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On Facebook there will be a button "do not like", which will "like" the mental health of users

September 15, Facebook reported that in the near future in the social network will be a new button - "I do not like", which will be the opposite of the usual "like".

New button

During the question and answer session, the founder of Facebook social network Mark Zuckerberg told the audience that there are no buttons for the "dislay" as such. Zuckerberg said that the company does not want to simply enter the "dislaid" button, because they do not want the social network to become a forum where all people vote for or against each post. It's not like the community that Facebook is striving for. Zuckerberg said that the main reason is the need for people to experience and express empathy, empathy for other people. For example, if you read a post about how your friend lost a person close to him, then he will be extremely uncomfortable to feel if you put such a record "like". Fans for several years have demanded the introduction of a kind of button "dizlayk", but what really will be the effect on the person of such an innovation. Experts believe that in the vast majority of cases the impact will be positive.


This function will provide a more emotional experience both from those who will post their records, and from those who will comment on them. This brings a little reality to the social network, allowing to show that things in life are not only beautiful, joyful and positive. But especially important this function will be for those users who go through difficult times, such as loss of a loved one, work or relationship. Why? The fact is that a joint negative emotional experience and getting support from others can play a key role. This allows a person experiencing strong emotions to get an opportunity to understand them, which will greatly facilitate the experience. Social support on Facebook can remind a person that he always has someone who will be with him, even on the Internet. This new function will also create more opportunities for non-profit organizations and solving serious social issues. After all, "like" to the post about domestic violence or other similar social issue will be more than irrelevant.

Potential disadvantages

However, this function may have a potential drawback - the button can motivate people to concentrate more on their problems and negative experiences, leading a person to the state in which he will post exceptionally negative messages focused on the new function. A person can begin to literally crave social comfort and support, which come along with the sympathy expressed by simply pressing a new button. However, in general, experts believe that this innovation will be an excellent step. Experts believe that this step is extremely clever on the part of Facebook - it is really better to concentrate on empathy, because the introduction of a direct button "dizlayk" would create potential for bullying in the network and the emergence of huge waves of negativity.

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