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Parking radar in most motorists causes associations with distance sensors. These are ultrasonic sensors that convey to the driver the characteristics of the signal received from objects close to the machine. The electromagnetic principle of determining the critical distance and collision risk is less common. In such systems, a sensory tape is used instead of sensors, which also broadcasts a fixed signal about approaching the central control unit. In practice, during operation, an electromagnetic parking system offers many advantages, but also sins and shortcomings. To assess the strengths and weaknesses of this device in the complex, it is worth familiarizing with it in more detail.

Principle of operation of the device

Technologically, two components are involved in the operation of the device: a microcontroller and an electromagnetic tape made of aluminum. The controller board in the process of operation receives a signal along the oscillatory circuit with a certain frequency. The source of the signal is the same tape, that is, a strip-antenna made of aluminum foil. By the way, a similar principle of object detection is used in budget models of metal detectors. Only in parktronics the range of target objects is much wider. Equipment, according to the producers, is able to fix the distance to metal, wooden, concrete and other objects. After the signal is registered, the controller responds through the speakers. Today, a voice parktronic is popular, which informs the driver about specific distance indicators. In the simplest models, an acoustic warning system is used from several levels. For example, at a distance of 20 cm reproduces a rare squeak, and at 15 cm it becomes more frequent.

Comparison with ultrasonic sensors

The electromagnetic principle of work is newer and more technologically advanced, but it can not be said that it supersedes the usual ultrasonic sensors. Indeed, the use of a ribbon antenna gives several significant advantages. For example, if an object is detected, there is no difference what form it has - it can be a mesh-netting, a thin column or a metal sheet. The active space is scanned completely without "dead" zones. In turn, the gaps between the sensors still give the probability of missing a small object, although the probability of such situations is small. In addition, the electromagnetic sensor does not require the owner to create the installation holes. On the surface of the tape there is a factory adhesive coating, on which the active element is seated.

What are the sensors that benefit from the tape analog? The point is that piezoceramic sensors form a monitoring zone consisting of several sections. This allows you to display graphic information with information about the approach in different parts of the machine. In the case of an electromagnetic sensitive strip, such an approach is impossible, since the voice-activated parking sensor gives an indication as a whole from the solid line of observation. That is, if there is a critical-approach fixation tape on the back side, then when the alarm information arrives, the user will not know the exact location of the probable collision.

Installing the system

Installation work is facilitated for the reason that there is no need for complex locksmith operations with deformation of the bumper structure. But in this case, there may arise, perhaps even more responsible task - the same design will need to be removed. Dismantling is done in order to enable the tape to be carefully connected to the on-board network. The installation itself is implemented quite simply, but after the bumper has been thoroughly washed and cleaned from all sides. Normally, the electromagnetic sensor is fixed to the "native" adhesive layer, but the fixing effect can be added with the help of longitudinal strips of adhesive tape. And you need to place a strip on the front side. Many mistakenly paste the tape in the lower part of the bumper, but this scheme violates the rule of observing the remoteness of the sensor from the ground. Should be observed distance of about 40-50 cm.

How to connect a parktronic?

A typical connection algorithm provides for the formation of a network consisting of at least 4 points. This is powered by a battery pack, the tape itself, a controller and an audio warning system. These components are connected with the help of complete cables, providing power supply and information transfer. If you plan to install a parking sensor with a mirror and a camera, you will need to lay and lines for video signal transmission. This circuit will start from the camera installed in the area of the electromagnetic band, and will end in a rear-view mirror equipped with a small monitor.

User Reviews

Owners of electromagnetic parking devices note their high sensitivity. The system responds quite sharply to approaching third-party objects, when the distance is reduced to 30 cm. But unpleasant nuances of exploitation are also noted. Basically, this is a situation where there is no movement. If a potentially dangerous object is idle, and the car itself does not go, then electromagnetic parktronics will also remain silent. The reviews indicate that even if the critical distance is less than 30 cm, the system will remain silent. And only at the beginning of the movement, the parking sensor will start signal processing. Therefore, being in close conditions before the beginning of maneuver, it is necessary to count only in our own strengths in assessing the position of the machine.

How much does an electromagnetic parking sensor?

The development of parking systems involved almost all major participants in the automotive accessories market. First and foremost, these are Cobra, Parkmaster and Flashpoint, which offer quality kits with price tags of about 4-6 thousand rubles. Interesting inexpensive options are also offered in the Tiger TG line. The base model U 301 is available for only 1 thousand, but it includes only a buzer. More attractive devices with LED-display, which includes the modification of the U 302. Tape electromagnetic parktronic in this version is already about 2 thousand.

What to consider when choosing?

Approach to selection is a clear idea of the possibilities of practical operation of the system. It is important to assess how useful the extended kit with the camera and the rear-view mirror can be useful. This decision is usually resorted to by beginners, who want to secure themselves with additional information. On the other hand, a parktronic with a mirror and a monitor built into it can become a distraction, which is also undesirable. In a separate order, the possibility of installing a wireless tape detector that eliminates the need to lay cable lines is also calculated.


Systems with electromagnetic strips still demonstrate instability in operation and cause a lot of problems due to shutdown at the moments when the machine stops. Such a package is interesting for its simplicity and affordable price tag, but the practice of exploitation reveals many unpleasant nuances. Therefore, at least it is worthwhile to focus on models with a high-quality technical basis, an example of which is the same model U 302. Tape electromagnetic parktronic, among other things, must support modern communication capabilities. It is desirable that the model could connect to the tablet or GPS-navigator. This will help to smooth out certain ergonomic nuances of system management. In general, the concept of electromagnetic radars is still quite damp, but it is possible that manufacturers will be able to develop the idea to a new level in the coming years.

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