Orchids - how to care for these exotic plants

The multifaceted fantasy of nature was fully manifested in the creation of beautiful representatives of the plant world of the earth - orchids. They are amazing to all: the spread in various natural areas, the variety of colors and the bizarre nature of the flowers, the methods of pollination and reproduction. Scientists-botanists consider representatives of the family of orchids as the most numerous among flowering plants. Although a significant number of species of these flowers occur in temperate latitudes, the most beautiful orchids are native inhabitants of the tropics and subtropics. In the recent past, it was possible to get acquainted with orchids personally only in the conservatory of the botanical garden. And now, during the last decade, beautiful tropical flowers have become common in our homes. In flower shops today you can buy different orchids. How to care for these exotic flowers, I want to tell you.

Care for them is not so complicated, some species can even be called unpretentious. To such concerns, for example, orchids Phalaenopsis, care Which can easily be carried out even a florist-novice. It is important to know that for normal growth and flowering of orchids, certain rules must be observed.

Orchids: how to care during the growth period

The time of orchid growth begins at the end of the dormancy period and usually coincides with the onset of spring. This stage continues until the appearance of flower stalks and the preparation of the plant for flowering. During the period of growth, as well as during the rest of the time, orchids require diffuse bright light, they do not tolerate direct sunlight. At this time, these amazing flowers need frequent spraying, high humidity. Very well the plants react to bathing by immersing them for a few seconds in warm water. After spraying and bathing, care must be taken that water does not remain in the axils of the leaves, as this can lead to decay. During the growth period, the plants are watered daily with warm water and once or twice a month they are fed with special complex fertilizers for orchids. Peduncles appear in late summer - early autumn, at this time a new period of plant life begins - the time of flowering.

Orchids: how to care for the flowering period

The flowering time for many orchids can last two to three months, the care of the plant during this period has its own characteristics. First of all, with the beginning of flowering it is necessary to stop feeding. Watering should still be good, but not as abundant as during the growth period. It is enough to water the plants once every two to three days. Orchids are very fond of spraying, but during flowering, care should be taken to ensure that water does not fall on flowers. Orchid, after flowering is properly carried out, can bloom two or three times a year. Peduncles left after flowering, usually do not remove, since after a period of rest, flower buds can again appear on them.

Orchids: how to care in a rest period

During the rest period, the plant rests from luxuriant flowering and accumulates strength for further growth. At this time, watering is reduced to a minimum, but it is followed, however, so that the soil in the pot does not dry out. Usually the rest period of orchids falls on the second half of winter. The plant needs to provide sufficient lighting, often additional lighting is needed in the evening. The air temperature should be moderate, but not below 17 degrees.

The normal state of the plant at any time is indicated by elastic shiny leaves, light green with pearly shade roots. Disturbing signs of disease and disruption of the plant are lethargic, drooping leaves, dry gray or yellow roots, the appearance on the leaves of various spots, molds or insects.

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