repeats well-known brands of cars.

You can meet children's models lamborghini, Cadillac, Mercedes, Ferrari and many other famous brands. Their form is not just an imitation, but the result of the joint work of manufacturers of "children's" and "adult" machines. For example, an electromobile Mercedes for children was officially approved by the company Mercedes-Benz and has all the necessary licenses.


Electric cars for children, made in the form of a motorcycle or a moped, are very popular. They look pretty impressive and enjoy their functionality. By the number of wheels they can be divided into several types:

  1. Two-wheeled.
  2. Two-wheeled, with small wheels for insurance.
  3. Three-wheeled.
  4. Four wheeled.

It is clear that two-wheel electromotorcycles are designed for older children, and three-, four-wheelers will suit kids. In any case, for each model there are age limits that must be taken into account when buying.

In addition to the above-mentioned electric cars and electric motorcycles on sale there are models in the form of tractors, trains and even dogs, but they are not so popular, although they have quite a good functionality.

By coloring, you can choose a car for children of any gender. And although it is believed that such a toy is more suitable for boys, girls play it with no less pleasure.

Electric cars for girls

Electromobiles, designed for games of women, not so little. Their main difference is the color scheme.
Basically, for girls these are machines made in pink, purple and white. In addition, manufacturers pay particular attention to decorating details. It can be various stickers, bows and optional accessories. Buying this car for a girl, you should not chase speed. Unlike boys, for girls there is enough speed of 3 km / h, because little princesses always have something to chat with mom or build eyes to passing boys. By its technical characteristics, the presence of pedals, control panel, mirrors and hooters, electric cars for girls are no worse than models for boys.

Functionality of electric vehicle. Engine and battery

First of all, the heart of any car is a motor. It can be quite powerful and develop a speed of up to 8 km / h. In electric vehicles, the operation of the engine is completely dependent on the battery. Manufacturers offer several types of batteries with voltage from 6V to 24V and capacity from 4,5 AH to 15AH. The more the electric capacity of the car, the faster it will accelerate and work longer without recharging. The instructions should be written the time of the machine's permanent operation with a full battery and loading. Even the most powerful electric vehicles at maximum speed and full load can work continuously for more than half an hour. Therefore, for long walks, you should take an additional charged battery with you, so you do not have to carry the children's transport on yourself. Charging the battery is a long process, it takes 10 to 14 hours. This is perhaps the biggest disadvantage in electric vehicles.


Most often an electric car is equipped with a single gas pedal. When you press it, the machine gains speed, and if you need to stop, just let it go.

In some "baby" electric cars the pedal can be absent altogether. In this case, the management is assumed by the parent using the remote control. Such a device is equipped not only with electric vehicles for the smallest. The console is in most models, and its purpose is to monitor the trajectory of the young driver's movement. An electric car for children with a remote control is a good opportunity to give freedom to a child while simultaneously monitoring its safety.

Change direction can be with the help of the steering mechanism, and the reverse is regulated by a special toggle switch. In some electric vehicles there is a gearbox that allows you to change the speed of movement.


Electric cars for children are designed for driving on fairly flat surfaces. Most often it is an asphalt covering or floor in the house. If you intend to use a car for driving on rocks or a dirt road, you should choose a machine in which instructions such an opportunity is described. Most often these electric vehicles are equipped with replaceable rubber overlays on the wheels (tires). In most of the material of their manufacture - plastic or rubber. Rubber wheels serve somewhat longer plastic, because their probability of erasure is much lower.

Light and other electricians

Manufacturers of children's electric transport are trying to imitate "adult" cars not only with the form, but with various devices for the comfort and safety of the driver. First of all, we are talking about headlights. It can be a low beam, red lights when driving backwards or light signals indicating a turn. In some models, the headlamp color may vary, additional sound effects are added to their operation. This functionality usually works on additional batteries.

In addition to light, a police beacon, loudspeaker, siren and other devices can be added to electric cars for children. This is done so that the child feels like a real driver and was satisfied with his new transport.

