I do not know how to do a pedicure 2011

With the onset of warm days, we increasingly go to the shops in search of sandals, sandals and other open shoes. Such a choice necessarily leads to the necessity of fulfilling a number of duties. It's not just about taking care of your feet, but also about pedicure.

Not all women follow fashion in the field of manicure and pedicure. This is clearly visible by the amount of gel and acrylic glimmering among the people with whom we necessarily encounter each day. After all, in fact, naturalness is the main trend of recent seasons. However, the fashionable pedicure and manicure serve as an important addition to the image, as well as well-chosen accessories.

Being interested in how to do a pedicure, remember that modern legs are not only bright summer shades on the nails, but also neat, well-groomed feet. In order to bring the feet and nails to the proper state, a variety of procedures are used. Let us consider them in more detail.

Classic edged pedicure
The feet are kept in warm water for several minutes. After softening the skin, all uneven skin areas, as well as its dead parts are removed with the help of special tools, and then the cuticle is cut off. However, the popularity of such pedicure is steadily falling, since he had an excellent replacement.

SPA- pedicure
With his help, pedicure 2011 will be the most fashionable, and the legs are the most well-groomed. The procedure is not as fast and simple as in the previous case. SPA-pedicure provides care for feet and feet, wraps. The benefits of the procedure are obvious, as the masters use fruit acids, which make it possible to gently and harmlessly remove dead skin areas. After such care the skin becomes similar to velvet, and the received emotions will demand repeated visiting of interior after a while.

Hardware pedicure
One of the options how to make a pedicure is using equipment with special grinding nozzles, selected depending on the skin condition. Particularly useful if the master has to cope with natoptys, cracks and calluses. The huge advantage of the apparatus used is the absence of cutting tools and additional water procedures.

European pedicure
How to do a pedicure this case? Also without the use of water and cutting equipment, as in the previous case. The main instruments here are pumice and nail file. The cuticle is not cut off, but is removed with the help of a special tool. Such pedicure 2011 is universal, because it is ideal for all cases of life. The European pedicure usually involves the use of two colors:
- colorless basis,
- a classic white lacquer or varnish of bright color on the part of the nail that has grown.

Fashion Trends
Reasoning how to do a pedicure, refer to the latest trends of the summer season:

- The use of acrylic and gel for artificial nail extensions is not out of fashion, although a confident trend towards this is obvious;
- Smoky shades of lacquer, as well as expensive shades of precious metals, coral and neon, - perfectly emphasize the beauty of a girl with any skin color;
- Particularly fashionable pedicure - geometry in the form of simple lines, circles intersecting acute-angled figures;
- Pedicure nude, perfect for any nail, because for its creation use warm body shades.

In addition, it is worth noting that in every country in the world where fashion is of great importance, there are their tendencies to pedicure:

France - classical French pedicure,
Spain - square nails with red lacquer,
Italy - the use of dry plants, fixed with a clear varnish,
Singapore - yellow varnish,
Russia - the body tone of the varnish, or an ornament resembling a lacy weave.

Want to match the fashion of a particular country? Now it's not so difficult.

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