Gel for nails: correct use and feedback

Beautiful and well-groomed nails are the dream of any woman. The care procedure takes a lot of time and patience. To facilitate women's life, nail extensions have been invented, which can last from 3 weeks or more. So I do not have to take care of my nails every day. For building up, materials such as acrylic, silk and gel are mainly used. In this article, we will consider only the use of a gel.

Gel Extension

The principle of gel technology is that the material applied to the nail becomes hard under the influence of ultraviolet rays. The nails seem to be fragile, because they resemble a transparent glass. However, this is not the case.


  1. Nail gel is self-leveling. When applied to the nail surface, it spreads, filling all the irregularities.
  2. Gel nails are elastic, as natural, but it is necessary to remember that the gel manicure should be worn very carefully.
  3. Gel nails are more ecological than acrylic. The coating has minimal impact on the nail and therefore better preserves its health.

How to self-build nails

Building nails with a gel for beginners can seem quite a complicated procedure. To the result was good, of course, it is better to trust nail extension specialists in manicure salons. Experience, confidence in the movements and rules of applying the gel will make the manicure truly delightful.

This article describes the stages, tools (list) and methods of carrying out the above work, knowledge of which is necessary in order to do nail gel build-up for beginners.

In addition, it is necessary to equip yourself with a comfortable working place with good lighting. In the process of working, no one should distract the novice master.

List for nail extensions with gel

When working with gel, there are two types of build-up: on forms and on tips. The list of materials and tools used is quite extensive. Below is a general list for nail extensions with gel.

  • Ultraviolet lamp - used to dry the applied gel;
  • disinfectant;
  • Shovel for cutting cuticles (pusher);
  • Nail files for own natural nails (should have a grain size of 240 grit or more);
  • Nail files for made artificial nails (must have a grain size of 80 to 240 grit);
  • Special brushes for building up (the forms of brushes are the most diverse);
  • Cutting pliers;
  • Cuticle oil ;
  • A special nail file for polishing the nail surface (buff);
  • Brushes for design;
  • Tipsy;
  • Forms;
  • An orange stick;
  • Brush for dust extraction;
  • antiseptic;
  • Means for removing the sticky layer;
  • Means for adhesion of surfaces (adhesion) - a primer, which is applied to a natural nail;
  • Means for better contact with the base coat (nyl-prep), which is applied to the entire surface of the nail;
  • Gel means for better adhesion or contact of the modeling substrate and natural nail - base;
  • Colored gel product;
  • Gel-finishing means;
  • Lint-free napkins;
  • Sequins, colors and other means for design.

Of course, it is better to use the entire list for nail extensions with gel.

Varnish with gel effect

If a woman does not have enough time to go to a manicurist, she can use gel-lacquer, which is applied like a normal nail polish. The gel effect of this varnish gives the nails a radiant and healthy appearance.

Classic set of gel-varnish

At first glance, the coating technology is fairly simple, but it requires strict adherence to all stages of work. Consider the use of a classic set of gel-varnish manicure, which includes:

  • Base or base (transparent coating);
  • Alcohol or degreaser;
  • Fixer (top coat);
  • Several colors of the gel itself;
  • Cuticle cream;
  • Orange sticks and other.

In addition, it will be necessary to purchase a special lamp for the polymerization of each coating layer.

How to use gel for nails

Let's consider all stages of a covering of a nail surface a varnish:

  • We process the cuticle;
  • We give the correct form to the nail;

  • To soften rub a special cream from the set;
  • Treat with degreaser;
  • We lay the foundation;
  • Dry in a special lamp for more than 1 minute;
  • We put the first layer of gel-varnish of a color shade;
  • We dry in the lamp for 2 minutes;
  • We apply a second layer of gel-varnish.
  • We dry in the lamp for 2 minutes;
  • We put the third layer of gel-varnish;
  • We dry in the lamp for 2 minutes;
  • We apply the last top cover;
  • We dry in the lamp for 2 minutes;
  • Remove the upper sticky layer with a degreaser;
  • Leave white transparent nails or subject them to a design.

Lac gel effect

This type of coating can be used at home, due to the fact that the lacquer gel effect does not require the presence of a special device. Consider the advantages of the gel, which is applied like nail polish. The gel effect in this case will give the nail a rich color and a beautiful shine.


  • Varnish is characterized by strength;
  • The gel for nails dries without a lamp;
  • The native nail is not injured before application;
  • It is removed by a simple means for a usual varnish;
  • Good for home use.

Rules for preserving gel nails

In order to gel nails served long enough, you must follow the following rules:

  • Do not bang your hands on hard objects;
  • Do not open bottles with carbonated drinks or beer with your nails;
  • Do not slam shut the doors in an apartment or car;
  • The fingers should be at an angle of 90º when typing on the keyboard;

  • Do not take antibiotics during the build-up procedure.

Reviews of women about nail extensions with gel

Women will always consult with each other before using gels for nail extensions. The feedback of friends helps them make a choice between conducting a procedure and refusing it.

Let's give an example of women's opinion about the procedure for nail extensions.