Safety in an electric car

Safety of electric transport is one of the most important problems when buying a car for children.

Electromobiles for children in the complete set always have the instruction manual. It is important to follow all the rules described in it. Do not be tempted to buy a car for a child that is not suitable for age, since the level of safety in it will be well below the allowable.

Manufacturers always write, for what age the electric vehicle is intended, this is one of the most important criteria in choosing children's electric transport.

A helmet, knee pads, elbow pads or extra seat belts are sometimes attached to the selected model of the machine. They allow parents less worry about the injuries of a young rider. If such accessories are not offered to the electric vehicle, you should buy them separately.

In addition, do not buy crumpled, with the presence of chips and cracks in the machine, since the presence of such defects indirectly indicates a possible malfunction in the electrician, resulting from inaccurate transportation.

Rules of operation

There are several rules for the safe use of children's electric vehicles. Let's consider the most important of them.

  1. Do not exceed the permissible load.
  2. Do not ride on uneven surfaces unless instructed to do so.
  3. Do not immerse the electric vehicle in water.
  4. Store the machine only indoors.
  5. Try to avoid falls and overturns of electric transport.

Prices for electric vehicles

According to many parents, prices for children's electric transport are too high for the family budget, but this is not always the case. Now manufacturers offer a very different price range, for any purse. The most inexpensive cars cost about 2 thousand rubles.

Most often it is transport for the youngest children. However, for this amount you can find an electric car for a child of 3 years and more. Of course, the additional functionality will be very limited, but "self-propulsion" is quite acceptable. Of course, an exclusive design with a repetition of the features of "adult" cars in such models can not be found.

Models of machines, copying well-known brands, with various devices cost from 10 thousand rubles. In the redistribution of 20 thousand rubles you can buy a very sophisticated electric car with a bunch of additional accessories.

There are very expensive cars for children, their cost is about 50-80 thousand rubles. These are really complex devices, which in many ways are similar to conventional cars.

Master ourselves

In order not to spend money on buying children's transport, it is possible to make an electric car for a child with their own hands. As a motor, a gearmotor from a windshield wiper is suitable, and for a body you can use an ordinary wheelchair. The battery is needed for 12 volts, it can be taken, for example, from a flashlight or from a computer uninterruptible power supply.

The improvised "motor" is attached to the bottom of the machine, and the battery is outside, because it is big enough. The start button should be displayed on the steering wheel. After the arrangement of the mechanisms, it is necessary to carefully inspect everything and further strengthen the clamps to ensure the greatest safety.

Reviews, pluses

The biggest plus of the electric car, which is celebrated by all parents, is a good opportunity to give the child great joy.

Children, having received such a car as a gift, are very satisfied and require taking it with them for a walk regularly. The period of use of such transport is on average 2-3 years. Then, most often, parents give it to friends or relatives.

Another important plus electric car for children is the pleasure of the pope from a walk. When the spouse with a desire goes for a walk with the child - it is a balm for the soul of any mother. Dad, in turn, shares with his son or daughter a case in which he is well versed, and, perhaps, he teaches the rules of the road.

As a rule, small cars fit well into the trunk of the car, so if you want you can take them on a trip.

Reviews, cons

Of the minuses, marked by most moms, one can distinguish the heaviness of an electric vehicle. A fragile woman is not always comfortable, taking the child out for a walk, dragging his car with him. This disadvantage has almost all electric vehicles for children. Reviews of moms, where they do not recommend such a purchase, almost everything is based on this particular nuance.

Another disadvantage is that in a small apartment the child simply will not have a place to turn around. Therefore, having such conditions, one must be ready to go out on the street more often.

Many mothers recommend choosing a car with a high landing, because in this case the probability of chipping due to collisions on the curb is less.


If you are the owner of a spacious apartment, you have in the budget an expense item - buying an electric car, and you are not afraid of the prospect of walking only with him, then it is absolutely imperative to please the child with such a gift. Otherwise, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons, so that the purchase of children's transport is not useless.

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