Pedicure at home with your hands: step by step instruction. Hardware pedicure: step by step instruction with photo

Currently, many beauty salons offer their services. Practically in each such organization you can make a manicure and a pedicure. This is the treatment of hands and feet, respectively, with the use of caring elements. In addition to removing the horny areas of the skin, the master pays special attention to the nails. In beauty salons, a hardware pedicure is increasingly being produced . A step-by-step instruction with a photo will be presented to your attention in the article. You will learn about the features of the procedure and the basic rules.

Many representatives of the weaker sex are trying to save their time and money, refusing to visit beauty salons. They make a pedicure at home. A step-by-step instruction of this processing will also be described below. Another reason for abandoning the salon services is the fear of infection. After all, through not tools sterilized by the master, you can get an infection from the previous guest.

Should I do pedicure at home with my own hands?

There is no unequivocal opinion on this matter. Some people believe that home treatment of marigolds and feet is much safer than salon services. Others are sure that with their own hands it is possible to manipulate incorrectly. As a result, irreparable consequences will arise.

Whether it is worthwhile to handle the legs independently is a private matter for everyone. In any case, you need to know the principle of work. The following instructions will tell you about this. Note that the algorithm for performing salon and home pedicure is very different.

Pedicure at home

What do you need to do the manipulation? This is the first question that arises. The most simple and popular way to treat fingers is a wet manicure. To carry it out, you will need tools (scissors, tweezers, nail files, buffers and so on), as well as a bowl of liquid. To soak the skin, you can use special salt and nutrient solutions. They are already purchased in ready-made form. If desired, you can take ordinary soapy water.

In addition to the described means, you will need a napkin, degreaser and a coating that will be applied to the plate. If desired, you can use moisturizing compounds and nourishing oils for the cuticle and skin. Consider how to make a pedicure at home with your own hands. Step-by-step instructions in front of you.

Softening of coarse skin

Pour into the bowl the liquid prepared for softening. After this, lower the legs into it. Some people prefer to use reusable compounds. They look like lacquers or pencils. These means lubricate the cuticle around the nail plate. Under the influence of a unique composition, the skin softens. After that you can easily delete it.

To soften the cuticle with the help of special tools you need a strictly specified time. Some formulations presuppose an effect on the skin for 15 minutes, others act already after 5. If you produce a pedicure at home with your own hands (for beginners - an easy way), then most likely choose softening with water. Such exposure to the skin should occur within 20 minutes.

Cuticle processing on the legs

How to make a pedicure at home with your own hands? Step-by-step instruction involves removing the skin around the nail. For this you can use tweezers, thin scissors, special cutting blades for nails and other devices.

Gently cut off excess skin, taking care not to damage sensitive areas. If you use special compounds to soften the cuticle, then some of them can themselves corrode hardened areas. You will only have to rub the treated skin with a soft cloth. If during work you accidentally damage the skin, use peroxide or alcohol. Be sure to disinfect the wound and stop the blood.

Clean your nails

Step-by-step instruction pedicure informs on obligatory processing of nails. Carefully give the plates the same shape and length. For this, use a saw blade, tweezers or scissors. Legs on the legs are always coarser and thicker than on the upper limbs. That's why they need polishing. Using a hard file, cut the top layer of the nails. After that, grind the plates with a fine-grained surface.

Applying lacquer or any other coating is only necessary after a complete treatment of the feet. Pre-degrease the plate. If you use gel compositions, you will need a special lamp.

Special attention to feet and heels

How to make a pedicure at home with your own hands? A step-by-step instruction indicates that special attention should be paid to rough areas. These are the heels, calluses and corns. To remove the latter you can use special compounds. They are sold in almost every cosmetic store or pharmacy. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the right tools for cleaning the specified areas.

Using a metal file or pumice stone, clean the plaque and rough skin. This method of work is suitable for those people who regularly produce preventive measures. When the legs are in a neglected state, they will have to try to bring them into the proper form. For this, special blades, scrapers and tweezers are used. Carefully cut off the upper rough skin. Try to make all movements very carefully. After completion of the manipulation, walk with a soft pumice stone and remove the small particles that are present.

Step-by-step instruction of hardware pedicure

To make this kind of treatment of the feet, you need to have a special device. In many beauty salons professional machines are used, on which attachments of different shapes and rigidity are put on. Some of them are intended for cleansing nails, while others are treated with feet.

Nowadays pedicure files are very popular, which are small in size and operate on batteries. One such is Scholl, but you can try Aphrodite or Solingen. Step-by-step instruction (how to do a pedicure) is always on the packaging. Before you start, carefully study it and observe all conditions. But what about those devices that do not have an annotation?

Skin softening for hardware pedicure

How to treat feet and nails with a machine? As in classical pedicure, the skin must first be softened. To do this, use special compounds that are applied to dry skin and removed after a while with tissue.

Some machines involve the treatment of non-softened skin. In this case, you can skip the described item and proceed immediately to the next.

Skin care with the help of apparatus

Take the coarsest nozzle and treat it with particularly problem areas. These are heels, dry calluses and corns. After this, with a nozzle, gently walk across the skin. Remember that with a hardware pedicure, you can not stop at one place. Rotating file can severely damage the skin. That's why all the movements need to be done carefully, slowly moving in a certain direction.

When the rough layer of the skin is removed, it is necessary to put on the grinding nozzle and complete the pedicure. This type of saw can be processed inside the fingers and the center of the foot.

What to do with nails?

How to make a pedicure at home with your own hands? A step-by-step instruction says the following. The nail plate, like the rest of the skin, must be treated with attachments. However, they have a smaller size and a different shape. Carefully cut down the cuticle, without affecting the sensitive areas and tender skin.

The surface of the nails should be sharpened with a special nozzle. After that, polish. In the end, you can apply a coating.

Recommendations for different types of pedicure at home

Observe the following rules:

  • If you manipulate yourself, then you should always disinfect the tools. The processing is subject to even saws-nozzles for hardware manicure. Otherwise, they can develop fungus, which is very difficult to withdraw.
  • Do not use other people's means for a pedicure. When you come to the salon for the master to work on your beauty, always make sure of the cleanliness of the instruments used.
  • Try to file the nails first, then perform softening procedures. Otherwise, the plate can begin to separate and crumble.
  • Do not cut the sharp corners of your nails. This can lead to ingrown nails. This pathology delivers many inconveniences. Man in some cases simply can not move normally.
  • If you use oily formulations, always clean the nails with a degreaser before applying the coating. Otherwise, the varnish and gel simply do not fall.
  • When applying gel substances on the nails, grind the plate first to make the grip stronger.
  • Use moisturizers and nutrients after a pedicure, do not forget to treat the cuticle. It should be noted that such compositions should be applied not only after the described manipulations. Daily moistening of the feet will allow you to avoid their dryness and cracking.
  • At least once every two months, produce a light pedicure. This will allow you to avoid the occurrence of corns, corns and rough skin.

Short summary

You learned how to do a pedicure at home. Perhaps, from the first time you will not be able to manipulate as you want. Learn the detailed instructions for processing marigolds and feet. Consider all the nuances and features. Watch your beauty. I wish you success!

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