Women say that looks like a manicure is beautiful and holds relatively long. Gel for nail testimonials is positive. They show that the remedy is the least harmful. Visiting the manicure cabinet became a favorite thing for ladies, after which they enjoy their well-groomed nails for a long time.

Some representatives of the fair sex consider the procedure in the salons to be quite expensive, so they and their girlfriends increase their nails at home by going through special courses. The material that women use is a gel for nails. Reviews can leave only positive, because the money costs are small, and the result is good.

A woman can try different types of build-ups and stop at the gel. Since the nails after it look like natural and manicure lasts for a long time. The procedure is done both in the salons and at home.

Of course, there are women who have never increased their nails. They often oppose artificial beauty. Women do not use a gel to cover their nails. They believe that the nail plate spoils due to the impact of aggressive material. At the same time, if a woman watches her appearance and manicured hands, she will never allow her fingernails to be dirty and untidy.

With accrued nails, many women are good at coping with domestic duties. They wash, wash, iron, prepare and clean. If to be at the same time a neat person, then the manicure will last long enough.

It should be noted that very much during the procedure depends on the hands of the master. It is necessary to always build and correct the same master, as an inexperienced specialist can not only make the nails ugly, but also spoil their natural surface.

Review of the best gels

Having tried the varnishes of many companies, the specialists distinguish the following best gels for nails:

  1. "Bonder-gel." The structure resembles a primer that merges with the natural nail and aligns it.
  2. Irisk. The product is called biogel, as it makes the nails strong enough, while the nail plate itself remains flexible.
  3. Dashing Diva. The composition is close to the structure of the natural nail. The consistency of Dashing Diva is light, so it is quietly removed with a usual nail polish remover. The drug well strengthens the molecular basis of the nail.
  4. ORI. It is used not only for building, but also for stimulating the growth of nails.
  5. Madelon. The gel strengthens the nail plate well.

The process of working with gel using forms and tips

Building with tips and forms is done in the following sequence:

  • First 4 fingers on the left hand;
  • Then 4 fingers on the right hand;
  • The thumbs of the left and right hands are the last.

It is in this sequence that gels are used for nail extensions. Reviews of women about the materials used tend to improve the form of hands using forms.

It is quite difficult to cope with forms independently, because the material is not very hard. Experienced masters have adapted to this shortcoming. They glue the middle of the mold to the inner side or glue together two materials. More inventive use pads made from tin tubes.

To properly put the form on, you need to do the following:

  1. Take shape with your forefinger and thumb.
  2. Press on it, giving it an arched shape.
  3. Slip under the free edge of the nail and put on your finger.
  4. After fixing the position, glue it around your finger. For an ideal form imposition, it is necessary to try to make sure that the bend of the shape exactly coincides with the "nail smile". Upon completion, look at the arch from the side. It should not be curved downwards or upturned.
  5. Then we carry out the steps for working with gel. Do not apply a thick layer of material. This will necessarily lead to a violation of the entire technology, as the gel can not dry out inside. When working on nails with a large area, the gel layer must be applied in 3 stages.
  6. After all the steps of working with the gel (before removing the sticky layer), it is necessary to remove the forms from the fingers, pulling them from the free edge to the palm of your hand. If the gel coating is removed with the form, it is necessary to dry the nails in the lamp for a few minutes.
  7. Saw a nail to give a beautiful shape. The procedure is also necessary to protect against detachment of the gel plate. As a result, the transverse and longitudinal arch must be finally formed. After the filings must necessarily shake the dust that has appeared from the nails.
  8. Apply the finishing layer, which will give the nail the final shine. The layer should be thin enough, as it is only necessary to close the sawdust edges.
  9. Dry the finishing gel for nails and remove the resulting sticky layer.
  10. In the cuticle, rub the special oil.

Stages of work with gel nails on tips are similar to the forms described above, with the exception that the tips are put on the glue.

Correction of gel nails

At the end of time, your own nails grow, the border between the natural and artificial nail becomes very noticeable. In order to hide this drawback, it is necessary to subject the gel nails to correction, which takes place in several stages:

  • The applied varnish is removed;
  • The hands are wiped with an antiseptic or washed with soap;

  • Processed cuticle;
  • Correction of nails ;
  • A top layer of gel is removed by a large file;
  • The shine of the natural nail from the grown part is removed;
  • Brush dust shakes;
  • A primer is applied to its own nail;
  • The work with gel is started according to the building scheme (drying time - 3 minutes);
  • Removes the sticky layer;
  • Thinning filing nail;
  • Dust is shaken;
  • The finishing layer is applied and dried under a lamp;
  • The sticky layer is removed and the cuticle oil is rubbed.

Removal of nails made with gel

Gel nails should be removed in three cases:

  • When large material loops appear that are not amenable to correction;
  • If during filing it is found that the natural nail has reached the edge and can not be sealed with a gel;
  • If a woman is tired of artificial nails and wants to walk with natural.

Despite the complexity of the build-up, well-made gel nails make a woman more well-groomed and feminine. And it's worth it!

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